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Version: 0.11

P.D.A. - Personal Data Altercator
by Milly

Welcome to P.D.A.! A TF themed visual novel loosely inspired by Press Switch and Student Transfer

A highschool boy and his friends discover an old PDA that has the ability to alter their lives and reality

Featured Transformations:

  • Gender Morph
  • Parts Morph
  • Breast Expansion (both Male and Female)
  • Life Swap
  • Body Swap
  • Feminization and Sissification
  • Mental Changes and Hypnosis
  • Bimbofication
  • Body Control
  • Age Progression/Regression

*Some might not be available in the Alpha

I mainly made this game because I wanted to see more games like Press Switch and Student Transfer but something that included TF Themes that I enjoy that aren't commonly seen in these games like Life Swap and Parts Swap. I also didn't want to just copy those games since they stand great on their own, so I tried to insert a little bit of my own personal flair into the game using my sprite edits to create some unique transformations.

Like Press Switch and Student Transfer, the sprites featured are mashed up from various different Visual Novels, a few of them are edited by myself to fit the story.

I made a server if you wanna discuss the game and follow its development

Known Issues


Story Feedback and Route Planning

Story Feedback and Route Planning

Sprite Edits

Sprite Edits

Sprite Edits



"Huh there's something else inside the box..."

Jean is your typical goofy 18 year old himbo, the ace of his school's swimming team, an avid retro game collector, and has Lucas: the best best-friend anyone could ask for.  After purchasing an old retro PC he discovers a little bonus came with it, a old P.D.A. from a brand he's never heard of before.  After testing the device Jean as well as his friends and family find out that the P.D.A. isn't exactly an ordinary pocket planner as it seems...

Jean Travers

Goofy, Lovable, lazy, and a total dumbass is how Jean's (pronounced Jeanne) friends would describe him.  He cares about his video games, swimming, and his friends, ESPECIALLY cares for his best buddy Lucas.

Clara Travers

Jean's capable older sister that keeps the household together.  Clara and Jean bicker here and there but generally get along really well, but sometimes Clara acts more like Jean's mom than his sister.

Lucas Daymond

A fun loving ray of sunshine, Lucas is Jean's closest friend of all time and two have been inseparable since they were little kids.  With how close the two act to each other, quite a few people assume they're much more than just best friends...

Michelle Fuchigami

Jean's English Teacher and just the sweetest, kindest cinnamon roll you could imagine.  She genuinely cares about all her students, but especially cares about Jean.  She has a second job that she prefers to be kept a secret.

Haru Fujioka

The popular pretty boy at school and one of Jean's close buddies.  He has a pretty girly face and frame and many people would say he'd pass if he dressed up like a girl, but he's pretty insecure about his feminine appearance.

Micah Janssen

The mature one of Jean's group of friends, wiser beyond his years Micah is always keeping everyone out of trouble.  As mature as he is, he turns into a complete trainwreck when it comes to dating other guys.

Skye Ashford

A total brat, Skye is the silly baby of the group, Jean and Haru just love teasing her for it.  She really cares about her group of friends and especially cares for Micah, she's head over heels for him but Micah isn't exactly interested.

Play the game to meet the rest of the cast!

Version 0.11:

  • Added Gallery mode
  • Lucas Route started
  • Fixed issue that caused Edgar and Miles as well as the PDA Manual to disappear from menus
  • Fixed issue that caused the "Stay Like this" Option on the Busty Boy route to loop into itself
  • Grammar fixes
  • Expression transition speed increased
  • Changed controls to match Ren'py default settings
  • Increased save count

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Kellianne

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 01/22/2021

My favorite game on the site so far and I have played every single MtF or bimbo one!

Review by Aminius

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 11/25/2020

this looks promising but its in an very early status.

but you already have a ton of different paths in the very first decision, maybe limit them a bit or you have so many story paths that you wont finish anything in the end.

Review by fun times

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 11/18/2020

Refreshing take on the Renpy gender-swap game.  Most others of its type have a lot of branching paths that all cover the same sort of content.  Whereas PDA has a wide variety of content, and it's only just begun development!  Really looking forward to updates!

Review by Mario64

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 11/17/2020

I don't often leave reviews but I feel like I have to right now. This game has so much potential. I like almost everyting about it, the premice, the art and the characters. The only thing I'd ask for is the option to turn on content warnings on some paths.

I'm excited to see where this goes. If the planned content is completed to the same quality as the existing content then this will end up being a great game.

Review by tf1394

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 11/15/2020

great so far cant wait for more

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