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Fort of Chains


(v1.5.0.0 release notes) | (Download instructions) | (Play in Browser (slightly outdated)) | (Contributing) | (F.A.Q) | (Feature / Fetish list) | (Discord)

Fort of Chains is a completed, free, moddable, open-source, TEXT-ONLY sandbox management NSFW game where you lead and manage a band of slavers in a fantasy world. The game is configurable and can cover all gender orientations: MM, MF, and FF. Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex. There are no support for playing as a submissive character. (Feature / Fetish list)

Key designs. This game is designed to be a short-story-teller machine: the core gameplay loop involves assigning groups of slavers to quests, reading what happens to them, and finally reaping the quests' rewards. This game is complete: all features, bugfixes, polish, balancing, and originally planned stories are finished. But improvements and community-made contributions are still being added continuously to the game.

Contributing. The game is always looking for all and any kind of contributions. More details here. As of v1.5, around 30 kind contributors have helped by directly adding content into the game, while much more have helped playtest the game and give feedbacks.

There are several ways to contribute to this game:

Contributing story. You can help support this game by adding your stories into the game, which can be in the form of quests, events, or any other form you'd like. No programming knowledge required. This is possible thanks to the built-in GUI tool in the game for adding content: the Content Creator Tool. As long as you have a story in mind, simply follow the instructions in-game to add your story into the game.

To get started, open the game, and click the Content Creator Tool link from the starting screen. If you need help in the game, make sure to click the (?) help menu found everywhere in the game.

When you are done, you can submit the finished story either in the subreddit (example submission in the subreddit), or directly in the repository. If the story fits the game, it will be added pronto, with a lot of thanks! (More information).

Contributing code, art, and others. This game is open-source. Coding help, art donations / leases, play-testing, and all other kinds of contributions are also welcomed. See here for other contribution ideas.

Questions? If you are hoping to contribute something and have questions, please do not hesitate to ask in Discord. Don't know what to contribute? See here for ideas.

Vision Fort of Chains is a passion project. My hope is that one day, the project will be entirely community-led, and I can take a back seat as just a regular contributor :)

Android users. Having problem displaying images in the game? See here for possible solutions.

Transformation content: The game is not focused on transformation, but it contains some transformation-related content. In the later parts of the game (when you reach around level 35), there are numerous place where your slavers can get corrupted, which in turn can grow bodyparts such as demonic tail, wings, or hooves. There are also flesh shaping where you can increase/reduce body part sizes, but the flesh shaping part is an extremely late game reward and not the focus of the game.


You did it! You have found an old abandoned fort to establish as the base of operation for your company: Fort of Chains.

The fort is in a sorry state however, and there is much to be done before you can even begin operation as a proper slaver band. The first improvement you should construct is the Scout Hut, which allows your group of slavers to take on more quests on the wild. Next, you need to build the Dungeons to house your slaves, and Slave pens to temporarily keep incoming slaves. You also need to expand the Lodgings if you ever want to hire more slavers. All in all, aim to build the Grand Hall as soon as possible. (Also, make sure to check the Settings menu to change your game's preferences.)

You open the gates to your new fort and begin your new career...

Some of the game's features:

  • Fully text-based.
  • Slavers and slaves: Hire and capture procedurally generated slavers and slaves, each with their own gender, race, personality, asset sizes, etc. There are over 250 traits in the game. Level them up! Shape their skills in whatever combination you like!
  • Base building: over 120 different types of improvements to build, each unlocks a new part of the game.
  • Questing: Send your slavers and occasionally slaves out on around 100 quests for flesh and money.
  • Interaction: Interact with your slavers, use your slaves. Your slavers/slaves will interact with each other too depending on their personalities.
  • Content creator GUI tool: An full blown in-game GUI tool for rapidly adding your own written quests and content into the game! This is the same tool that I use to add content to the game.
  • Slave trade: Fulfill slave orders by selling slaves, and profit from increasing their values before selling by:
  • Slave training: 15 different fetishes to train your slaves in
  • Duties: Assign your slavers on duties such as a trainer, vice leader, or a doctor
  • Corruption and purification: Your slavers and slaves can be corrupted during the gameplay by various forces. You can purify them with the right tools, or you can build a ritual chamber to corrupt them specifically...
  • Potions and items: 10+ potions each with unique effect
  • Equipments: Equip your units with armors or buttplugs, which will slightly change their sex menus!
  • Character creation: Design your character: choose a name, race, skills, and so on!
  • Flesh-shaping: Late in the game, unlock secret technology to alter your unit's assets...
  • All these features interlock with each other, affecting one another, creating a full game experience.

You create your own character, and the rest are procedurally generated.


Follow the in-game extremely short "tutorial" and you are all set!


v1.5.2.0 (5 March 2021):

  • 9 new quests, 5 new mails, 1 new interactions, 20 new events, 8 new items, 2 new equipments, 2 new titles, 10 new lore entries, 13 new sex actions, 11 new images. (Special thanks to: Kyrozis, mynameis123, FCdev)
  • New Feature: In-game Database:
    • Shows a filter-able and sort-able list of all the content in the game, including:
      • Quests
      • Mails
      • Events
      • Traits
      • Items and Furniture
      • Equipment
      • Buildings
      • Sex Actions
      • Companies
      • Lore
  • Interactive Sex
    • Implemented Titfuck and Pecjob sex interaction, as well as two associated sex manuals (not obtainable yet)
    • New sex pose: Upside-Down (not obtainable yet)
    • More variations for some existing sex interactions
  • Content Creator
    • Add various texts describing stripping equipment.
    • Added cleavage descriptor
    • Added unit homeland
    • Rarity / pool of quest and mail are now shown when making one from a template
  • Rewrites & text extensions
    • Mind mend now has proper text quest, by Milk Maid Sona.
    • Manual Labor event extended a little.
    • Magic lore expanded a little.
    • Race lore expanded greatly.
  • Trait
    • Magic traits now also affect other skill a little.
  • Balancing
    • Most quest chains should now chain one into another much easier with their rarities moved from common to always
    • Remove sluttiness from boxer equipments.
    • Fix inconsistent nipple clamp sluttines.
    • Apprentice background slavers is also allowed to go on magical candlestick event now.
    • Surgery, slaver corruption, and targeted purification now require master magic.
    • Added extremely thin/strong preferences to human sea.
  • QoL
    • Lore selector in Content Creator looks slightly better now.
    • Can mass-use items now.
    • Prestige slave now update their prestige values at end of each week.
    • Can filter unit by traits arbitrarily now.
  • Engine
    • Implemented unit.getHomeCompany()
  • Refactoring
    • Refactored quest, event, opportunity folders
    • CYOA quest triggers rewritten to events
    • Upgrade logic of tower of roses quest/opportunity to modern version
    • Refactor Furniture bedchamber texts to one place
    • Refactor quest/event/template common fields into one parent class.
  • Misc
    • Farmer Harvest event now can also gives the Enchanted Cucumber.
    • (Level up) from debug menu.
    • Added Heal trauma to debug menu.
    • Lover gender pairings are more fine-grained now.
  • Documentation
    • Documentation for adding race updated
    • Free Cities license is now mentioned in the credits.
    • Update images.md
  • Images
    • Unit images reworked. It now picks from all available images, instead of just from one matching background (e.g., a maid + knight unit will have access to both maid and knight images)
    • Several new portraits.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed author credits broken.
    • Fix armory auto-equip sometimes unequip the set from the unit
    • Fix mouth tag missing in some spitroast sex actions
    • Fixed wrong unit referred to in Fruit of Sluttiness.
    • Fixed favor requirements not displayed correctly.
    • Fix sort name filter on units, and some other text fixes.
    • Fix unit group similarity not checked correctly.
    • Fix subrace pools incorrectly copied over but not modifier properly for some subraces.
    • Fix vagina/anus tightening missing on slavers.
    • Fix parties reset with game update.
    • Fix story container overflowing in Content Creator with both sidebars on.
    • Fix sparring event comparing intrigue instead of combat
    • Fix raider instinct awarding wrong favor.
    • Fix brothel quests being tagged with angel.
    • Fix multi action muscle/anus not working properly.
    • Fix shadow wrapper not working correctly with <>
  • Text fixes / Typos
    • Customer -> customers
    • "Occassionally" typo fixes
    • Update play_with_the_slave.twee - If else at the "warm cum" part was unnecessary (thanks to Kyrozis)
    • Amongst -> among, and other grammar fixes.
    • Some interaction text fix by Kyrozis
    • Various other text fixes.
    • Various grammar bugfixes.
    • Text fixes.
    • Fix Typos in domestic matter.
    • Various event text fixes.
    • Aspect of Wisdom clarified.
    • Brothel training typos fixes.
    • Fix typos and missing tags on some quests.
    • Fix wrong pronoun on leave, and plant of lewdity being done-able by MC.
    • Tower of roses typo fix.
    • Fix tutelage typo.
    • Text fixes for IreAtLeast and training text.
    • Fix their -> them typo in huge_tits.


Fort of Chains v1.5 is here! Text-only slaver management game. Contributors welcome!

(Play in your browser) | (Contributing) | (Download) | (Discord) | (Subreddit) | (v1.4.0.0 release notes) | (Changelog) | (F.A.Q)

Fort of Chains is a completed, free, moddable, open-source, TEXT-ONLY sandbox management NSFW game where you lead and manage a band of slavers in a fantasy world. The game is configurable and can cover all gender orientations: MM, MF, and FF. Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex. There are no support for playing as a submissive character. (More information) (Feature / Fetish list)

FoC v1.5 is the largest update to the game by far, adding a silly amount of content in 85 new quests (!!!), 43 new mails, 131 new events, as well as more than 100 new portraits. To compare with this, v1.4 added 21 new quests, 7 mails and 23 events. The amount of content added in v1.5 is more than quadruple the ones added in v1.4. Furthermore, content is not the only things added in this version, and several new smaller features are also added. They are listed at the end of this write-up.

The game engine and feature-set is already complete, and the focus of this game starting from v1.4 has been to support contributors who wants to add content into the game. This does not change with v1.5. You are invited too! See details here.

A summary (but still ridiculously long list) of all the changes in v1.5 are listed at the end, but the biggest changes in v1.5 are:

  • Gigantic amount of content: 83 new quests, 43 new mails, 131 new events, 1 new duty, 1 new interaction, 14 new traits, 2 new buildings, 16 new items, 9 new equipments, 23 new titles, 5 new lore entries, 6 new sex actions, 167 new portraits, 1 duty
  • Subraces: Proper support for subrace, as well as four new ones in fairy, angel, lizardkin, and demonkin
  • Second person: Player character is now properly referred to in second person: "you", "yours", etc, which should help increase immersion
  • Text polish: A proofreading pass were made for all the 400+ quests, 100+ mails, and 150+ events, fixing a silly amount of bugs, inconsistencies, typos, as well as rewriting some stories to increase the overall writing quality.
  • Other new features: Party, Resistant slaves, Side-bar

Many thanks to the contributors and people who have helped with this project, including:

  • Writers: Alberich, Milk Maid Sona, Da_Shem, Blueflame451, Quiver, Innoxia (Lilith's Throne), FCdev, Atacama, Dporentel, Fos, Kyiper, Thavil, Zerutti, anonymouse21212, Anon
  • Coders: Naraden, alarmedcat, Arkerthan, and sssk
  • Others: acciabread, RikuAotsuki, AbleCharlie, gorbo1, Anu, nezzanine, ChristianS, bug reporters, as well as Patreon tippers

FoC is always open for more contributors, be it writers, proofreaders, programmers, artists, or even discord moderation help! Unlike most other games, to add content into the game, you do not have to write code at all. This is since the game came shipped with an in-game GUI tool for adding content. More details here.

v1.5 marks five months since the inception of this game. As of this version, around thirty people has helped contribute directly into the game, and I am very grateful for their help. My hope is that one day, the game can be community-led, where I am nothing but a regular contributor for the project.

Full changelog here.

v1.5.0.0 (26 February 2021): Huge amount of content, subraces, Text polish, QoL, Balancing


  • Special thanks to contributors:
    • Writers: Milk Maid Sona, Da_Shem, Blueflame451, Bigal, Innoxia (Lilith's Throne), and FCdev
    • Coders: Naraden, alarmedcat, Arkerthan, and sssk
    • Others: acciabread, RikuAotsuki, AbleCharlie, gorbo1, bug reporters, as well as Patreon tippers
  • A gigantic amount of content, more than quadrupling those added in v1.4:
    • 85 new quests, 43 new mails, 1 duty, 1 new interaction, 131 new events, 14 new traits, 2 new buildings, 16 new items, 9 new equipments, 23 new titles, 5 new lore entries, 6 new sex actions, 167 new portraits, 1 duty
  • New feature: Primary race and subrace
    • Each unit has a primary race trait and a subrace trait
    • The game now has the following races:
      • Primary race: human, wolfkin, catkin, elves, greenskin, lizardkin, demon
        • This is final, no additional primary race is planned to be added
      • Subrace: human (kingdom), human (vale), human (desert), human (sea), angel, werewolf, neko, tigerkin, common elf, fairy, orc, lizardkin, dragonkin, demonkin, demon
        • Four of these are completely new: fairy, lizardkin, demonkin, and angel
        • More may be added in the future
    • You can start the game as any of the subraces now, including tigerkins, dragonkins, angel, and fairy.
    • These new races come with new quests, portraits, and sometimes new company, new events, and new name pools
  • New feature: Player character is now referred to in second person for most content in the game
    • E.g., "you" and "your" instead of "playername" and "playername's"
    • Includes unit descriptions, quests, events, opportunities, and much more
  • New feature: Party
    • Units can be grouped into parties
    • Units in parties cannot be dismissed manually or be sold in slave orders or in quests that sell them (e.g., Caged Tomato)
    • Permanent teams are removed. All teams are ad-hoc now. All permanent team functionality moved to party
    • Team names are now randomized
  • New feature: a side-bar containing quick information about all your units on larger screens (width at least 1400px)
    • Includes basic sorting and filtering
  • New Feature: Resistant Slaves
    • Some slaves are harder than others to break, requiring specialized treatments
    • Defiant and Indomitable traits implemented.
    • These units are banned from going on content until broken properly.
    • Some existing now give out these traits
  • Existing content rewrites
    • A silly amount of text and logic fixes in all content in the game, as a pass were made on all of the (400+ quests, 100+ mails, 150+ events) in the game. These are far too many to list one by one in this changelog (1000+ fixes). There are also many stories that were rewritten to increase the overall writing quality of the game.
    • New texts for some slave training quests:
      • Obedience, endurance, masochist, anal, oral (special thanks to FCdev)
    • Some new banter variations.
    • Added mentions of tail in various texts
  • Interactive Sex
    • Added ambience texts to interactive sex
    • All sex locations now have furniture.
    • New sex action: Feet licking (from Lilith's Throne and Innoxia)
    • New sex action: Nibble neck
    • New sex action: Tentacle Spitroast
    • Ear pull sex action now doubles as horn pull against demons and demonkin
    • Greatly expanded "Do Nothing" interactive sex text, especially on mindbroken units.
    • Added some variation to several sex actions:
      • Equip strapon
      • Move to all fours
      • Grope balls
      • Grope breasts
      • Lick balls
      • Blowjob
      • Fondle chests
    • You can disable specific sex actions in the classroom now.
    • Add submissive sex penetrations to classroom.
    • Interactions are now locked behind sex manuals as appropriate.
    • Can have sex on the floor of bedchambers now.
  • Content creator:
    • Authors can add URLs now, linking to either the source or their own websites.
    • Code editor preview now works for partial results.
    • Added loop in content creator. Now you can do things such as: gape all slaves, traumatize all slavers, etc
    • Added the ability to explicitly set a cooldown for other quest/event/opportunity, instead of having to use variables
    • Makes it possible for a quest outcome to apply the result of another outcome, e.g., critical applying all success results
    • Approximate min, max, and median unit values for unit groups and unit pools are now shown.
    • New cost/restrictions: AllowLovers, QuestDirect, TraitReplaceExisting, Equipped, OnDuty, XTraits, HomeOrOnLeave, IsCanPhysicallyXXX, ExpUnit
    • Injury requirement can set duration now.
    • Trait restrictions are simplified now
    • Repfull deprecated in favor of yourrep, theslaver, therace to support first person.
    • New writing macros
    • Refactor many existing quests to use these new modern tools.
  • Trait
    • Trait effects are completely rebalanced to make all skills more even (thanks to acciabread)
    • Support for equipments that can give advanced traits like personality / background / magic traits.
    • Flight is now a computed trait.
    • Ugly / hideous traits family repurposed to scary / frightening traits.
    • Weak trait family repurposed to narrow waisted / thin trait family
    • Added face_scary and face_hideous to multiple criterias.
    • Trait renames: Generous -> lavish, thrifty -> frugal, Deceitful -> sly. honest -> direct
    • Renamed wings_feathery to wings_angel
    • Frugal, Lavish, Sly trait icons updated.
    • Restrained no longer remove flight.
    • New adjectives / adverbs for most traits
  • Images:
    • 165 new portraits
  • Engine
    • DOM conversions are all done
    • Support for random events that have flavor decisions to be made.
    • Unit's "number of weeks have been with your company" is no longer reset to 0 when they leave your company
    • Initial skill focus is now lazily generated.
    • Add generator quest/opportunity to unit info for future debugging.
    • Sorted, added a few crit traits, removed a few disaster traits from roles in quests (thanks to RikuAotsuki)
    • All quest inclusion passage updated to new format using tag "quest"
    • Implemented semaphore for disabling notification.
    • Swap success and disaster modifier weights on auto-assign when maximizing critical
    • [TEST EVERYTHING] is now much faster
    • Deprecate rear helper costs.
    • Auto-Save now only takes one slot.
    • Lovers restriction more fine-grained now, allowing gay, lesbian, or same-sex only.
    • Replace throw "string" with throw new Error("string").
    • FilterAll now has graceful failure.
    • LZString compression is back due to memory issues. Various fixes
    • Opportunity is now consistent with event/quests in that it will finalize after the texts are rendered instead of before
    • Choose macro now show notification results at the end of choosing an option.
  • Refactoring
    • UnitGroup refactored to reuse existing unit group when the pool distribution is the same.
    • Unit trait code split to two files and refactored.
    • Pet Shopping code is untangled and rewritten
    • Serial bodyswapper code is untangled and rewritten
    • Refactored raw banter text to a separate folder
    • Bodypart adjectives refactored
    • Opportunity folder refactored
    • Event twee folder refactored refactoring.
    • Refactored myadv and theiradv out in favor of a|eagerly in sex actions
    • Initializations of equipmentslot and furnitureslot moved to JS
  • Balancing
    • Quest-related
      • Critical results no longer doubles EXP gained.
      • Updated critical and disaster traits for many criterias to be more logical and in line with the rebalance, and sorted them into their proper order. (thanks to RikuAotsuki)
      • Difficulty adjusted slightly to account for the above.
      • Slave training master now require either magic wind master or magic earth master.
      • Basic and advanced slave trainings no longer give out traits on critical.
      • Monetary reward is flattened a bit over difficulties.
      • Neko statue quest can now generate female nekos
      • King of Dragons quest is now repeatable, gives you favor with dragonkins on repeat.
      • Serial bodyswapper now has 250 weeks cooldown.
      • Swap tall/short in houndmastery to playful/serious.
      • Can no longer change height in flesh-shaping
      • Forbidden Fruit orifice tigtening only works on frugal slavers now
      • The Fire Taketh no longer requires mindmend potion.
      • Cold Dish is now banned if you ban maleonly
      • Removed mist apprentice strict slaver requirements.
      • Finding fairy is easier now
      • Tower of roses now regenerate the unit if you ignore the first quest, so you can choose between a prince or a princess by ignoring the quest
      • Bodyswap Experiment is now rare.
      • Unlawfull party title is now unique. It is also buffed. Also make the quest give out a rare furniture on repeat with the unit.
      • CYOA quest line and 7 sins quest lines now have cooldowns
      • CYOA quest line for best ending disturbance limit is increased to 3.
      • Balance adjustments to Milking the Oasis quests
      • Future Sight no longer give quests on outside regions before you build their scout buildings.
      • Future Sight is rarer and unique now
    • Trait
      • Magic trait is limited to 3 now, down from 4. Skills are unaffected, e.g., 3 magic 1 skill is ok.
      • Lunatic trait has a money value now.
    • Race
      • Race values rebalance, and werewolf race adjustments.
      • Werewolf is slightly more common now
      • Demonkins now appear more often in the desert.
      • Fairy magical preference switched to wind from earth. Lizardkin from light to water
    • Buildings
      • New unit/team hard caps (soft cap unaffected): 34 slavers, 120 slaves, 6 teams
      • Lodgings, dungeons, and armory have their max level and costs standardized now (max level 15)
      • Fort upgrade costs adjusted
      • Recreation wing price adjustments
      • Relations office no longer requires veteran hall, and instead becomes a prerequisite for veteran hall
    • Others
      • Lower favor requirement for unlocking sex manual from 100 to 80
      • Catch-up training is removed. Instead, Drill Sergeant now passively train low-leveled units when on duty.
      • Increased potion markup from 3x to 5x.
      • Favor decay threshold adjusted to make it easier: 80 now from 75.
      • Allow regenerating starting slavers, but nerf number of starting slavers choices to 10.
      • Increase default event cooldown to 1000 weeks.
  • QoL
    • Criteria traits are now displayed in sorted order.
    • Bedchamber without assigned units now show the duties in its description
    • Filters for team
    • Prevent equipping an incompatible equipment on equipment sets that are currently being used
    • Separate sort/filter for slaver/slaves.
    • Can sort unit by their duty effectiveness.
    • More duty sort options (by success chance, prestige, and default sort)
    • Hovering over skill value now also show their additive factor, instead of just multiplicative factor.
    • Slave order are filterable, and made into DOM
    • Slave orders are now shown in the multi-training page
    • Slave order can be (ignore)d now.
    • Units that satisfy a slave order requirements except for price are now shown
  • Misc
    • More team adjectives
    • Team name is now: "Team xx" name.
    • Recommend pastebin to add password
    • Added a short "new player guide".
    • Some new name variations
    • Added help text for defiant slaves
    • Unify missing unit text into a macro.
    • Marketer capping at 40 is now written in-game.
    • Challenge mode is now tagged as "difficulty", and is under (EXPERIMENTAL), and added warning to not turn it on.
    • Unsortedskills option (thanks to sssk)
    • Can edit friendship / lovers via unit debug menu (thanks to alarmedcat)
    • Prestige now hidden until recreation wing is built.
    • Bump deck retries from 50 to 200.
    • Changelog renamed to changelog.txt from changelog.md for performance reason
    • Skill focus clarified: a level up always give 6 skills.
    • Traumatize/Boonize added to debug menu.
  • Documentation
    • ucbody and other ucxxx syntaxes added to documentations.
    • Add comments warnings on image blob interaction with replace macro.
    • Added information about image verification script to documentation.
    • Help text for the a|was syntax in content creator gain unit, history and title
    • FAQ updated for session storage problems.
    • Normalize FCdev crediting.
    • In-game link to license
    • Innoxia credit updated due to the many new original texts.
    • Credits updated.
    • FAQ updated with races.
    • Earth effect magic on FAQ.
    • FAQ for session storage exceeded
    • Updated list of fetishes
    • Updated documentation with list of fetish and feature
    • Updated FAQ
    • Content guidelines updated.
    • FAQ for compiling problem
    • Updated instruction for quest creation.
  • Depreciation
    • Fully deprecate some of the bonus sex texts that have been converted to events.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix illegible outcome in Your Ransom order
    • Many spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to AbleCharlie)
    • Fix requirements being costs instead for some unit training buildings
    • Remove duplicated names in all units of all races
    • Fix typo in ValeContact.
    • Fixed scary and hideous trait adjectives.
    • Fix Aspect of Experience slave order giving subrace as crit trait
    • Fix qc.opportunity that does not use strings
    • Fix "was" to "a|was"
    • Fix orcish bait text not matching its reward
    • Fix mistakes in Submission cure quest
    • Fix physical adjectives completely missing.
    • Fix the inconsistent traits in Crimson robber quest
    • Fix incorrect person referred to in dowry of roses.
    • Fix "clotheses" and missing body flavor text in unit description
    • Fix "Anal Virgin" to "Virgin" in "Sweet taste of virginity"
    • Fix setup.trait.job_slave in setup.qres.Job
    • Fix setParent setting parent's surname instead of child's surname
    • Fix eternal youth quest failure text.
    • Fix mastery of magic missing verb.
    • Fix ancient elven prison being generate-able without the sniffer.
    • Fix duplicated lore: location_lucgate -> region_city
    • Fix missing price to build dungeons / armory
    • Various performance fixes on itch.io build
    • Fix error when looking at unit history.
    • Fix kidnap male specimen victim having vagina in text.
    • Fix some more duplicated traits in role restrictions.
    • Fix decrease trait not appearing in notification.
    • Fix duplicated role traits in 30+ places.
    • Fix weird sentence in resistant slave banter.
    • Fix filter throwing error when a filter menu name got changed.
    • Fix for CYOA questline throwing error when displaying gender.
    • Fix errors in opportunity debug menu.
    • Fix inconsistent darko and FCdev mention order.
    • Fix unit description not twining skill desc properly.
    • Fix for wrong pronouns on mouth-neck, sex scene start with lover, and ob training basic
    • Fix unit desc on afk onduty unit.
    • Fix Enlightenment of the Soul event sometimes not firing.
    • Fix Chart the Vale and Raid Werewolf Camp not being present in the game
    • Fixed some missing pronoun in Embrace interaction
    • Fixed Domestic Shoes being a legwear instead of footwear
    • Fixed incorrect "you" in Gift of the Magi quest
    • Fix missing equipment set check in unit status page.
    • Fix image picker not refreshing
    • Fix woodsman background using the same text with seaman.
    • Fix incorrect uses of IsMale and IsFemale
    • Fix traine -> trainee typo.
    • Fix CYOA error message, and opportunity error message.
    • Fix incorrect muscle trait skill effects.
    • Fix missing space in "if you like it".
    • Fix capture the protagonist has an extra paragraph on failure.
    • Fix dragonkin mystic portraits unable to use its parents
    • Fix the gender of demon of choices from CYOA questline.
    • Some Text fixes (thanks to AbleCharlie)
    • Fix gained traits hidden on non-mindbroken units.
    • Fix for sorting using price in slave orders
    • Fix favor description numbers being incorrect.
    • Bugfix for tigerkins always generated as female.
    • Fix the parent of branching timeline son on switching body.
    • Fix bedchamber mouth equipment wrong rep.
    • Fix <> instead of <>
    • Fix $g.potter instead of $g.spotter.
    • Fix unable to recruit with negative money.
    • Fix Content Creator opportunity create from scratch having the wrong name and author
    • Fix unable to start out as a fairy.
    • Fix some swapped female and male roman imperial names.
    • Fix many incorrect uses of IsHasTrait, IsHasTraitExact, and replace them with IsHasRemovableTrait
    • Fix missing company favor toggle
    • Fix setup.DOM.Util.help disappearing after first click
    • Fix infinite loop in be cleansed in fire when a unit has wings.
    • Fix removable traits not being checked properly.
    • Fix Raiding the Oasis passage name.
    • Fix mentions of "normal mouth", "normal eyes", and "normal ears".
    • Fix formattings for Oh What a Show quest.
    • Fix doubled EXP when using qc.Outcomes
    • Fix unit slaver bug in master the dark
    • Add parenthesis to skill mod (thanks to sssk)
    • Fix unit images resetting after F5.
    • Fix "xxx weeks left" for actors in quests that are not assigned to team yet.
    • Fix 'cooldown' instaed of 'cooldowns' in backwardscompat (thanks to gorbo1)
    • Fix missing veteran hall requirements on Finding Fairy
    • Fix title bug taking % into account. Fix sidebars in mobile dipslays.
    • Fix multiple filters causing their numbers to get gobbled together
    • Fix skill focus wrong modifiers
    • Fix not being able to vaginally orgasm when being fucked.
    • Fix memory leak in EmptyUnitGroup
    • Fix for ritual ruanway again.
    • Fix roles for some events not being an array.
    • Fix double underscore in generated keys.
    • getAnySlaver now takes forbidden slavers
    • Fix injured unit being deleted.
    • Fix unit history not converted from a|their
    • Chivalrous -> Chivalrious typo.
    • Fix dick corruption thrown an error on girls.
    • Fix wanderer help search for themself.
    • Elf clarification for mindmend potion.
    • Convert trait texts to use first person properly.
    • Fix history of slave order high demon.
    • Fix wrong comman in vaginal sex texts.
    • Fix kiss using the wrong texts.
    • Fix kiss actors being swapped in resist-kiss variations, and reduce redundancy.
    • Fix blowjob reaction on giving orals.
    • Fix always trigger event error when not having any options.
    • Fix on leave units can banter with each other.
    • Fix broken ascent human having wings as innate traits.
    • Fix "typo" in werewolf camp raid.

v1.4.0.0 (January 15, 2021): Content, interactive sex, lovers, tigerkin

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: on 02/21/2021

It's a pretty solid management sim now.  There's enough to keep you busy for a while and it's very easy to add your own content, which has led to a ton of updates in a very short time frame.  There's some major improvements over a very similar game, No Haven, such as being done in a vastly better engine, a lot less willing to kill all your slavers on low level assignments, and simple assignments taking 1-2 turns instead of sitting there hitting for a week doing nothing.  Some things that could use some attention in the future though:

-There's still no ending, storyline or final goal, you just play until you're bored.

-Some races are far too rare.  There's basically one elaborate assignment chain for getting a single angel, fairy, and tigerkin.  The assignments can spawn again, but since they're hard endgame quests you're done with all the game content at that point anyways.

-There's really no interactions or events between the protagonist and the rest of the slavers.  It feels like 'your' character is just another slaver to assign rather than being the leader.

But yeah, this dev is has made a lot more progress in a much shorter time than patreon projects getting $1-2k a month and producing nothing.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: on 01/26/2021

The best HTML managment game here in my opinion. The only things I could advise to change would be in the slave pen, forge, shop and recruits pages, where the expire date messes up the windows of each element (I use android, and I have to use horizontal mode on these pages or I can't see anything since it's all squashed to the left of the screen). That and maybe adding a bit more transformative quests (with difficulty to make it hard to attain of course) like the bodyswap quest. Maybe one to switch or change race/gender, that'd be interesting.


Good work on the game, and good work and the frequent updates.

Review by art926

Version reviewed: on 01/08/2021

The game is great and has a huge potential!

Some recomendations:

1) The UI style might need a bit more work to look more pleasing to the eye (sometimes hard to read on certain backgrounds), please, ask a graphics designer for help.

2) It becomes a bit overcomplicated with the number of buildings and their roles.

  a) It shoul be simplified - like, upgrading the Fort only adds one more slot to build one more building or upgrade - why is that? That same price for the Fort upgrade could just be included into the new building or upgrade, and this would eliminate the need to click the same button (Fort upgrade) again and again.

  b) A lot of buildings with similar functionality could just be replaced with one type + upgrades for it, so, you'd not need to scroll through tens of repeaded buildings.

3) Roles of some transformations are unclear. Like, if you get a character who's fully demonic, they can't really do anything more than normal characters and they don't play any significantly different role in most quests.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: on 12/23/2020

A deep and worthy spiritual successor to Free Cities, it's nice to see a project like this really lean into the open source side of things and try to take advantage of that. There's plenty of polish here, though in my experience that started to wear off by mid-late game (circa building the Veteran Hall) where you finally unlock TF facilities for your Slaves. (Or at least the limited TF content comes up more reliably)

Reccomended if you like kinky management sims, but if you're here for the TF content maybe wait on this or even contribute yourself!



I can sense that while the engine is complete, much of the content I was here for isn't. 'Fleshshaping' as it's called is very limited and a) can't be used to grant the really big sizes that add value, b) does not affect your Slavers or PC and c) was actually quite difficult to unlock, given my bad luck when it came to recruiting the required Water Magi. Still other mechanics such as Custom Orders are quite rewarding to complete and are kinda fun in their own way though can be difficult to find come late game. Icons and UI design is actually pretty solid by this point which really helps uplift the rest of the game! (I especially like that art credits are easily found, credit where credit be due!)

Much of the procedual grammar is also very rough, adjectives inserted don't always make sense, the pronouns of a given NPC may switch on the fly or be plain wrong but it's easy to look past all that. Especically in late game / Southern Islands / Veteran Quests there's a few other rough spots such as passages not being visible for various sucess/failure outcomes, or it's possible to have your leader / PC be captured which I felt should be taken more seriously, especially given how a certain interactive quest line treats threats towards the PC. On the other hand, I do appreciate that quest results are rolled only when the week ends, so it's quite possible to re-roll a critical failure of a 4 week quest just to save on resources/time invested. Save before you do this, since not every page likes the back button!

A new player also may have problems navigating cetain quest lines too; if you aren't automatically generating quests for each location it can be tricky to figure out where to look to continue things like 'Choose your own Adventure' or 'The Noble Games'. There's also every chance my play style was quite different to what was intended and I'm simply missing a building / duty that'd solve any of the above problems, but in that case it's down to the game to let me know such mechanics exist or why I'd want to use them. Discovery is nice, but needing to invest in a structure you might not want and sacrifice a unit to make it work kinda puts the brakes on experimenting.

Review by JackJoe

Version reviewed: on 11/26/2020

Cool game, i hope there will be also more gender transformation for the MC and the other slavers and maybe some more interaction and creation that maybe mindalternation, mind control. Could be funny if there is a way for example a hulking male MC ends after a questline as a submissve triplet sexy girl, and his/her new "sisters" former slavers and one former slave now mommy has to "help" them. And they have to figure now stuff out or stay that way.

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