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Campus Magnum

It's game night! You've just sat down to play with your two college roommates and best friends in the world. But, oh no! What you thought would be a fun card game is actually a 15th century alchemist’s perverse ritual for transforming men into insatiable sex slaves. With your bodies and minds on the line, can you complete the game and turn everyone back to normal? And by the end, will you even still want to?

Campus Magnum is a transformation-themed, gay erotica card game. It contains explicit content as well as descriptions of domination, submission, humiliation, and sadomasochism. The fantastical events depicted are intended purely for the enjoyment of the player and are in no way meant to promote hate speech, sexism, or intolerance toward any group of people. If any of that subject matter will hamper your enjoyment of the game or you aren't interested in M/M content, I suggest giving this one a pass.

This is my first attempt at making a game, and creative writing in general, so you'll likely encounter typos, bugs, or other errors. If so, please report them, either in the TFGames discussion thread or in the "Bug Report" thread on my itch.io page. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Campus Magnum currently has 10 endings.

  1. No Winner: Conclude the Game Without a Winner.
  2. Three Pups: Give All Three Players "Loyalty" or Win with Lunar-Alignment and "Loyalty."
  3. Permanent Chastity: Win with Lunar-Alignment and without "Loyalty."
  4. Caleb's Bro: Allow Caleb to Win with "Fatuity." 
  5. Caleb's Gainer: Allow Caleb to Win with "Corpulence" and "Gain." 
  6. Caleb's Boyfriend: Allow Caleb to Win without "Fatuity" or the Combination of "Corpulence" and "Gain."
  7. Mark's Hog Handler: Allow Mark to Win with "Aroma," "Corpulence," and "Gustation."
  8. Mark's Sluts: Allow Mark to Win with Solar-Alignment.
  9. Mark's Teammates: Allow Mark to Win with Lunar-Alignment
  10. True Ending / Sandbox Mode: Win the Game with Solar-Alignment.


If you are having trouble getting an outcome that you want, here are some general tips and tricks to help you beat (or intentionally lose) the game.

Only Lie When It Matters. At the start of the game, players will believe you are telling the truth 80% of the time, and they will trust you more or less often based on how frequently you lie. In fact, just like in real life, your friends will never believe you if you only ever tell lies. To preserve their trust for times that you need it, only lie when it's advantageous.

Pay Attention To The Discarded Card. Bear in mind that, when you successfully lie, the other players will conclude they're being offered the card you discarded. Therefore, there's no point in lying if you drew two of the same cards or if the player wants the two drawn cards equally.

Fixations And Dissolutions Are Almost Always Valuable. Dissolution cards raise your score without the risk of resetting your points, and Fixation cards allow you to lower opponents' scores. These two cards are almost always useful to both solar and lunar-aligned players; therefore, it's a good idea to acquire them when you can. Moreover, your opponents are more likely to accept a card that's bad for them if they think it's a Dissolution or Fixation.

Players Will Target You More Often If They Don't Like You. All three players are pretty dismayed about what's happening to their bodies and minds, but there are some transformations that Mark and Caleb really don't want. Generally, if your actions lead to Mark becoming less masculine or Caleb becoming more slovenly, they will like you less. When deciding who to target with Sublimation and Multiplication cards, Mark and Caleb are more likely to choose the player they like the least.

Use the Author's Laziness To Your Advantage. Salt transformations can only be applied to each character once. If Caleb is already muscular, and you have the ability to offer him "Strength," he is guaranteed to reject the card. Likewise, in this scenario, if your character has "Strength," Caleb is guaranteed to accept it. You may similarly game the system using transformations that are incompatible. Character's can't be fat and thin, tall and short, strong and weak, etc.

v0.8.0 Themes are for 8th Version Updates

  • New options have been added to the Settings Menu, including the options to set a dark theme and restore default settings.
  • Two new transformations have been added, one physical and one mental.
  • Mark's pig tale has a new twist. The ending now plays out very differently based on Mark's alignment.
  • New synergies and dialogue.
  • Various Bug Fixes. 


v0.7.0 Discordially Invited

  • Settings Menu has been added and is accessible when starting a new game.
  • Six transformation events may be toggled off or on in the settings menu: watersports, weight gain, feminization, body odor, shrinking, and body hair. Preferences are preserved between playthroughs.
  • Players may now review NPCs' drawn cards when choosing to accept or reject an offer.
  • Cosmetic changes to the UI.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.6.0 Feature Creep

  • Addition of 24 achievements to unlock in the base game, including one for each available ending.
  • An error has been fixed which prevented play at certain aspect ratios.
  • Cosmetic changes to the UI.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.5.0 Big Boys and New Toys

  • After winning a game with solar-alignment, players will now unlock a sandbox mode that more than doubles the length of games and makes finding hidden content easier. 
  • The rule sheet has been updated to include more detailed information about cards' effects.
  • Caleb has gained a big new ending for content-hungry players to feast on.
  • Some mental transformations which could previously only occur once may now occur two or more times.
  • Custom player names are now preserved between playthroughs.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.4.0 Tying Up Loose Ends

  • When offered a card, the two drawn card types are now highlighted in the "Card Reference" tab.
  • A new lunar win ending has been added for good boys. Who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are!
  • A new submissive flashback scene has been added. A huge thank you to AlexXXX for contributing this wonderfully depraved scene.
  • An issue where some endings were not triggering when conditions were met has been resolved. Caleb's bro ending and Mark's pig ending are now working as intended.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.3.0 How Refreshing

  • Mark has a new, especially raunchy, ending for those who might enjoy seeing him turned into a ravenous, muscle pig.
  • Card draws are now labeled to help players keep track of turns and assigned colors.
  • A long-requested feature has been added: the ability to refresh your three options when selecting a transformation. Look for the refresh button on the top right of cards when making selections on "Exaltation," "Dissolution," "Fixation," and "Sublimation" cards.
  • Various bug fixes.


v0.2.0 More Player Choice

  • Players now announce what transformation has been applied to "Exaltation" and "Dissolution" cards (and lie about it if lying about a card's identity).
  • As long as you have a positive relationship with the NPCs, they will ask you to decide what mental transformations to choose.
  • Various bug fixes.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 03/11/2021

This has a lot of stuff to find, and it's a fun game on its own, and the writing is good. It's pretty dark pretty often, but not in a bad way imo.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/23/2021

What you've put together here is a fantastic TF game; I may not dig the MM side of it, but as a unique game full of semi-uncontrollable outcomes you get full marks. The flowery language of the setting can make the strategy a little difficult to pick up on, but being able to change victory conditions on the fly or trading TFs for a better standing is a great concept that's actually fun to play.

(There's some room for the AI characters to be improved, though I suspect it's currently designed to prolong the game or at endgame, give the best chance of winning.)


Preferences aside, it would be useful if one could toggle certain kinks, just to make the experience a bit less jarring if one comes across a passage one wasn't expecting to read.

After either losing, or winning via Moon (which I presume always implies a Sub-themed victory), I finally got lucky enough to win via a Sun and see the 'dom' ending, only to be both amused and dissapointed it effectively resets the game. As a true ending it's actually pretty well written, but it still kinda sucks your 'victory' is to merely play the game again. But hey, that's only a bonus if you prefer to play a subby persona??


tl;dr - really well made, but ultimately not my thing.

Review by enaz56

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/22/2021

This is a really fun game, but as of 0.4.0, the Sublimation cards are broken. When you get one, the story describes a change that you make to an opponent, but then after the card is done, the change is assigned to you, and not the opponent.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/21/2021


- Completely playable.  Actually, other than adding more depth (more cards and scenes), the game is very much finished.
- Interesting and functional game mechanism.
- Few bugs. The author knows how to program.
- Game presents in a nice format. The author has good taste.
- Excellent writting.


- Having your two partners occasionaly transforming each other totally ignoring you could be boring.
- Took me a few minutes to figure out the rules. We need a little bit of a brain here to figure out the game, which some people might not appreciate.


- Adding a setting so that the player can disable certain cards, say the Aroma and Corpulence cards are a big no to me.


How the game works:

- There are 6 types of cards. 2 of them do physical transformation. Two of them do mental transformation. Two of them change the player's role.
- Playing cards lead to change of points. Winning condition involve having the highest point, or having the second highest point, depending on your role.
- Mmm... that is it. Enjoy the transformation. Try to figure out the changes.
- If you like the salt and mercury version of the rules, check the game tutorial / help section. It is well written with good vibe.

Review by Tamex

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 12/16/2020

This game is super unique and very refreshing. However the random element is a bit too strong to make replaying it worth much more than just seeing what happens again, which was enough to make me give it a few run throughs just to see more of the text, but there isn't really much of a way to control how you or whoever you make win ends up without some other random effect more or less cancelling it out.

Worth playing just to see this crazy and unique game though! 

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