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Version: 1.0.0c

Version: 1.0.0b

Version: 1.0.0

Prisoners of the Elder One re;Captured
by JackyHF

This is an Escape Game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is part of the Historica of Lovely Fate setting, which also includes other games such as Magical Camp and Little Bitch Academia.

In the year 2015, the siblings Erik and Tiffany are kidnapped by an angel sent by a mysterious powerful being only known as The Elder One. Tiffany has been captured and is imprisoned somewhere in a strange mansion, whereas Erik is challenged by The Elder One to play a sick game - manage to escape the mansion together in which case the siblings will be left alone, or be stuck as one of The Elder One's many playthings for all eternity.

This game does not feature any combat. It is instead a puzzle game that is heavy on story content involving many other characters and items, featuring plenty opportunities to explore and, if not careful, fail spectacularly.

Notice: This version is a remaster of the original Prisoners of the Elder One by HLF. It features many improvements and new content.

-looking the wrong way while in Lilly's garden and examining grass will no longer lock the game up
-the Strange Charm no longer becomes unavailable if Ixies was interacted with in a particular sequence


Version 1.0.0b:

-updated the text rewind script, so nameboxes should no longer randomly appear without names
-in the gallery it is now possible to change the names of Erik/Tiffany by talking to the maid
-fixed a crashloop that happened when trying to jump into Lilly's pond while having the repaired talisman item
-Lilly no longer punishes Erik for trying to pick flowers if she was already torched with the Hellfire Wand
-Lilly no longer talks during the Slime Girl ending if she was already torched with the Hellfire Wand
-fixed a graphical issue with the twins in flyer form
-fixed a couple spelling mistakes and incorrect names in text boxes
-added a few more sound effects where appropriate
-more tapestries and similar now gain a specific reaction if Erik tries to use the lighter on them
-Aubrey now reacts to the (blood) wine bottles
-if Erik is partially transformed from encountering Aktarise, the hand mirror will temporarily not work until the TF magic undoes itself


Version 1.0.0:

-initial release

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Review by HiddenJune

Version reviewed: 1.0.0c on 12/29/2020

It's wonderful to see a re-master of this game! I loved the original version, so its great to play it again with a bit of the rough edges sanded off.

Review by critwiggle

Version reviewed: 1.0.0c on 12/29/2020

I like this game. There are certain puzzles though, that can be solved multiple ways, with some of the solutions using up valuable items which makes it impossible to progress. I'd suggest playing the game without help first, and when you get stuck, consult the wiki:


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