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'Ero-Gen' - interactive adult game about the adventures of the sorceresses.
Average playing time: 50 minutes
Number of poses: Video: 25, Sprites: 5


You control the sorceress and your goal is to defeat the villain.

If you lose, he enslaves your sorceress and makes her work for him to buy her freedom.

Current version of the game - v.0.2.2 'Welcome to the Manor'
The new version continues the storylines of the sorceresses. We also have to find out how the other girls ended up in the Manor.
The girls will have to get to know each other better and try to defeat the main villain.
Bugs from the previous update were fixed. Now all the players have access to the gallery in the free version of the game. The gallery was also expanded with new poses.


The plot tells us about young sorceresses studying magic.

Quite by accident, they discover a criminal business. The villains kidnap women to turn them into sex slaves and then sell them to rich perverts.

Now they need to save themselves and the other girls.


There are 6 girls in the game who are accidentally caught by the main villain.

In the current version of the game, you can get to know all of them.

But for now you still can play only with 2 of 6 main characters: Katie and Christie. They are first-year students of Ilator Magic Academy who accidentally stumble upon the criminal business of creating sex slaves. Now they must save each other and help other girls to save themselves.


You control the sorceress and your goal is to defeat the villain. The whole game can be divided into 2 parts:

1) You need to defeat the villain in a duel. The battle takes place in the form of step-by-step videos (interactive movie). You create spells and discover new elements by mixing previously opened elements. Your sorceress can read the mind of a villain. Knowing in advance how the enemy will attack, you can choose the most effective spell for counterattack.

2) If the sorceress loses the battle, she will be captured. The game turns into 'Side-scrolling management'. Your sorceress finds herself in the Manor of the main villain and now she needs to serve his guests to earn money and get her freedom back. After escape, the first part of the game starts again. All opened elements, abilities and reached level are saved. With each new defeat, the difficulty of passing the second part of the game will be increased, but the number of opportunities will be increased too. With new attempts to pass the Manor you will meet the girls from the future parts of the game. Their main stories will be told later, but for now you can play with them in the Manor and find out how they got there.

It is assumed that the player will play both parts of the game several times before winning.



2021 February 3:
v.0.2.2 - the storyline of all the girls in the Manor added; now all the players have access to the gallery in the free version (need to complete the game); the gallery has been expanded with new poses from storyline cutscenes.

2020 December 27:
v.0.2.1 - the storyline added; some minor bugs were fixed and some balance changes were made to the existing game mechanics.

2020 November 20:
v.0.2 - a new type of gameplay added (the second part of the game - the Manor); general management gameplay.

2020 May 25:
v.0.1 - the first release of the game; basic game mechanics; general turn-based combat gameplay.


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Review by HoratioTheGreat

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 12/28/2020

While rough around the edges, and a bit too slow in ways (such as the stunning minigame that happens every time you take damage) I do think there is a really interesting game in here. I almost quit after the first "make drinks" section, but once other areas open up it is almost interesting to balance out your captives in various tasks.

I say almost. Right now, the sex isn't hot enough, the gameplay isnt interesting enough, and the plot isn't there enough for me to say "wow this is great" but I absolutely think it is worth checking out and I hope the devs keep working on it!

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