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Version: 0.52

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Life at University
by Bluey

You are the character of a 18 year old girl, that have just moved to the Trulago City to start at your first year at the university. You have grown up at a farm in the sleepy village Alambra, a 3 hour ride north of Trulago. You have never been away from home and are very exited to finally move to the big city and live on your own. Being forced to work at the farm with dirty work and animals has made you sick and tired of it. 

The only persons you have been in touch with is your parents, a couple of friends and some stupid farm boys in the neighbourhood. 

You just can't wait to get away from this boring place where you grew up. When your father came with the news and told you that you were allowed to move away and attend the university, it was the happiest day of your life (so far). You was out in the field feeding the pigs when he brought you the news.


Your biggest dream is to become a model and a movie star. Even if you have a decent look you always dream on fixing your body and transform into a glamorous star. Your parents in opposite, wish for you to get a university education and become a lawyer, and that's why you are here. They also pay a lot of money for it, and will not tolerate that you fail.

Can you maybe do both? Transform into a star and fulfill your education?


This game contains a lot of material that is not suited for people under the age of 18 years: Kidnapping, BDSM, pregnancy, boobs/butt manipulationviolence, threatening, sex of all kinds, drugs, abuse and blackmailing...

NB! If you do not have version 0.5 from before you need to download that first. Then download 0.51 and then 0.52.

Next out now is version 0.6. If you have comments/suggestions please send it to me. I write down all suggestions coming in to me and try to implement the most wanted of them... 

In this game you have to make many choices to get through the school year in a 'decent' way. You need to follow the lessons at the university to be able to take the Friday afternoon tests, and pass. But there are always ways to avoid the tests... Too many failed tests can get you sent home.
You also have to do the gym lessons otherwise you will fail. Remember to eat to gain weight, but not too much weight.
There are many temptations and you can choose how to deal with them. You start with 300$. You will receive tips and hints during the game.
Every weekday you have gone to school. In addition, you can have part time jobs when you have settled in, to manage the rent and spendings. If you can make extra cash, then you can start fixing your body and looks to get more popular and maybe a star... But beware of your reputation...
You will receive hints and warnings during the game when new things appear or dangers threaten. Don't spend all your money in the beginning,
but try to use it one the most important things... Your moral will go up and down depending on the way you live. Both bad and good things can
occur when you wander around in town.
Be patient. Not all things and options are present at day 1 of the game. New things and possibilities appear as you play day after day and week after week. You will get notified...
You can fix on your body if you have enough money. This will lead you to be more attractive. You can also get a nice tan when you are at the beach.
Can you make it through the whole school year without beeing sent home? Take care, there is a lot of cruel persons out there wanting to take advantage of you.
Good luck!

This is for you who don't to want to enjoy the happiness of finding out things by yourself in an what I would call (from the old days) a adventure game.... You are a 18 years old girl that sign in to the university. You have to manage the school tests, but you can also find ways to please your teachers or principal to get through... Not all teachers are nice, some are just after your body...
Then there are the jobs... You can always be slutty and earn money fast... But on the other side that could turn out wrong... Who knows...  Next step: what would you achive in your life? You want to be a star... (This is where I am now in my develeopment).... Can you survive by balancing your life by beeing a nice girl or a slut? Some of the people are nice and some are cruel (Real life eh?) Here are some good advices:
1. Get a job (currently you can choose between 3 jobs: cafe, hotel and gas station). You can also end up in situations where you are forced to work with ehem... not so decent jobs.
2. Manage the school tests (Every friday afternoon)
3. Don't be too slutty
4. If you need money you can ask your uncle, a financial company or the principal. The landlady and the shop will also give you credit.
5. You can also do good deeds that will reflect your stats in a positive way.
6. Not all jobs and possibilities are present from day 1... Some appears in a few days or weeks as you play

 The game in not a finished game, but you can play it through as it is now. I have many new plans for it, and have got quite a few suggestions from the players. Thanks you everyone who gives me creative ideas!

 Version 0.52 (22.02.21)

Serious bugfix in stats table for inventory fixed
Bug fixed when drugged by uncle
Bug fixed when having sex with Eva

Version 0.51 (16.02.21)

Finally managed to make a update system that preserve saved games from previous versions
Hours under icons (Thank you LadyFilesse)
More flexible on time when arriving at work. (Thank you LadyFilesse)
Ask for job and get no if already have one (Thank you LadyFilesse)
Rewrite some TV stuff in the livingroom (Thank you LadyFilesse)

Bugs fixed:
Picture missing after one night stand (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in principal code when asking to skip tests (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in code when applying for job at the hotel (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in code when undressing at the hotel (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error when repaying you loan to Corus Finance. The loansum is wrong (Thank you PirateLoko)
Sunglasses stolen error in code. (thank you TheLoneWildWolf)
Error at toilets when taking cocain
Blackjack game fixed. Calculation error (Thank you Galnakan)
Option to wait for the nightclub to open if too early
Some resize of pictures

Version 0.50 (12.02.21)

Discord site for the game established (Thanks for the tip Nutluck)
Church implemented
Casino at the nightclub is rewritten
Female gym teacher Eva introduced
More professor Branson and neighbour Alex stuff
Rewrite apartment shower. Fewer clicks and faster. (thank you Nutluck)
Rewrite shower at nude beach. Fewer clicks and faster. (thank you Nutluck)
More nude beach media.
Gone through a lot of the MP4's and reduced size. Game reduced by 25%
More stats in the personal information window
Extended possibilities on public toilets

Minor corrections:
Time fix when using perfume/body lotion (thank you nutluck)
Fix om misc. image sizes and text padding

Version 0.40 (01.02.21)
Hotel implemented
New character: Hotel director Rahyndee
New job possibilities at the hotel
Walkthrough (spoiler) updated on game site
You can get fired from jobs via mail
Profile page (Thanks to Bluerubber)

Minor corrections:
Corrected language. (Thank you Sweet Little Sister and Crood)
Rewrite livingroom tv watching (Thank you Nutluck)
A minimum of looks is important before you can go to job
Corrected 2 bugs at the gasstation
Fixed "no showup" bug at the cafe and gasstation
Makeup warning low when having quick shower
Fixed some swimming stats at the beach (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Waterfountain is optional (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Helping people will increase moral/reputation (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Can not go to work or university if you are too intoxicated (Thanks Crood)
Finally fixed the margins in the story

Version 0.30 (22.01.21)

You can now take a taxi to get faster to your destination (thanks for input Nutluck)
You can now quit jobs
Started implementing chemical class and lab at the university
New character introduced - chemical professor Branson
You can now shower after gym
You can work as a volunteer to improve reputation and moral
Some more street sceenes with positive events (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Warnings when importants things/stats run low (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Freshup option on toilet
Shop have now food in bigger quantity (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)

Mincor changes:
Hygiene is not going down so fast. Adjusted. (Thank you Nutluck)
Studentsex when addicted not so frequent (Thank you DramaCoach69 and Pixelfrenzy)
Looks not important to go to university
A minimum of looks is important before you can ask for jobs
Good looking can give higher tips
Corrected bug in Corvus Finance (Thank you Konowal)
Reduce weight is adjusted (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Error fixed in the shop when paying debts (Thank you Ana)
Time management restructured (but not perfect yet). Thank you Pixelfrenzy

Version 0.21 (18.01.21) Bug fix

Spelling mistakes fixed. (Thank you Elune and Sasuren)
Shaving can be done every 5th day now. (Thank you Elune and Nutluck)
Sleeping don't affect hygiene so much anymore. (Thank you Elune)
Lower looks importance when going to university
Butt enlargement error when reached maximum fixed (Thank you TotallySane and Dementis)
Fixed the shower time calculation (Thank you Aigi and Bluerubber)
Implemented quick shower and makeup option (Thank you Aigi and Bluerubber)
Backbutton is back :)
Bug in university. Image missing. (Thank you Dementis)
Bugs at the gas station. Several dialogs. (Thank you very much Dementis)
Implemented way to get out of blackmail

Version 0.20 (15.01.21)

Added breast surgery and butt surgery - will increase looks
Corus Finance is more agressive when you don't pay your loan
Improved introduction
Random street content implementet
Added more addictive sexual content to university
Implemented public toilets in the streets

Cafe job will be available earlier then in version 0.12
Corrupted code at uncle's place (bugfix). Thank you Sasuren
Corrected error in blackmail scene (bugfix). Thank you Crood
Adjusted blackmail sums. Thank you Crood
Uncle is away for buisness the first few weeks. Thank you Crood
Adjusted the alcohol addiction system. Thank you Crood
Limit how much makeup can increase your looks.
Rewrite the look calculation
Rewrite the importance of sunglasses. Thank you Highland_master18
You do not have to pay rent the first monday. Thank you Highland_master18
Adjusted the salary system at the cafe (looks counts now). Thank you Crood
Removed back button (cheating). Game should be stabile enough now.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MikeMike

Version reviewed: 0.52 on 02/26/2021

Am at 109 days in at this review.

The game is very much in the same style as Life Choices and took a lot of inspiration from it, then its not Girl Life as some reviewers mentioned and it's not Life Choices. It is it's own game that uses a lot of the same mechanics - and thats not really a bad thing.

I did like the game. It got a lot of potential but it do lack the polish and gameplay adjustments that the games that it took inspiration from already have, but I am sure that these will come when the game mature over time, so I do hope that the developer will have the patience to continue to develop on this game for a long time to come and continue to add more content to the game because it does feel "empty" after a while (Especially when going 100 days into the game) and does feel a lot like a click fest through a lot of the game that ends up making it feel tired, but thats all something that can be adjustet over time. 

What I personally felt were lacking were more triggered random content, more life in the game, more everyday things that won't nessesarily bring the game forward, but will make it fun to explore and will give it more "life" for the player to interact with - in a sense. It lacks content the further that you get ahead in the game, so I do hope that there are plans in place to keep the player occupied and entertained for all the 303 days that the game seems to be lasting.

One thing that I did feel dragged it down were that you can't switch jobs, you cant leave a job and then return to it later on and the way it is right now then the jobs feels boring after a while, they lack the feel of movement and acomplishments that for example Life Choices really manage to do well, but thats also a game that have been around for a few years and had time to mature, while this only have been around for a little more than a month, so do keep that in mind when you play it. The jobs do end up feel repeatably really fast and you don't get the feeling if something will happen later if you stay on for a while because the progress are almost nonexisting so you will end up switiching jobs out of boredom, so some improvement are urgently needed at that part. But thats also part of game design so hopefully the jobs will get expanded on and improved on in the updates to come.

Should you play it? Yes I absolutely think you should give it a try.


Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 0.52 on 02/23/2021

As has been said, far too click heavy. Plus, if ever a game needed a glory hole option, this is it. Trying to get corrupted should not be this hard. An adult theater, a porn store, lingerie, any one of them should help lower morale and it should stay lowered until you actively seek to raise it by going to confession, working at the soup kitchen, etc. Other than that, I enjoy the game.

Review by tfgsRandomGuy

Version reviewed: 0.51 on 02/16/2021

To me, there are 2 issues:

1) A lot of things take waaayy more clicks than they need to

2) Corruption takes a long time and a lot of effort.  This character doesn't get corrupted by their word or even their own body's desires.  They/you need to really WANT it, and that makes for a lot less fun a game

Review by Mellybean

Version reviewed: 0.40 on 02/05/2021

The game is in a similar vein as others in the catalog here, but in no way a 'ripoff' of anything. useralexis points to another game of similar vision, but doesn't even note that the game they referenced is a similar game to Girl Life released over a year before the one they inappropriately linked. Being in the same vein as another game on the site is not necessarily a ripoff. The numer of times I see these nasty types of comparison on review of new games, when we haven't even learned the full path, direction, and content included makes no sense and puts off new creators from sharing early iterations of their vision. If a creator states they will not have lactation and you feel you could do a similar game but focus lactation, you've made a different game, enjoy it or don't but don't smear a new creator in the Reviews section. Negatively comparing a game with 5 years of development and 3 figures per month patreon subscription to a game released 3 weeks prior that already has 4 updates makes you look silly and like a playground bully. 

This version of the game itself is both fun but a lot of work. The interface requires multiple clicks to perform menial tasks that ought be either automated or rolled into one daily 'task' button. The media on the game needs compressing, formats are also in abundance. MP4, JPG, GIF, etc. 400kb background shots right next to 20kb background images next to 10MB animated GIFs are bloating the download quickly. I'm sure these things can be remediated in future versions. I look forward to what the future will hold for this game.

Review by useralexis

Version reviewed: 0.21 on 01/18/2021

This "game" is literally a rip-off of life choices, but worse.

Life Choices (tfgames.site)

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