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The Ember Institute

The game places you into the shoes of a reluctant but curious Sissy. He has no job and is living with a friend after losing his apartment but all that is set to change.


I have not been working on this game long and while there are a lot of choices and paths the game ends not long after you finish the first day. While I am currently working on more I did not want to post anything past this point. The game currently ends where all the initial branches meet.

I have tried to make the choices in this game count and some paths will only be available based on some options. The hobby you choose has the biggest impact so far but as the game develops the other choices you make will have larger impacts, like this one does.

If there are any bugs or issues, please let me know :D

I've set up my own Discord https://discord.gg/kdSNV6HvXr

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Review by Zoeylicious

Version reviewed: on 01/26/2021

I'm loving the production value of this game; the layout of the pages is so nice on my eyes and the game creator really put some thought into the different images.

This also shines thru in the story which so far has a nice pace and I'm enjoying the descriptions. So looking forward to reading more <3

Review by DarkDaemonX

Version reviewed: on 01/23/2021

I hope it doesn't become a game where the player can only follow the institute's orders, there has to be a way to get rid of them after all, aside from the obvious branches already in place, I think that would be an important branch as well, from a story telling perspective, from a realistic standpoint, it would be easy to win a court case against them, because of the privacy they breached, and they obviously hacked you, which is illegal, but that will probably not be what you'd have in mind, although it could be some kind of epilogue.


I always disliked that if you refused to go along with the sissification, it either shows you just a scene with "congratualations, you win. The End", or it just makes you go down the road of compliance anyway, does nobody have any interest in writing a story branch for resisting, and actually being succesful with it? That's at least what I think every time I see situations like that, I want a challenge, not just "You're going down this path whether you want it or not, nothing you can do about it", believe me, that gets boring pretty fast.


I hope you won't put hypno in this game, it's overused if you ask me, and it's always displayed as a miracle method, being able to achieve anything with everyone, I'd like to see some actual character development this time, instead of just using shortcuts or a "cheat option" (hypno in case you were confused).


If those things get added, this would be a 7/10 at the very least, with the chance to get even better.


On a side not, I don't think the player character is actually "sissy-curious" just because he bought female underwear, crossdressing doesn't mean you're a sissy, I feel sorry for you if you thought it was, that just means you still have a lot to learn. 


Crossdressing doesn't necessarily imply submission.

Crossdressing doesn't necessarily imply you want cock.


Review by SimonWilliamson

Version reviewed: on 01/23/2021

Obviously early days, but there's way more content than I would have expected for a release. Hopefully the author's decision to have the player start off as a bit of a sissy already will prevent things from getting bogged down and stalling in the early game, which seems to happen to lots of otherwise promising games. I like what I've seen so far and I've subscribed to see where this one goes.

Review by Lotharin

Version reviewed: on 01/23/2021

Well, it's interesting for sure; and while there's not much content currently, there's definitely enough to draw me in.


I look forward to future updates.

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