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Version: 0.1.0

Tale of Tali
by OhMeGa

This game is a proof of concept demo spiritual successor to my first game Roll the Dice.
It is purposefully made on a strict 0$ budget as a show of what I can do with the stock in-engine assets, royalty-free assets, few assets from Roll the Dice, and my own edits of all the former.
For further explanation of the situation, please see the public post over on my Patreon page, where I go into detail as to what, why, and when is happening with this game and Roll the Dice.

There are 3 different sex scenes in the game at the moment and additional contextual lewdness if you have sharp eyes!

I hope you give this one a chance and love it at least half as much as I loved working on it.

1) allow up to one minute for loading, if the game does not load till then your internet is too slow or my server is on fire
2) Some plugins might not work correctly depending on the browser you are using. I am getting conflicting bug reports on this front. Please use the local build if possible.

Thank you for your continuing support. 

Princess Tali is an aspiring Elven sorceress, in line to inherit her father's kingdom. Many things need to be taken care of... suitable marriage, tutoring, combat training... 
Her younger step-brother Varion, an incredibly talented child, seems to eclipse her in every way. A pivotal moment comes when Princess hears about an ancient ritual,
that would make her eligible for a different life...

0.1.0 - This is the initial build of the game.

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Review by Lets

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/09/2021

When "Play Online" I got this error:

expected expression, got '.'
so.... yeah

Review by Seelenleere

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/02/2021

For such a short demo and 0 budget, I really enjoyed it. Never experienced so hard but balanced fights in RPGM. If this is the work of just 20 days, then I am looking forward to more updates,

Review by obstreperose

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/02/2021

Really fun and I'd love to see more. Weirdly, this is an actually good JRPG that has sexual themes, but uses those themes to tell a fantasy story. The main quest so far is short, but there are little side branches and things to find as well as at least one choice that actually matters. 

One criticism: quite a few spelling mistakes, and it feels like some of the dialogue on the side characters could be a little more substantial. A couple of the antagonists feel like they swear egregiously as a substitute for good dialogue.  

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