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Version: 0.1.4

Underneath the labyrinth
by midsan

        (Build 0.1.4 is updating) Be sure to check the changelog for more information.  

      I also host the html version of the game. Feel free to try it out. This is experimental html version of the game. So something might not working correctly. But from my testing it seem working fine. Even the save feature seem to be intact.     

       Underneath the labyrinth is an free erotic adventure game. Heavily inspire by cthulhu mythos.Much like The Allure of Wanton Cove by the aftermath team. (Anyone didn't play that should give it a try!)

The game feature the rich world deep with it history, lore and conflict. As well as mystery for player to uncover.
       Player play as veteran knight with a dark past. Investigating the strange phenomenon and the missing of his friend. It's up for the player to find out what really did happen in this strange event. While hopefully didn't get corrupt and tranform into lusty sex crazed nymph.
               Currently the game have.
       -Characters npc with backstory. Motivation, Secret, Lots of them plan to be romanceable and muntiple ending depending on your success in your quest, Who you romance with,etc. You can talk ask them question that will fill you up on the game lore and what going on in the current event. Build relationship with them. Some of them is more well developed than most and serve as a prime example on how sex scene work.
       -A turn base combat with animation display system that emphasis on player awareness and risk management.

  -A light rpg elements with item, weapon/armor upgrade. As well as skill perk system and stat allocation. There're also ingame map near gear and tool section. If you point mouse to any location it will display information about the place. It's give info on the lore of the world that these character exist. Immersion!

      -A deep character display system where the game can show the effect of corruption on main character body and sex. As well as what armor he/she equip on. Currently the game also have corruption system and have 8 stage of tranformation. From a vigilant knight to sex crazed servant of the old one.
      -An atmosphere sound to help build the mood. One could call this as erotic horror game. No jump scare. Just a sense of dread and the threat of losing your in game character manhood.
      -Colorful image both rendered and draw and a simple display system to show who you walking to and where you are. Just in case text description is not enough.

       Here some of the rendered image.

      -An npc awarness where they react to your corruption stage. The sex scene also dynamicly adjust .

      At the moment (3/7/2021) the game is stable. Have a grammar issue here and there. Content and bug fix consistently update weekly. Now after v.0.1.4 with story element update with boss. I felt it time for throughout proofreading to fix the grammar and text missing issue.

   The game will be free for anyone to enjoy. But if anyone interested to supporting me in my endeavor and want to keep this project alive. Please check out my patreon page.


   I also host a discord server. Allowing anyone to theories, chat, Report a bug, Or just message me to work my ass off and release the next build.

   Discord link : https://discord.gg/ZnJYdjT8dS

   I also would like to express my gratitude to this site. For years i been playing lots of great game this site has to offer. Thank you for such a joy ride over the years.

   I also leave a cheat here since i doubt anyone want to grind in an unfinished game fighting the same type of enemy. and i value your time. So here it is.

          Edit : The cheat is compleately rework. As i am getting report that it not work on some machine. Currently you can use both button and via quick menu with ESC button.

          Press 1 : Add 1oo coin. it's a free real estate.

          Press 2 : Add hp and spirit.

          Press 3 : Add corruption.

          Press 4 : Add 30 exp needed to level up

          It's should work for both numpad and normal one.

Thank you for your time! And thank you for anyone that supporting me on patreon! Your generosity will keep me fed and help me support my fammily. And thus i'm very grateful.

  A veteran knight searching for his battle brothers found himself in a small remote mining town with a strange phenomenon. A calling that prying on his desire, Sense of duty, Take advantage in a moment of weakness. Would he succeed in his quest? Or found himself tranform and fell to the alluring corruption.


  Player character : Veteran knight of the order with a dark past. Player can choose starting skill, Thier own character motive and desire. This option help differentiate each playthrough as the corruption will have slight different dialog scene. For example Character with lust for power character background will be persuaded by offer of power.

  YoungLad(Adam)(romancable) : A waiter in a barmaid tavern. He is shy and halfway through a tranformation. He also serves as example how event with character work. See in walkthrough for more info. And stay tuned as it not the end of her romance path yet.

  Mercer : Father of adam. Imply to be loving caring father but after the unfortunate incident found himself constantly wrestle with his inner demon and desire. Offer room for rent. Or get it for free by offer your body in a future update.

  Sir Grey(plan to be romancable) : A reknowed knight of the westfort turn into an alcoholic drunkard after the unfortunate incident he refuse to talk about. He serve as your info man. You can learn a lots about labyrinth and the world lore. Just don't mind his manner.

  Denethor(plan to be romancable) : A hard working blacksmith with goal to perfect his craft anyway possible no matter what the cost. Found himself turn into a woman after exposure to the labyrinth influence. Offer weapon and armor upgrade. (Fun fact. Repeating request upgrade without actually having enough coin lead to funny scene. )

  Catherine (plan to be romancable) : A mysterious priestess of the forgotten one church. Offer more lore about the world history. And conspiracy theories. Give helpful and can cleansed small portion of corruption once a day.

  Captain (plan to be romancable) : A pirate respectable merchant in the captain good shop. Offer gaget and consumable shop service. Appear to be very easy going and offer lots of stories to pass the time. A colorful character in contrast to the dread you felt everywhere else

  Veronica : A mysteriouswitch living outside of the labyrinth. Offer a mysterious potion with a secret trade off. She currently researching the effect of the corruption and looking to find a way to turn herself young again.

  More to come!

     Since there's not a lot of content currently yet allow me to point out where the juicy scene is located after you exhaust all the dialog of everyone in the town.
    1. Young lad: His story is essential. Sometimes it takes a man to be the best girl. Talk to him and ask him about service where he does *special service to a patron of the inn*. Do this enough time you find that he starting to emit a girly scent. Sex with him 7 times will lead him to accept his newfound feminity push him over the edge and turn into a full woman. This also leads to another sex scene in her service dialog option.
   2. A crazed corrupted female and male adventurer: The only enemy in the labyrinth at the moment. She can block and counter-attack, Do power attack that needs interruption skill to counter. And present her sex to you and lowering your fighting spirit. If you lose. You get femdom. If you win you can choose to accept her request which leads to a juicy scene.
   3. Transformation Scene. If player corruption reaches 10. A transformation scene will be played once the player reaches the appropriate location. Currently have 8 stages in total.
   4. Flexible scene and NPC awareness. Some corruption stages will affect how the scene and NPC interaction will be play. For example, you can get a girl-on-girl action with female adam if your character is female. Most NPC also reacts differently when you return to them with tits via transformation-related dialog. So if you want to see all of it just try it out!



     After this version (0.1.4) I will enforce the patreon early build. After all the month has passed and my patreon was charged. Thus they deserve the perk/benefit they get for supporting me. But given i update weekly publice build would be only 1 week apart. And if that weekly update only fix bug/inconsequential small thing without aditional content. Then i will release the fix to public build as well as patreon at the same time. It's is my belief that no one should have to wait a week for a bug fix in their game.

     Or if 1 week is too much of a hassle. And you want to support me. Be sure to visit my patreon : https://www.patreon.com/midsan

 New feature / content

      Add a new boss in the labyrinth. Basically instead of get warp out after clear the labyrinth. You be warp to a boss room. She can do pretty everything and have access to every move you have seen. Her attack also drain spirit if it hit without defensive stance. Her stat is impressive but shouldn't be too hard for any player with decent level/gear. She suppose to be tutorial boss after all.

       Her scene is as always adjust to player corruption level. She also aware of your previous interaction with her. So if you face her again. She will have something more to say and her dialog would reflect that when it was appropriate.

       I also encourage you to unmute sound after defeating her. I work so hard on this scene. Hope you like it/

Quality of life improvement

       I add 2 new cheat. 6 and 7 to increse or decrese corruption stage. 

       This is the cheat i didn't implement untill now because it might cause a bug in middle of the scene. However a certain someone in my discord cause me to implemented it against my better judgment.

        Mr. Joker. You done it now. You absolute mad lads.




       Next month i have to work as a teacher in my local school. This is a decision i try to avoid because i really want to work on this project and make this my full time job and keep on the consistent weekly update. However i gotta paid electric bill somehow. Thus i have to take aditonal job. As you might already see this coming...this will have an impact on the development time. To what extent? I have no idea. Hell this week update suppose to have tutorial boss with intriguing back story but i busy with paper work and life in general. So the new tutorial boss gott wait for next update. I am so sorry guys. I feel like i have failed you.

    If you want to show me with the support and help me please consider visit me on patreon. Link : https://www.patreon.com/midsan    

    Thank you! For following the development.

New feature / content

     Mercer the barkeep now offer special offer to female player character. When ask about lower the room price he will offer you to "help" him in private matter. Accept this will lead to sex scene. You will get the room free for that day. However at the cost of small corruption value. The scene also talior on player corruption. Corruption stage 3-4 will show player character hesitate about her decision and unwillingness to do the deed. While corruption stage 5-7 will show the warped feminine naughty side having an effect on player character psyched leading to more consensual act of debauchery.  Sleep will reset the day thus you can take his offer again if you wish.

Quality of life improvement
     Press button(2) on HP/Spirit cheat will now also add consumable item for player to use/spam at your heart content. 

Bug fix
1. Finally fix the weapon description '...........................' because player can upgrade exceeding weapon tier rank.

2. Fix an issue enemy male variant barely use seduction move on player in combat.



New feature/ Content.

Player can now masterbate during campfire scene and in tavern rented room. Player can masterbate 2 time a day. This will give player character a post nut clarity and get 10 point of spirit in exchange for 2 point of corruption.

It's have limited use in the tavern rented room other than speeding your corruption progression.

And as usual the scene support all corruption stage. So you can try use corruption cheat to see all the picture.

Gameplay element change/ Quality of life improvement.
1. Remove corruption being add after sex with your npc lover. This would give 'stay being male' playthrough a fighting chance. Allowing player to see male scene easier as more content being add will incresed corruption gain alot in the future.

2. Spirit cost for scavenge now cost 2 point.

3. add a game version display on menu screen.

4. nerf campfire hp and spirit restore. Make way for masterbation system.

5. fix text typo and gramma. However some text passage might become too big for the original text box. I have to go and check every possible text conversation and scene later. So if you happen to come across an npc talking wierd. That my excuse.



1. fix an issue playername display incorrectly in combat.

2. fix money/item exploit bug when switch between layout in the labyrinth.

3. Attempt to fix gear screen display default "........................" text. Let me work if it work.

4. fix the endless dungeon progress bug.

5. when retreating and found then defeat enemy. The labyrinth progress shouldn't no longer add a progression.

6. Attempt to fix 'engage your enemy' text display But can't actually engage them

7. fix character portrait not properly display in corruption stage 4 with plate armor.

8. fix enemy counter attack. Despite they no longer in block and counter stance.


(0.1.1) I also changed game rating to XXX. Given the theme of body horror, Possibly more mind control in the future content. Force against will or consent. Losing sense of self and identity. Yup that sound hot and all but probably not kid friendly.

New enemy and scene

Add a male variants of the claw enemy. Slightly stronger and harder to kill. Impressive muscle and strong power attack. He is quite strong physically. However can only seduce female player in combat. And even so the effect depend on player corruption stage and not as potent and his female counter part. There're a small issue that sometime his power attack will hit player instantly without goes to start up phase. I will try to resolve this in later update. This happen to me only 1 time during my testing. Still racking my brain around it. So if this unfair BS happen to you. Just press 2 for hp cheat to assert dominance as a signal that only you can cheat in this game.

New ability : Enemy bash type attack. Work similarly to player shoulder bash. He will body slam at you. Instantly interupted power attack and stance. However it deal flat 5 damage and have no RNG damage incresed roll.

New Sex scene : These new sex scene is pretty good. But that just my opinion. Maybe i just like femdom thing. How to get them? Male/Male scene accessible by getting defeated by him(I hate to admit it. But i don't do so good writing male/male scene i'm working on it!) Anyone that don't want to see your hero getting his backdoor obliterated should do their best to win the fight. After you win and try to initiated sex. If your hero is still male. He be able to pull out from the enemy impressive member seduction but recieve corruption instead. While the female hero will get to sex scene that tailored around femdom. Mostly girl on top positon. And as always the scene have variants of each corruption stage.

Gameplay element change/ Quality of life improvement.

1. Remove RNG item found when advance the labyrinth progress. I feel the placed chest is plentiful enough. Not to mention player can scavenge for an items.

2. The scavenge action now cost 1 spirit. A deserved drawback.

3. Improve the likelihood and damage of counter stance to proc against enemy normal attack. I feel the counter stance is underpowered for a 5 action point skill not to mention it only work against enemy normal attack and it only have 3 turn duration. Hell even now i still feel it could use some buff. Maybe i buff it to 4 turn duration skill in the future update.

4. Add a ability to use more type of consumable outside of combat. A life saving quality of life improvement.....literally.

5. Add a cheat menu to quick menu. Require you to click instead of press the button. Avoid problem button not working entirely. The old button cheat is still work but rearrange to make sure it work on all machine.

New cheat button (work for both numpad and numeric key)

Press 3 = add corruption

Press 4 = remove 30 exp needed to level up

Press 2 = Add hp and spirit

Press 1 = Add 100 coin

6. Add a notification system when you save or load the game. Solving the 'Do i really save it? Then load the game only to found out you back to old save 1 hour ago.'

7. Add the labyrinth progression report on the left side HUD. Show how much progress you made in the current area (1-10) And area clear counter. In the tutorial floor you need only 2 clear to get send out of labyrinth. And have a tutorial floor clear flag on your save which will explore in future update.

8. Add more wall of text of explanation to the tutorial explain more about labyrinth mechanic. Such as trying to find a way out still subject of RNG roll and you may face an enemy, etc. Only the holder of teleport stone have a get out of jail free card.

9. Add turn on/turn off sound toggle at the left side corner of the game menu. If you ever want to have the sound back. There're the same toggle in your rented room.

Bug fix

1. Fix an issue when relationship with veronica reach level 2 her portrait will spam in every npc display portrait.

2. Fix a bug that after you retreat once from battle you automatic retreat in every battle.

3. Fix a typo in tutorial section. Thank DogDogDogDogDog for the support!


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 03/05/2021

This game is a text based adventure game with 3D generated mc, npcs and enemies and some very well drawn 2d computer graphic. I really want to know what engine this game is developed in, or could it be a custom made game like Hornstown. The gui isn't compactly built like CoC or Lilith's Throne but it is definitely well thought out. The author has chosen a slightly naive font that doesn't all fit into the vibe but otherwise the game looks impressive.

The game mechanism is clever too. It skips many of the traditional rpg nonesense and leave there only the juice and meat. The adventure in the labyrinth is straight forward and easy to figure out. I can't think of any better implementation for text based adventure game.

The hentai images goes well with the story, too. They arn't the top notch images you would find on deviantart but they are definitely well made.

There are a few bugs here and there. AP, or the lack of it, carries to the next battle. My character was surprised and he didn't get any AP in the next three engagements with the enermies, despite full rested and healed in between.

Anyway, this game has good potential. I am definitely having my fingers crossed for this one.

p.s. you can only save in the traven or campfire when you rest.

Review by tinakorn1957

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 02/27/2021

How to save game?

Review by tommiboi595

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 02/13/2021

Desperately needs some proofreading, other than that I'm personally not a fan of the forced mtf, but that's just a personal preference. It has promise. EDIT: ironically, I made a spelling error in my original review

Review by art926

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 02/13/2021

It's nicely made and the story is interesting. But looks like it's just one more game that forces you into MtF, no matter how dominant you're trying to play.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/12/2021

Lots of content and very ambitious- though I'm encountering a pretty rough bug. I unlocked the flee skill, and now my character runs at the start of every battle! I can't fight enemies anymore.

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