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Version: 0.1.16 EarlyBuild

Underneath the Labyrinth
by midsan

        (Build 0.1.16 early build is up!) Be sure to check the changelog for more information.

       For unknown reasons. I can't edit my Changelog page. It shows a blank page instead of letting me edit the content.

       So I hosting the changelog here in the meantime.

       Changelog link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D1trDqvf93a8FhLC-XnvmSUiIvtrHdysdylyNKw6894/edit?usp=sharing

       Sorry for the inconvenience

      Know issue. 

        1. Sometime when player repeatedly left click too fast to skip dialog when npc have an option for player to choose. It's might cause dialog bug.

        2. In some rare case. The operating system could block some part of the game system. Resulting in game progress stuck at some point. There is a fix tho. Simply run the game as adminstator. Or switch your operating system standard user account with an admin privileges one. Shout out to xarvenius ! You're the best!

      Html hosting.

      I also host the html version of the game. Feel free to try it out. This is experimental html version of the game. So something might not working correctly. But from my testing it seem working fine. Even the save feature seem to be intact. It's take quite a while to load first time you run it. But it should save in your browser cache. The second time will be much faster. (When updating. Be sure to clear browser cache. This force your browser to download the new build. Instead of using existing file in browser cache which is an old build.)

       Underneath the labyrinth is an free erotic adventure game. Heavily inspire by cthulhu mythos.Much like The Allure of Wanton Cove by the aftermath team. (Anyone didn't play that should give it a try!)

The game feature the rich world deep with it history, lore and conflict. As well as mystery for player to uncover.
       Player play as veteran knight with a dark past. Investigating the strange phenomenon and the missing of his friend. It's up for the player to find out what really did happen in this strange event. While hopefully didn't get corrupt and tranform into lusty sex crazed nymph.
               Currently the game have.
       -Characters npc with backstory. Motivation, Secret, Lots of them plan to be romanceable and muntiple ending depending on your success in your quest, Who you romance with,etc. You can talk ask them question that will fill you up on the game lore and what going on in the current event. Build relationship with them. Some of them is more well developed than most and serve as a prime example on how sex scene work.
       -A turn base combat with animation display system that emphasis on player awareness and risk management.

  -A light rpg elements with item, weapon/armor upgrade. As well as skill perk system and stat allocation. There're also ingame map near gear and tool section. If you point mouse to any location it will display information about the place. It's give info on the lore of the world that these character exist. Immersion!

      -A deep character display system where the game can show the effect of corruption on main character body and sex. As well as what armor he/she equip on. Currently the game also have corruption system and have 8 stage of tranformation. From a vigilant knight to sex crazed servant of the old one.
      -An atmosphere sound to help build the mood. One could call this as erotic horror game. No jump scare. Just a sense of dread and the threat of losing your in game character manhood.
      -Colorful image both rendered and draw and a simple display system to show who you walking to and where you are. Just in case text description is not enough.

       Here some of the image. (Currently the game still went through image quality optimization. Resulting even more sharper and better lighting.)


      -An npc awarness where they react to your corruption stage. The sex scene also dynamicly adjust .
      At the moment (3/7/2021) the game is stable. Have a grammar issue here and there. Content and bug fix consistently update weekly. Now after v.0.1.4 with story element update with boss. I felt it time for throughout proofreading to fix the grammar and text missing issue.

   The game will be free for anyone to enjoy. But if anyone interested to supporting me in my endeavor and want to keep this project alive. Please check out my patreon page.


   I also host a discord server. Allowing anyone to theories, chat, Report a bug, Or just message me to work my ass off and release the next build.

   Discord link : https://discord.gg/ZnJYdjT8dS

   I also would like to express my gratitude to this site. For years i been playing lots of great game this site has to offer. Thank you for such a joy ride over the years.

   I also leave a cheat here since i doubt anyone want to grind in an unfinished game fighting the same type of enemy. and i value your time. So here it is.

          Edit : The cheat is compleately rework. As i am getting report that it not work on some machine. Currently you can use both button and via quick menu with Spacebar button.

          Press 1 : Add 1oo coin. it's a free real estate.

          Press 2 : Add hp and spirit. Can't exeed maximum value. Also add comsumable item to use.

          Press 3 : Add corruption.

          Press 4 : Add 30 exp needed to level up

          Press 6 : Add corruption stage

             Press 7 : Substract corruption stage (This 2 cheat not recommend during conversation or engage in sex scene. Or thing might be bug out.)

          Press  8 : add labyrinth progression value. This allow player to skip combat and test labyrinth very easily.

                   It's should work for both numpad and normal one.    

        Cheat below recommend to use only during player become corrupted

         Press numpad 0 : reduce town stability value. Town have 3 state depening on these value. Normal, Alert, In ruin.


Thank you for your time! And thank you for anyone that supporting me on patreon! Your generosity will keep me fed and help me support my fammily. And thus i'm very grateful.

A veteran knight searching for his battle brothers found himself in a small remote mining town with a strange phenomenon. A calling that prying on his desire, Sense of duty, Take advantage in a moment of weakness. Would he succeed in his quest? Or found himself tranform and fell to the alluring corruption.

Player character : Veteran knight of the order with a dark past. Player can choose starting skill, Thier own character motive and desire. This option help differentiate each playthrough as the corruption will have slight different dialog scene. For example Character with lust for power character background will be persuaded by offer of power.

Young Lad (Adam)(romancable) : A waiter in a barmaid tavern. He is shy and halfway through a tranformation. He also serves as example how event with character work. See in walkthrough for more info. And stay tuned as it not the end of her romance path yet.

Mercer : Father of adam. Imply to be loving caring father but after the unfortunate incident found himself constantly wrestle with his inner demon and desire. Offer room for rent. Or get it for free by offer your body in a future update.

Sir Grey(plan to be romancable) : A reknowed knight of the westfort turn into an alcoholic drunkard after the unfortunate incident he refuse to talk about. He serve as your info man. You can learn a lots about labyrinth and the world lore. Just don't mind his manner.

Denethor(plan to be romancable) : A hard working blacksmith with goal to perfect his craft anyway possible no matter what the cost. Found himself turn into a woman after exposure to the labyrinth influence. Offer weapon and armor upgrade. (Fun fact. Repeating request upgrade without actually having enough coin lead to funny scene. )

Catherine (plan to be romancable) : A mysterious priestess of the forgotten one church. Offer more lore about the world history. And conspiracy theories. Give helpful and can cleansed small portion of corruption once a day.

Captain (plan to be romancable) : A pirate respectable merchant in the captain good shop. Offer gaget and consumable shop service. Appear to be very easy going and offer lots of stories to pass the time. A colorful character in contrast to the dread you felt everywhere else

Veronica : A mysteriouswitch living outside of the labyrinth. Offer a mysterious potion with a secret trade off. She currently researching the effect of the corruption and looking to find a way to turn herself young again.

More to come!

    I'm now start making Comprehensive walkthrough and game guide. Which can be access on the link down below.

          Link : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7pkEIzKgtyz80FIspGNbqbAJaguSpJaxLEt_lc2qxA/edit?usp=sharing

If you lost and wonder where the content is Here the list to point you to the right direction.
    1. Young lad(Adam): His story is essentiallyl. 'Sometimes it takes a man to be the best girl'. Talk to him and ask him about service where he does *special service to a patron of the inn*. Do this enough time you find that he starting to emit a girly scent. Sex with him 7 times will lead him to accept his newfound feminity push him over the edge and turn into a full woman. This also leads to another sex scene in her service dialog option.

      1.1 In 0.1.7 early build i add romance path for Adam. There're 2 event that accessible after beat tutorial boss. Just go to her and choose 'talk about your progress' This will unlock hangout event with her.

   2. A crazed corrupted female and male adventurer: The only enemy in the labyrinth at the moment. She can block and counter-attack, Do power attack that needs interruption skill to counter. And present her sex to you and lowering your fighting spirit. If you lose. You get femdom. If you win you can choose to accept her request which leads to a juicy scene.

       2.1  0.1.13 Early Build Add a new male pc scene with male adventurer when player win in combat and choose to enjoy some harmless fun. This will put pc in dominate position.

   3. Transformation Scene. If player corruption reaches 10. A transformation scene will be played once the player reaches the appropriate location. Currently have 8 stages in total.
   4. Flexible scene and NPC awareness. Some corruption stages will affect how the scene and NPC interaction will be play. For example, you can get a girl-on-girl action with female adam if your character is female. Most NPC also reacts differently when you return to them with tits via transformation-related dialog. So if you want to see all of it just try it out!

  5. Mercer the inn keeper. After your character turn female ask him about room. Repeatedly will prompt his offer to 'help' him in private matter.

  6. A tutorial Boss in the end of the labyrinth. After clear the area 2 time. A strange mist will appear and you will confront her. Get defeated by her will lead to sex scene. A male variant pc is center around pump you full of corruption. While female variant pc is center around mind control and body horror.

      - if you encounter after become corrupted yourself. She will not attack you and the encounter will resolve resolve easily.

7. Normal Dream event. (I just realized i didn't write this yet. So here i am.) During a normal sleep event. Player have a chance to encounter a dream/nightmare depending on the accumulated number of encounter and corruption stage.

 8. New dream event. (Not the one with my castle art thingy.) Basically every 3 day you sleep in the end will trigger a new dream event. There're 8 in total that play in lineer order. Dialog might be change depending on your corruption stage and choice during conversation. For example mc will get shit on if they managed to become a girl in just a 3 day after arrive in town etc.

 9. Shadow on the edge of the forest. When you stay in your room at the tavern. Looking outside have a chance to trigger. That you saw something. Since it a very easy to miss event. So i include it here. Just in case you want to spam looking at window to see it.

10. Corrupted path shadow spawn : Simply navigate to the skill menu and you will see a new corruption ability menu. The first time you impregnate yourself have a special dialog for it. After that, your pc mindset will be changed. After become pregnant all player appearance displays and text will reflect that. You can revisit the corruption ability menu and give birth to corruption spawn. 

11. New mechanic: Town stability. Each shadow spawns you give birth to and let loose into the town will reduce town stability by 1 from a starter value of 10. At 5 stability town, the image will change into the alert version where town folk places a torch around the town in response to the threat. At Stability reduce to 0. The animate scene will play with the town in flame. In the future, I plan to add more ways you could make use of your shadow spawn such as stalk and transfer your child to a female adventurer directly, etc. As well as used in the last stage of the named NPC corruption quest. So to save you the pain from giving birth 10 time in a row just to see the new scene i introduce a new cheat. Simply press 0 numpad after you become corrupted in town will reduce town stability by 1.

12. Corrupted pc can now brainwash adam. Simply become corrupted and pay adam a visit. Now in 0.1.9 Full buld. You can corrupted her all the way. Simply playing around with new corruption ability in a skill layout.

13.  (0.1.10) Grey's quest is nowhere. I try to keep it short and avoid a spoiler. Simply clear a first-floor labyrinth (Or just press 9 cheats). Head to the outskirt and veronica scene will trigger. After you wake up. Head to veronica again then you're good to go. Keep in mind that this first route is intended for pc that's still male. (Use cheat 7 problem solve). Pick a choice that allows grey to go first. And enjoy the TF scene. Have fun.

14.  When you have reached corruption stage 8. You can go to the mainstreet [The area of the tavern] Then go on a hunt and convert female adventurer.

15.  0.1.13 Full Build Add catherine corruption path. If the town still in good state. Player can't access to the holy ground. Simply reduce town stability value by converting more sister. Once the town is in ruin the church holy ground will be desecrated. It's work like adam corruption route from here. After you turned her. You can have some fun with her. There're a small narrative story reveal after share moment with her. Simply ask her about it and enjoy.


0.1.11 Full build

        New content.

  1. Add player character visual when he/she sleeping in the tavern. It's also display he/she feeling when waking up. I want to explore player character and feeling. Yes,Player can navigate to player visual display and get a feel for the character of the current corruption stage but I feel it should explore it in a more in organic way. So here it is. Support all player form.

 2.  Add a bathrom in the tavern. Allow player character to relieve themself. It's also a fun for exploring character. How she would react after recently turning into a girl and have to take a piss. etc. It's a trope of tg genre. So i apologize for the low haning fruit idea. Support all player form.

 3.  I actually forgot to add link to the early build to my patreon post. I was so busy i even forgot about add the link after update changelog. So feel free to check out the early build content down in the change log.


 1.  Fix the futa masterbation scene stuck.

 2.  Fix a bug that cause pc to unable to do normal attack. After getting bash attack [The one where enemy shoulder slam you. Or kick]. If the stuck problem still persist let me know.

 3.  Fix a sleep event not progress for full corrupted pc.


0.1.11 Early build

       New content

1. Finish the alternate route in Grey Quest. This route force tg on the player. While the previous route Grey is the one that got turned into a girl. Basically, either one of you is going to be a girl. Based on player choice.

2. As Pc is the one getting TF/TG in this route. Feel free to try out the pc on different corruption stages. If pc is male. She will turn into corruption stage 3 and have a more shy demeanor and reaction to the whole thing. If pc is already female. She basically gets a +1 corruption stage unless she is already at 6. Her reaction will be more lustful and welcoming to the change the more corruption she ended up in this scene.


0.1.10 Full build

        New content

  1. Add npc relationship menu support for sir grey when he turns into a female.

  2. Player now has an option to hunt on a lone adventurer in a corrupt route.[Corruption stage 8] 

She has different fighting behavior, 2 hit power attack but can't break player defensive stance on hit. And she has a new tired mechanic that allows the player to exploit her weakened defense when she tired. 

 3. New area in town. The secluded area. It serves as an alternate path way to the town graveyard. And serve as a hide-out for corrupted playthrough. The player can convert fallen adventurers they kidnap here. Also, new tf/corruption when converting the new enemy. The Player required to be pregnant with shadow spawn to convert another. 

 4. When you convert around 2 people. You can interact with the new member of the sisterhood in a trade district.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by prettystupid

Version reviewed: 0.1.15 FullBuild on 09/04/2021

Overall, a fun game with great atmosphere and a nice transformation.


Graphicallly, it's good, not the greatest, but it looks nice and the images serve their purpose. The game has good atmosphere and an interesting plot so far, though there's not much plot progression yet. Despite that, there are a good couple hours of gameplay. The combat is functional, but not too challenging, and doesn't wear itself out. It does a good job of forcing you to manage your resources as you progress through the labyrinth.


There are some grammatical errors, but they're minor enough that you can generally ignore them. The overall structure of the writing is fine, and each character manages to have a distinctive voice, so it's easy to read. The biggest gripe I have is that the game is a bit slow to respond to input.


This is already a fun experience with some well done corruption and transformation, and it's a solid foundation for what could be an excellent game as the story progresses.

Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: 0.1.12 Early build on 06/27/2021

great game for many reasons, and there's still plenty of room for this game to become better!
i could say much more, but i assure you that the vibes this game gives are amazing.

My only feedback to the dev is that Timers, or transisions from page to page should either be fast, or show a "please wait" even if its only 5 seconds, im mainly talking about going into combat, etc.

Review by GameOn

Version reviewed: 0.1.11 Early Build on 06/13/2021

Agree with UI bug fixes being the most important thing at this point. Just got stuck in a fight unable to click on anything. Pretty good game otherwise.

Review by ReversRevs

Version reviewed: 0.1.9 Full build on 05/26/2021

I really like the game, I hope they add more enemies in the next updates

It has a lot of potential

Review by HentaiLord

Version reviewed: 0.1.8 Fullbuild on 05/11/2021

The game has a lot of potential, and the grammer mistakes are mostly ignoreable. the biggest issue I faced however is that the UI was prone to bugging out, making it impossible to click on any option, as well as the exit button being invisable 90% of the time. before any additions to content the game needs a once over for bugs and glitches, especially if the player spam clicks to skip text.

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