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Changing Blade (+ hard difficulty)

Have you ever wanted to be transported to another world? Would you still do it if your summoner wanted to transform you into a sex-driven succubus?

- Set in the world of Rebirth of Eden, Changing Blade is a dungeon crawler exploration game using the “Fire Emblem Engine”: SRPG Studio.

- Command and recruit units through 6 dungeon levels.

- Open chests to get powerful weapons, but every time you do so, you will be slowly corrupted into a full-fledged succubus.

- Will you get out of the Demon Lord’s dungeon as a human, or stay as a succubus?


Changing Blade is a complete game, but it is still a proof of concept for what can be made with SRPG Maker Studio (the Fog of War is a plugin).


Hard Patch: Added a hard difficulty. Crits allowed on both ends, Less exp, more enemies, harder bosses. Good luck, you will need it. 


Easy patch: Added easy dificulty. Just select it when starting a new game. It adds 2x exp and stronger initial stats. Fixed a few bugs too.  NOTE: you still need the BASE VERSION (1.0), just download the base first, then put the files into the folder.  NOTE 2: If you had troubles with performance, the No FOW version is better. 


As with Bimbo Quest, I will add things the more likes the game has:

- 100 likes: No Fog of War edition will be uploaded

- 200 likes: add easy mode

- 300 likes: add hard mode



As usual, if you like/dislike feel free to comment it on the Discord!





Controls: to move a unit, click on teh unit first and then it's destination. This game uses the mouse only (I think). Normal click is for pretty much everything. Right click can be used to see the enemy's range. 


1.1: added a quick control tutorial. Added the FOW or no FOW option as a patch. Put your patch in the folder and thats that. 

Easy patch: Added easy dificulty. Just select it when starting a new game. Fixed a few bugs too. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Iiie

Version reviewed: Easy patch on 03/05/2021

Very interesting gameplay! Tactical gameplay is something new in rpgm tf games!
I noticed that it's another case of game filled with only female companions though. First three at least? I wish tf games incorporated more male characters for the protagonist to interact and romance with.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: Easy patch on 03/03/2021

I played the initial release, the story is short but for a proof of concept it exceeds expectations. 

The newest version however will not run on my computer as my antivirus is flagging it. Even disabling the antivirus completely does not seem to work, it seems to be a Windows compatibility issue.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: Easy patch on 03/03/2021

Finally got around to finishing this, and gameplay-wise it's honestly excellent. Once I got the hang of the bindings it really just felt like classic FE, and I didn't know how much I missed those janky old days. I understand the complaints others had about the story being to short, but considering the author specifically said it was a proof of concept, i have absolutely no problems with it. Icarue's art has steadily improved over the years, as has his writing, and these are some of his best characters yet. I'm not super into demon girls, but the MC is absolutely adorable. The transformation content is very light, just some mental TFs sprinkled here and there, and depending on how many you go out of your way to grab you'll get the bad end. This really isn't a one-handed sort of game, it's just a short fun game for people who like og fire emblem and icarue games.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 03/01/2021

Pretty good for a first release. While it's not always clear what's going on at first to a new player, the maps and difficulty were pretty solid.

I played the version with Fog of War; I noticed especially on larger maps it would take longer to update the 'fog' after each move; if you could somehow localise where these checks are made, that would definitely improve the experience! There's plenty of room for polish - for instance: variation in tiles to help maps be less monotonous (and measure movement), mentioning the weapon triangle at some point or that units return after each map ("oh no the cavalier died retreated again lol") might be worth looking at.

As a TF game, there's not a lot here but what there is isn't that bad and I appreciate the slower nature of the changes. Unlocking magic towards the end of the game was a lot of fun, especially when the PC can finally tank (magical) attacks!



If nothing else it was a fun experience, but I feel it'd be the same if you removed TFs from the game.
Left feeling like it was a prologue to a larger game that doesn't exist yet, given the length and endings. Oh well.

Review by rickro

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 02/27/2021

Artwork is alright, though the MC in particular is pretty cute. As someone who's played Fire Emblem, I thought the difficulty and gameplay was alright. The length of the game was also okay, but I was hoping it would be a bit longer. I liked the branching path and how it was implemented but wanted more content like that in the game. Hopefully the creator works on that a bit more if they create another game like this, which I would like them to do. This game was fun, and I like the writing especially concerning the MC's changes. Not enough people get that it needs to be drawn out and not instantaneous, but this creator does. It's what I most like about their work, and this game follows that.


Overall, the game is fun. It's worth a play even if you're not a big Fire Emblem fan.

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