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Version: 0.4.1

In Transition
by lovesky

Installation: Download the 0.4.1 HTML file AND the 0.4.0 data zip file (BOTH Mega links), extract the three data folders from the zip file, and then place the 0.4.1 HTML file in the same folder with the three data folders.

You need to be able to give either WASD or arrow key inputs to get the full experience. There are some known display errors that I'm trying to sort out.

The MC paperdoll graphics are just a placeholder for now. The current end of content is on the Monday of week 9. Many of the locations and actions in the game unlock after you've done something else. You need ID to unlock much of the content, and by far the most important factor when it comes to boosting ID is the wardrobe.

Some of the themes of the game are presented in a sort of realistic seeming format, but absolutely NOTHING about the game should be taken seriously. As with many other aspects of this game, it is only that way as an attempt to be immersive. The game is about 20% complete.

I would like it if my game was a game that just takes place in a porn-themed world, so there are many "minigame"-esque features in the game, and I want to implement even more on top of improving on the already existing ones. I am aware that not everyone wants minigames like these in games like this.

Core fetishes currently implemented: mental and physical feminization+sissification, M/M, cuckoldry, interracial.

Patrons get access to updates one week in advance. The current private version is 0.4.1

You start a new school year and learn that students are required to join a club. The one you end up joining is a bit girlier than you expected. Meanwhile you struggle with the bullies of the school, and maybe even start getting used to the idea of opening up your relationship with your sexy girlfriend Elsa a bit.

Characters usually have the name of their pornstar. Main characters:

Elsa, your girlfriend - Elsa Jean

Ellie, the girl who runs Buttoncrafts - Dolly Little

Rourke, the boy who goes to Buttoncrafts with you - Twink Rourke

Ms Reid, the teacher in class - Riley Reid

Mr Smith, the teacher in PE - Marcus Mojo

You get a job at the cafe, remember to go! (Money is a limiting factor)
There are time sensitive scenes (always listed in the outdoors passage and bolded when available). I very much recommend not missing these.
The game is only in its early stages, and you aren't supposed to be able to get anyone to cum yet in the sex minigames.
To unlock the doctor scene you need to have gone to PE class wearing panties.

The way that the wardrobe works is that it takes the average of the FEM values of your clothing and moves your ID towards that FEM value. For example if your ID is 20 but you're wearing clothes with FEM 50, then you will gain ID every day because the FEM or your wardrobe is much higher than your ID. Conversely, if your ID is 90 but the FEM of your wardrobe is 10 you will lose a lot of ID every day because the FEM of your wardrobe is much lower than your ID.

0.4.0 and 0.4.1:


  • Main/school storyline and EOC date moved forwards by one week
  • Doctor scenes: ID increasing conversations + estrogen
  • Buttoncrafts scene and a new item to school store
  • Rourke conversations that unlock makeup (can't wear as a boy yet though), hairstyles and a butt plug


  • Both sex minigames balanced so that you should be able to give orgasms around level 4
  • Wardrobe is now highlighted in the morning if you bought something new and the ID impact of the wardrobe has been reduced somewhat
  • The cute bracelet now reduces corruption
  • Temporarily removed the MC avatar in speech boxes while I'm trying to make it work dynamically

Fixes and tweaks:

  • Beard impact cut in half
  • Sometimes the game thought that you sucked Mr Smith when you sucked Mike
  • Many minor fixes and tweaks

0.3.0 and 0.3.1:


  • Main/school storyline moved forwards by one week, EOC date is now on Monday of week 8.
  • One Buttoncrafts scene.
  • One gender clinic scene (bodyhair lasering).
  • You can start streaming with your girl voice once you've learned to speak like a girl.
  • Cafe storyline is now caught up with the rest of the game. You can get promoted to the baker job which replaces dishwashing.
  • Relationship opening scene and a repeating stat altering StarApp scene with Elsa. Elsa will start trying to find herself a reliable lover afterwards, and you can spy on her hookups on weekend evenings/nights at her place.
  • Added ID altering speech options to repeating pussy eating scenes.
  • Added a couple Friday conversation options that were missing from earlier versions.


  • Nerfed Friday conversation impacts.
  • MC will forget how to speak and move like a boy after using a girly voice and manerisms for a while and there will be a text to notify this when it happens (doesn't happen before the current EOC screen though).
  • Made the squatting minigame faster by changing it from 3 reps to 2.
  • Made Body impact StarApp plus likes more when it is a factor.
  • Teddy Bear now gives innocence, and the decorations display their stat effects on the decoration screen now.
  • UI tweaks and fixes.


  • Elsa/Riley storyline didn't always play correctly, some players have missed some scenes in earlier versions.
  • Nightie unlocking scene with Rourke doesn't repeat anymore.
  • Audio levels should not explode your eardrums anymore by peaking every now and then.
  • Bra and panties option should now unlock on StarApp Plus once you have bought a bra and panties.
  • Autoresolve used to cause a softlock in the Samuel BJ scene.
  • Comb is no longer listed in the consumables inventory.
  • Many minor fixes.
  • Autoresolving blowjobs sometimes sent you to the wrong place and broke the game
  • An Elsa/Riley link was worded incorrectly


-StarApp Plus scenes were played in a slightly wrong order.

-Voice training text fixes.



-Almost all storylines moved forwards. Main storyline moved forwards by two weeks, and the end of content date is now Monday of week 7.

-Uncountable minor fixes and tweaks.



-Bug after squatting on Wednesday of week 3 fixed, also a few continuity improvements

-UI fix in the sex minigame screens and the homework screen

-Minor bugfixes


0.1.14 (Start a new save)


-Your butt can now grow from training. (Keep in mind that the game is at it's early stages, so you won't see a lot of butt growth before the end of content)

-A very basic inventory system.

-Class scene questions are now randomized by the week.

-Pubes and bodyhair shaving.


-Reworked wednesdays: squatting minigame + gym location

-Reworked homework.

-Added a small scene for the first time you wear panties.

-Added two minor streaming scenes.


-Further mobile and non-1080 support.


-Shortened sex minigames by 33%.

-Dropped clit licking ability's SP requirement to 2.

-Nerfed clit licking.

-Gave you a raise of 4$. (You deserve it)

-Added ID requirements for school store items.

-Sped up even more scenes, particularly night texting.

-A ton of small fixes.


0.1.13 (old saves should not work on this)

-UI FIX: The game should now work decently with most resolutions. Mobile should work better as well, but I STRONGLY recommend against playing the game on mobile.

-TIME SYSTEM CHANGE: Added an extra time slot, and it no longer automatically takes you to bed in the evening (what is now night). This means that you can always do the shopping you wanted to do even if you accidentally did something time consuming before it. It also allows you to go through the content much faster, which means that there now shouldn't be any worry about missing out on content before the end of week 4.

-Added better explanations throughout the game for various things, including the sex minigames.

-Cut down the dildo practice scene length by 50% and added a skip button for repeats. Also the dildo sucking files were still rendered with the high bitrate, so the game file is once again smaller.

-Dropped the waiting time from 10s to 4s in writing notes for Mike, and made the cupcakes bake faster.

-Autoresolving Mr Smith's blowjob scene used to result in a time loop. This should be fixed now.

-MANY minor fixes.



-Fix: 0.1.10 had caused most of the class questions to not show up



-Dropped the dish washing minigame dish requirement from 10 to 5.



-Major fix: cut all of the video scene times down by as much as 70%. Also made an attempt at making their volumes lower and more balanced. Almost all of the fade delay / slow scene issues should now be fixed.

-Non-1920x1080 resolution fix: now the images at the top should never overlap with the text at the bottom no matter what your resolution is. The images still won't display properly with non-1920x1080 resolutions, but at least most of the game should be now much more functional. Apparently a workaround with larger resolution monitors is to reduce the size of your browser.

-I had originally rendered the videos with a WAY too large bitrate, so now the video files are much smaller, and the total file size has been halved.

-Minor fixes and alterations.



-The game should be more friendly towards resolutions other than 1920x1080 and display ratios other than 16:9, but full support for other display devices is still not guaranteed. This change applied to 95% of all passages in the game, so there may be straggling errors left behind.

-Minor fixes



-Class scenes now have a list of answers to give instead of the player being forced to type. This should make the game much more enjoyable.

-The panty quiz also now has lists for answers instead of type boxes.

-Band-aid fix to the problem of having to check beard shaving and hair combing every time in the morning: now they default to being checked (which is what most players probably want anyway). I'm still trying to get them to autocheck depending on your previous settings.

-Added the option to skip having to look at the wardrobe every morning if you don't want to change anything.

-Added an explanation to how the clothing system works to the wardrobe screen. You set the clothes in the wardrobe screen and then your character changes clothes automatically based on the activity in question.

-Added an explanation for stat abbreviations to the game intro screen: COR=Corruption, ID=Identity, SEX=Sexuality, BODY=Body

-Fixed a bug on the streaming screen.



-Sped up about half of the passages even more.

-Added an button to skip coach posing scene on repeats.

-Added a recommendation to pick the homework option at the start of the game because it is the only way to get the class notes done for week 1 for the class scenes.

-Dropped panty quiz requirement to 6/9

-Fixed some left arrows changing socks instead of shoes in wardrobe

-Minor fixes



-Made the GF camera scenes 50% faster.

-Added an "Autoresolve" button to pussy eating and blowjob minigames that becomes available after you've been through the scene once. It gives you a set amount of XP that is based on your current level.

-Added a button to skip Mike's blowjob scene on the Mondays starting from week 2. So now if you want to resist Mike you don't have to stare at his cock for ~10s every Monday.

-Removed repeating fade delays from night texting scenes that you have already seen.

-As long as you've autofilled your homework, your notes should now include the answer to the question in class as a capitalized word.

-Sped up even more scenes.



-Cut down many of the transitions even more.

-Autofill homework button should now work properly.



-Cut down the porn watching scenes on the computer by 50%. So if you use the skip button as well, the scene can now be completed in 25% of the time of the original release.

-Added a skip button to the (for now repeating) video game streaming scene after you've seen it once.



-Fixed homework autofill bug on weeks 2 and 3.



-Sped up all non-video and non-interactive scenes by a lot (not sure what I was thinking. This change applies to so many passages that I have undoubtedly broken something in the process or made some scenes feel strange. This is just a temporary bandaid fix to the general problem of scenes taking too long.)

-Removed fadein delays from a few repeating scenes after you've seen it once

-Minor fixes



-Changed the panty quiz to let the player through with 7/9 correct.

-Added text before first blowjob minigame to stress that you can resist by not doing anything.

-Added a skip button to porn scene after the SEX thought is given.

-Added an autofill option to homework screen.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Smite

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 06/15/2021

To build on what other reviewers have already said, this is a fantastic slow-transformation game worth checking out! It is a bit grindy but not in a bad way; it's biggest downside is the end-of-content hits right as things start to get really interesting.

Some quick advice for other players based on the current version of the game (0.4.1):

  • Don't "roleplay reluctance". In other words, you have limited time and the FEM/ID system has a snowball effect, so you really want to start pushing it positive as soon as you can. You can make tweaks to your wardrobe to help out immediately. You'll need at least 10 ID by the time you unlock the bracelets. If you're struggling, try redeeming an internet usage and pick the first pink option.
    • Wearing panties to school every day will eventually unlock the clinic and some additional content.
  • Make sure to pick up the dishwashing job at the cafe and work every Saturday and Sunday, since money is a limiting factor early on.
    • You can eventually upgrade to the cooking job which pays even better, but it will take a while to progress to the point where you can use your GF's help
  • As cool as the girl outfit and makeup options are, you can't actually wear them out in the current version so don't go out of your way to purchase them. (You also can't wear pigtails, but those at least are free.)
  • There's no in-game payoff yet to improving either of your oral skills (your partner will never cum), so don't grind those unless you're enjoying the aesthetics on their own or you're grinding corruption.

Review by CreoErgoEst

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 06/14/2021

BLUF:   Very promising game, if you like slow transformation.

Things I liked:

  • the gradual feminization, it's not completely reasonable, but it's less unreasonable than a lot of games
  • The GF.  This is one of the few loving gf's I've seen.  It's great.
  • The writing is actually pretty good
  • Good casting and photo choice

Things I didn't:

  • Some of the minigames are a chore (bra and panty ones, for sure)
  • There's some weird idioms and could probably use a spell check
  • Not much variation.   GF has one 'talk about panties' script that never changes, ftr
  • I'm not sure how much of a game it is.  What, if anything can you change, other than speed/slow the transformation

Review by Tilla

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 06/09/2021

Great start, a bit of repetition that would be nice to see more skippable later but good Sissy type game

Review by fuzzbuddy

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 06/08/2021

This game has become very impressive! Things like dirty talk from your girlfriend and forgetting male mannerisms after practicing female ones for weeks are excellent touches that similar games could use more of. Thanks for sharing your game with us!

Review by EmbraceDifference

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 06/08/2021

So, I love this game. I've played it for a few release iterations now, through changes with the homework, and the expansions of the homework. I keep coming back every time I see new content has been added.


This time, though, I played through differently. I tried to max out every possible stat, and while I might not have optimized my BJ skills, I got everything else. I bought every item from the school store, with 7 copies of the internet pass and 50 vouchers left over. I forget exactly which week I finished all the current options at the clinic, or all the other stats along the way, but the one that took the longest to grind out was Body. I didn't get to 100 Body until Thursday of Week 20. With a max change of +1 per day, after starting estrogen not before a body of 4.8, it takes 13 weeks 5 days to raise body to max. I don't know if you plan on other content being added to accelerate that process, but the pacing there otherwise seems slow to me. At some point along the way, my hair also disappeared, but I expect that was simply due to a new image file for that hair length not existing yet. Since I didn't hit it until after the "things are broken past this point", I wasn't overly concerned.


My only concerns were that, even after maxing everything, I can't wear any of the makeup options, I can't wear my hair in pigtails, and I can't wear the girls uniform items. Sexy panties for the StarApp posts aren't available, and showing face/adding a message are never options. Pussy eating maxes out all available skills at level 6, and there are 5 remaining skill points at that time.


None of these are criticisims, just observations from playing into the realm of broken and missing content. I do look forward to a point where the streaming exceeds the 8 viewer mark. The $3 is nice early on when money is still a problem, but $27 for a maxed out corruption and body on StarApp is so much better. I'd also like to see +COR decoration items, since we have a -COR decoration item in the teddy bear, or other supplemental ways to raise corruption.

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