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Desire Guardians
by Aquin50

The path ahead is filled with dangers and temptation.
The question is…
shall you embrace it…
reject it…
or find the path between?

In Desire Guardians, you play as a young Black Man, moving to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere to start a new life for themselves.
However, in doing so, they end up getting roped into a metaphysical realm where the suppressed desires (so basically, their kinks) take on physical form, and need to be defeated before they turn dark and dangerous.
However… the realm itself seems to have it’s own ideas on what to do with our young protagonist… perhaps uncovering some “Desires’ that even they themselves are unaware of. The gameplay is split into 3 segments, a daytime section to prepare for the fights ahead, an exploration section, where you delve into the realm to face the creatures within, and an after work section, where you explore the town and can spend time interacting with your friends and fellow party members.

Want to join the game's Discord Server? Have a link! https://discord.gg/3dvPSUgTeH

Protagonist: A young black man stepping out on his own to make a new life for himself. A bit of a clueless dolt, but he’s a decent guy.

Gwen: Your nextdoor neighbor. She’s a fun, martial artist, tomboy type, but you get the feeling there might be more to her then she’s letting on.

Manny: A young man who owns the local bar. He seems to have a good idea of everyone in town, despite his meek appearance. Has dreams of seeing the world someday.

Julia: A local, hispanic Otaku girl. She’s Manny’s little sister, who helps him out at the tavern. She’s obsessed with anime and cosplay, excited to always get on with her next binge or project. Honestly a pretty damn fun girl overall.

Magnus: The strongest man in town. Magnus is a decent, if not too bright guy. Radiates Himbo energy like has never been seen before.

Athena: The myterious, ambitious and kindhearted country girl who lives in the nearby Port City. She'll help you forge new armors, but she might be hiding some secrets of her own. 

V1: Initial release. Includes 4 dungeons, 3 party members, many new transformations, and the first scene of 4 out of the 5 planned romance paths.

V1.1: Bugfix. (Creatures in the ??? dungeon should attack normally now, and the Maids have been restored)

V2: 5th dungeon added, New Party member added, New Port town accessible, new potential use for cores. New romances pathsBugfixes and minor updates made to base game, plus more.
(Some changes mean sadly, old saves are not transferrable in this instance, my appologies) 

V2.1 Fixed accidental teleportation caused by running away from new enemies.

V3: New Dungeon Added.  New After Work Hangout possible. New armor slot (Shoes) with shoes being added to the town square clothing shop. A way to skip the wait for boss respawn has been added
Bugfixes: Tokens can now go up to 9999, 

Gwen has a new after work event, A new dungeon has been added. (Unlocked after seeing both of Gwen’s after work events), 2 new TFs have been added, The secret shop has been unlocked. (One of your allies will give the password to you if you talk to them after 7 TFs), A new cutscene has been added at home in connection to the Secret Shop, many typo fixes, reduced file size for your convenience.

V5: A new dungeon, A new after work interaction with Gwen, A Gym has been added to San Bahia. Allowing you to use your money to upgrade MC's stats. A series of secret codes has been placed into the game. You can get the codes by interacting on the game's discord. There are 10 codes, each of which will be given out by rising through the interaction rates on the server.

V6: A New Dungeon, 2 New TFs, New After Work events with Athena and Julia, And a nice, fun surprise for those of you who get all 15 TFs currently in the game. (Go to bed afterwards to get it)😉

V6.1: Bugfixes related to new and old content.

V7: A new dungeon, New after work hangouts with Julia and Lani, 2 new TFs (Including one that has been much requested for quite some time) and a redesign of the town square to split the clothing store into 2 separate shops.

V8: A new character dungeon (play through Julia's after work events to unlock), New After Work Events with Gwen and Julia (Gwen's only playable if the protag has reached phase 2), a little, much anticipated surprise for those who beat the dungeon and play through Julia's after work event unlocked by doing so. A new item has been introduced in Athena's shop in San Bahia, A rework of the system where you can pay to respawn bosses early. (Now bosses who have already respawned will be removed from the list to avoid wasting money), And a 2nd Bus stop to San Bahia has been added near the player's house for your convenience.

V9: A new dungeon, New After Work events with Gwen and Julia (Need to reach phase 2 for Julia's), And some bugfixes.

V10: A new dungeon and new after work events with Lani and Athena

V11: An expansion on Squarecorp. (Must play through Lani's after work events to unlock) New After Work events for Gwen, Julia and Lani. A new "Costumes" feature with unlockable alternates, and some bugfixes. 

V12: A new dungeon, New After Work events for Lani and Athena, now able to access the San Bahia Movie Theater

V13: An expansion on the Bimbo dungeon.New Costumes open for purchase. (Talk to the shopkeeper in the town square) New after work events for Lani and Manny. A new cutscene setting up the past 3 dungeons. (Sets up Holidayland, The Futa Academy and the Bimbo expansion) will play for any players who's beaten the Casino)

V14: A new dungeon. (One with a... few suprises within), New after work events with Gwen and Athena, A new costume, And a... few more new things you'll have to see for yourself. 

V15: Phase 3, a LARGE amount of new content you'll have to play to see, and new after work events for Julia and Athena.

V16: (Patreon) A new dungeon, New after work & submission events for Julia, Manny & Marie, New BDSM scenes in the basement for Gwen & Julia, A new way of gaining attacks exclusive to the domme route. (Visit the Core Tower)  

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Kirba

Version reviewed: V12 on 02/02/2022

TL;DR: If you want a game focused around gradual transformation into a woman, this should tickle your fancy. Just don't expect much of a story. Some lewd stuff, but more of a kink than a porn game. 

The game is mainly about the main character's gradual transformation into a woman (or at least a shemale as of V11). Most, but not all of the transformations are voluntary, in the sense that you can load an earlier save if you get caught in something you didn't like, and avoid it on your next attempt.  

The game features a lot of small dungeons, each of which offers up to two physical or mental transformations. Each dungeon is generally one large map screen, a separate small map for the boss room, and sometimes siderooms. You can expect to run through each multiple times because the orbs you gain from the boss at the end has three distinct purposes, all potentially useful. You retain all keys and similar mechanics from your first visit, making later mostly a rush to the boss to kill it. 

There is no XP/leveling system, you only gain cash from killing enemies. This cash can buy substantial upgrades. For example, after the first dungeon, I bought two items for the first side-character, and she one-shotted the second boss. It didn't take very long before I had bought all the useful equipment that money could buy, at which point all following upgrades were from craftable equipment from the boss. It took a good while for the difficulty to ramp up, and it's still not very hard. Bosses generally go down in three rounds. You can also improve one stat on the main character by a random, but fairly small amount daily. There does not seem to be a cap to how much you can do this, outside your patience. 

There are some character developments for the main and side characters, but that's about all the story you'll get. There is a hint of a deeper story, but so far it has hardly been explored. The world-building is also limited. The town maps are well done, with clever use of uninteractable NPCs that give the illusion of a bustling place. 

Review by JustinHereforgames

Version reviewed: V10 on 12/05/2021

Reviewing public version V9.

There's a lot to like about this game. The setting and characters are different from most of the RPGMaker games on this site. The TF mechanisms are nicely done. There's an emphasis on "after work" events with other members of your party that help flesh things out. This is one of the best uses of Kisekae for character avatars in a game I've come across so far. Updates have been very regular for all 8 months of public access so far, routinely coming out on time each month.

There are bad ends possible (and attainable at will with the Submit skill) but outside of that the progressive MtF TF is still statisfyingly well-done.

Between updates it's possible to grind dungeons for more cash and slowly-respawning boss drops. A little extra effort to win money from fighting dungeon minions will net you a hefty safety net of healing and stamina-restoring consumables from the in-town shop. I keep a few dozen of each because the minions' damage output and HP scale upwards quickly with each newly revealed dungeon, and it's nice to be able to top-off frequently when exploring a new one.

There's also some enjoyable spoofs peppered throughout (as if any TF aficionado would miss a Totally Spies reference, even if the names were changed for legal reasons).

I have to add, it's also refreshing to see a cast of characters with more skin  tones than the typical ambiguously Euro/Japanese fair-skinned "default" that's so pervasive in this genre. Other makers could step up their game a bit add some variety too.

Review by Johker

Version reviewed: V5 on 07/08/2021

I am enjoying this game. It's not a long game for now and some of the enemies are a challenge to fight and makes you think of specific weapons and abilities to use against them. The game isn't completed in any sense, by the time you've reached the end of the current content, you feel that it's just getting started. Overall, a solid TF RPGM game that I recommend people in the site to check out.

Review by Amedith

Version reviewed: V5 on 07/06/2021

This one is worth a playthrogh. Combat is the standard RPGM combat people have come to know, but the dungeons all have a unique theme, that makes it worth the trouble.
The art is done with Kisekae, and provides character art, and additional Bad End art pieces when losing to a dungeon boss.
Storywise there is not much so far, but it has some interesting hooks that keeps me wanting to know what happens next update, and how things link together.
All in all a decent game that falls into the "Magical Camp-like" genre this site has seen a few of.

Review by Avenger2099

Version reviewed: V5 on 07/05/2021

Decent RPG Maker combat mechanics, fun characters, and an interesting little mystery. V6 adds a dungeon that does a perspective shift I haven't seen in a RPG Maker game before which was pretty novel. Not the best RPG Maker game out there but definitely worth a look!

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