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Orchard University: P3rfect W0rld

This is a sequel to OU-R. If you don't want to be spoiled, look away, but a short summary has been added to the game. 

OU-R: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2032


Orchard University, the school of second chances, has been dragged through a digital hole and sent directly into the virtual world. 
MC has returned as a man only to find himself in familiar, yet uncharted territory. After some time he discovers that the whole school has been dissasembled and only him and the SSLC members can return the school to it's former glory and drag the students away from this digital hell!


- Help MC get out of the virtual world by teaming up with the rest of the Super Secret Lab Club (SSLC). 

- Use Charge Timed Battle system (from Yanfly) to combat the enemies! (similar to ff10) 

- Balance real life and virtual world activities!

- You can now change MC's name (default name Macy). Make them wear many outfits which will affect how they do in combat. MC is highly customizable with a new equipment type: chips. Dip the chips into MC and alter their abilities and stats! Different combination of chips will result in different flavors (and more skills).



OU: Perfect World v0.5 - A Jungle Journey (Public)


With Just and Val(kyrie) rescued, there are no other portals! Time to find a new one where a small green goblin might appear.


- A new dungeon: The jungle.
- New outfit and compulsion/skill related to it
- A new companion!
- More Chips
- And a new area for the university once you complete the dungeon!
- Balance: Altered Knockback. Now lowers defense and(or) speed.



- Outfits and scenes are made by Angerox. Enemies are from OU-R + vanilla and new content! Credits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1af9oh9dEUBqDK68AhNhIptnMvp7jBpxcvJ02WN7pdTg/edit?usp=sharing

As usual, if you like/dislike feel free to comment it on the Discord!


Changelog v.05:

- A new dungeon: The jungle.
- New outfit and compulsion/skill related to it
- A new companion!
- More Chips
- And a new area for the university once you complete the dungeon!
- Balance: Altered Knockback. Now lowers defense and(or) speed.


Changelog (A world of Femeninity [Release 3]):

  • 1 new dungeon, with a brand new boss and a defeat scene
  • 1 new outfit with its compulsion
  • Many new skills and monsters!
  • One support with one of your members of your party!
  • And one new party member! (kinda... stretching it a bit tbh...)


A world of Justice (Release 2)
- A new Dungeon that revolves around superheroes and supervilains. It has a new outfit and a new compulsion, plus new enemies and a new boss with a scene.

- A new outfit and content related to it.
-  Elaine has joined the Gardening club! I added a new minigame, some story with Elaine and  a TF.
- Balance changes: Robin's "Hey, Look at me!" now pulls more aggro.

Review by Math1eu2022

Version reviewed: Jungle Journey ( on 03/16/2023

This game is fun I can't wait for the next update I really want to continue the story.

Review by aisbreikah

Version reviewed: Jungle Journey ( on 10/17/2022

I really liked OU:remastered and I can't wait for this new chapter to develop.

The new battle system is ok, I'm not a huge fan of the classic rpg battle system that's why during the game I missed the card battle style of the previous one.

I really appreciate the easy mode, I think it makes the game more enjoyable for ones who just want to proceed in the story and finhd out what happens.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: World of Femeninity ( on 06/02/2022

Review time: The game opens with a optional recap, which was very useful to learn what events were canon. (in my playthrough, l didn't become a maid, and stayed male, so it gave me much needed context). From there, the new graphics take a little getting used to, but it's easy enough. Same goes for the new battle system, which is a more triditional RPG combat format, compared to the old systems card based combat. While l miss the unique card combat, l quite enjoy the more treditional RPG format this game provides. However, the biggest (And worst, IMO) is the save system. The System doesn't let you delete old saves without going into the files, and the only way to reload a save is by going to the main menu. As someone who likes to reload to see things they missed, this is anoying, as is the distance the save button is from the start of the menu.

Speaking of the new battle system, I must mention the "Chips". Like most RPGs, the player has a number of item slots. Aside from a outfit slot, the slots are used to store "Chips" which upgrade your stats, grant special abilitys, and in some cases, provide a TF while equipped. (Though you do still gain permanent TFs from loseing boss fights.) 

For its writeing, I've noticed much more typos than the previous game, but as the game is in its infancy. I'm not holding that against them, as l know/hope they will be fixed. But aside from those, the story is well writen, and the plot is ingageing, and l am excited for the next update, whenever that is.

Lastly, Some (like the user quoted below) wonder why the game was split into 2, and why this game uses a diffrent engine. It is as l say below:

@WendyJ "why go with the new platform?  The old one was working." Well, according to the devs, the old platform wasn't working. Not on their end. That's why OU:R was abruptly ended to make this, they couldn't deal with the old engine anymore. so switched to this.

I hope the above statment Answers the question, for those who were curious. 


All in all, As of the current update, l rate the game 7/10. And i'm sure that by the time the game is fully finished, that rateing will be at least 9/10.

Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: World of Femeninity ( on 05/16/2022

Nice story but this is another manga shit.

Review by WendyJ

Version reviewed: Initial Release on 06/01/2021

Been playing this one since before the initial release.

Personally, I much preferred the last version of the game.  When combat animations are turned on, this things is slower than molasses in January.  I know it's a sequel, yet every game I've ever played didn't require the previous game to understand the new one.  There's a great deal of fighting to go through to get to the first boss and you don't really know why.  It feels like the platform was changed just to try out a new platform, as has happened with all versions of OU before, it seems.  I'm grateful the card battles aren't in this one.  That was about as frustrating as it got.

I did like remastered.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the end of that, it felt like the game was just getting started when it was ended ... for this.  So far, it feels like a disappointment.

As one person said, the character expressions often don't match what's going on in game, nor do they match the dialogue.  If that's because new art is needed, se la guerre.  I didn't mind that so much.  I know it's early yet, but it feels like this should have waited until there was more to it.  Again, why go with the new platform?  The old one was working.  This one can be painful.

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