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Version: 1.00

Version: Level 4 + endings

Robin Hood and The Witch

This tale of old, lost to time, tells the story of the famous Robin Hood. Adventures of sneaking through the castle of a french witch, in order to steal what Robin was lacking at such precocious time... his manlyhood. 

Entry for the Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme! contest

- Guide Robin Hood carefully, as if he is caught, he will transform girlier and girlier. From physical to mental changes, Robin will soon like boys, pink dresses and girly hairdos. 

- Rescue Robin's friends, as they too might have been transformed into... very different versions of themselves... rather slutty versions of themselves. 

- Unlock passages and use items to make each run easier and faster. Although if you take too many tries, Robin might get too used to being female. 

Difficulty levels:Story: Added 99 distractors + anything in easy; Easy: Added some items and auto saves; Hard: Default difficulty



As always, if you like this game and would like to discuss it, feel free to visit my Discord!



- Elaborated on the TFs and TF convo between the Sheriff and Robin (Sorry for the wait)

- Added a new ending if you get too TFed





Floor 4
- Added the 4rth floor and Friar Tuck

- Added the witch's room and a two phase final boss

- Added 5 endings. 3 can be gained by winning, 2 can be gained by losing to either phase of the boss.


Floor 3:

- Added the 3rd level: Casinos, Bunnies and Idols!!!



Floor 1-2:

Initial release + a little more:

Added Diffiuclty levels:
Story: Added 99 distractors + anything in easy

Easy: Added some items and auto saves

Hard: Default difficulty

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Review by Pakhawaj

Version reviewed: Level 4 + endings on 08/20/2021

This game is really hard! It's good though.

I played on hard mode two times, the first time I lost all of my lives on the level you start off in, not realising those chances were my lives. The second time I played I just managed to get to the third floor before losing my last life. I'll try again for sure, but it is super hard!

Review by Feilong

Version reviewed: Level 4 + endings on 08/20/2021

Icarue is a good creator who enjoys delving into new styles of game. This time around, it's based around stealth, figuring out guard patrol routes and hiding spots to avoid detection, for Robin Hood's girly form is weak and helpless. Effort and thought was very clearly put into level design, and I never found myself underwhelmed or immensely frustrated by the game. That being said, this game has gone through several updates already, and the TF content for getting caught has not been written at all past the first transformation. I really believe it'd be a good idea to focus on that for the next update, as it's a big part of why I, and I imagine a lot of people, play TF games.


Overall, a solid effort, and a game worth playing even if the TF content is a touch lacking at the moment. A true shame, considering the art here is tonnes better this time around.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: Initial Release + Difficulty Levels on 05/30/2021

It's an icarue game. Enough said, really. He loves experimenting with new formats, he's at worst solid at dialogue and at best pretty damn funny, and his art improves with every game. This game is pretty much consistent with everything else he's made (so far anyway), so absolutely play it

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: Initial Release + Difficulty Levels on 05/29/2021

It is not difficult at all, the creator forgot to explain how to hide.

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