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Version: 0.6

Version: 0.56

Version: 0.51

Version: 0.46

Version: 0.42

Version: 0.32

Version: 0.23

Strange Times At Schoman High

After a fateful encounter at their school our hero is caught up in a strange and wild world that was operating just under their nose. Now they have to find new allies or risk losing their old body entirely. Expect sexy witches, highjinx, cheerleaders, global domination and more...

This game is primarily about a single male to female transformation and the PCs struggles to return to their old body (or not). 

Version 0.6

- Content for all Side Characters for their fourth visits.
- Fixed a few places where you couldn't gather ingreidients even though you should have.
- Going to cheer practive now increases your Athletics for your first time.
- Fixed a few errors in the party where you could get stuck in a loop.
- You now properly get the mercury when you go with Cole to the Sex Shop.
- Fixed various Typos and Errors
- Fixed a few broken or wrong images.

Version 0.56

-Fix a few bugs where you could get stuck in spots if you did the Nathan lunch quest after Day 3.
- Fixed some dead ends with the Smith Questline.

- Finished Content for the Party, there are plenty of random scenes and side quests to do so be sure to explore.

- Finished the Arcade. Play games to win big prizes.

- Did some backend fixes with the inventory system to hopefully do a overhaul soon.

- Updated the few places where it said the Party was on Saturday. I changed the date for that halfway through development but never changed the text. Those should be fixed now.

- Fixed various typos and errors.

- Fixed some broken images and resolutions.

Version 0.51

-Content up to the end of school on Day 5

- The beginnings of the Party. Currently just fleshed out naviagtion, content will be added next release.

-Rework of the Date system.

- Fixed a few deadends and other errors.

- Fixed part of Character veiwer and the self viewer.

- Fixed various typos and errors.

- Fixed some broken images and resolutions.

Version 0.46
-Content up to the end of Day 4

-Rework of the Date system.

- Fixed part of Character veiwer and the self viewer.
- Fixed various typos and errors

- Fixed some broken images and resolutions.

Version 0.42
-Content up to the end of school on Day 4

- Fixed some instances where you could get blackmailed by Mr. Smith without ever doing anything wrong. Should be fixed now. 

- Fixed some flags around the Mr. Smith questline that should prevent other issues with it like getting trapped with no links.

- Fixed some areas where you could accidently gain bonus stats

- Hopefully fixed an issue with the Jock images not showing up. It seems to have to do with how their image was saved so it may not work on save files but should work on fresh playthroughs.

- Various typos and grammar fixes

- Fixed an issue with buying things from the magic shop not actually setting them

- Fixed a bug where you would end a quest line (Like the magic shop or Esmerelda's) and it would still show up on other days.

- Added in Ending 01.

Version 0.32
- Content up to the end of Day 3

- Fixed a bunch of references that were being missed that updated Affection and Love
- Fixed some missing tag references
- Rebalenced some choices in terms of stats.
- Updated the character viewer icons to much better resolution
- Fixed some missing images
- Updated the resolution of the images in the character veiwer
- Brightened up the system message

Version 0.23

- Fixed issues with the male name not saving or name references being left out (hopefully)
- Minor spelling and grammar fixes.
- Fixed a bug where time was going out of bounds depending on who you talked to at lunch.
- Fixed a few missing images and formatting

Version 0.22

- Content now goes until the end of day two including visits with different characters. 

- Converted webm's into mp4's for size and browser considerations.
- Fixed a few looping issues in some of the scenes.
- Increased the Energy limit from 3 to 4.
- Lowered Starting Stats from 5 to 4. Bonuses from starts are still the same.
- Updated the Ingredients list page, now has a bar from tracking collected fluids.
- Changed around how fluids are collected, should get a pop up now.
- You can now talk to two people during lunch after the first day (you social butterfly you)
- Uncrunched some images that were getting weirdly squished

Version 0.16

- Converted gifs over to webm's reducing the img folder file size down to 105 to 32 (on the zip). Hopefully got all the replacements but if you see missing images or videos let me know.
- Fixed bug with infinite loop during questioning from Mr. Scholman.
- Added in an option to select your own sextual experience on some of the backgrounds (Jock and Drama kid)
- fixed some typos
- Some rewrites in the Cassandra day 2 scene
- Fixed some formating errors

Version 0.15

- Fixed issue with Esmerelda's lunch scene not showing up (day 1)

- Removed various debugging elements (whoops)

- Added in the morning of the 2nd day.

- You family history has become more complicated and you no longer have a brother.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by D3athkitty

Version reviewed: 0.56 on 12/12/2021

Becoming one of my favorite games on here. So much so I'd like to offer my services as a writer if needed. (Gratis of course)



Interesting and well developed characters

choices galore with some of them affecting aspects of the story you wouldn't see coming. 

A decent TF premise that feels somewhat original. 

Visuals are on point.

Comfortable and well structured writing.


Needing improvement:

Typos kind of pull you out of it or stumble over the words a bit.

Would prefer more of a TF scene than wake up a girl.

Slow it down a bit. The party at the end of the week seems kinda "Final Boss" and you don't really get a chance to let the characters breathe. Goes by pretty fast.

Could use more villains. The popular kids take no effort to befriend and aside from random dude holds you down (and a couple named characters) there doesn't seem to be a lot of conflict. 

Consenting to the BDSM stuff isn't awesome for me, prefer much more non-con and would like to refuse and still get pulled in. 


Overall not many gripes, mostly personal preference stuff. Where it is now is a solid A- in my book. 

Keep up the good work. 

Review by vanya

Version reviewed: 0.56 on 12/10/2021

Wonderful game. Looking forward to updates. Very good photos and choices.  I hope there wil be more weeks. Some humiliation or dom/sub staff will also be great. 

Review by kevintheghost

Version reviewed: 0.51 on 11/03/2021

I am loving this so far and am looking forward to more.

Review by sayenera

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 09/19/2021

A wonderful game. Would definitely like to see way more of the content than there is currently. Also the visuals are plenty and all are amazing.

Review by Tamex

Version reviewed: 0.42 on 09/07/2021

A really impressive start to the story! Lots of potential for branching options and fun times. I hope to see more! :)

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