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Version: 0.32.00

Monster Girl Farmer

Monster Girl Farmer

Aww. Your dog girl's blushing because nobody's ever given her a collar before.


Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. The kind of game that lets you ride a unicorn girl — and vice-versa. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl farm!

Game Features

The writing:

  • Lewd scenes crafted by artisanal writers, grinding away in the paper mines until their quills and free hands are worn to nubs. With over zero years of combined experience, you can rest easy knowing I'm not happy until they're not happy.
  • Memorable characters with depth: the agoraphobic mushroom girl, the superstitious dryad, the cherry tree girl who thinks she's a princess...
  • A multitude of fetishes—many more on the way!
  • A world brimming with lore. Learn about the Monster Girl Devil and why Hellhound Girls fell from grace.
  • Color-coded, easy to read dialogue.
  • No pretentious purple prose. You won't find words like milieu, mackle, or mélange anywhere.

Wholesome turn-based encounters:

  • Raise monster girls' affection through acts of kindness, not violence. (Working—many planned improvements.)
  • Gain experience, level up, and learn new acts of kindness.
  • A mélange of item drops. Sell them for money, use them to upgrade your farm, or gift them during encounters.
  • Status effects that increase crop yield, temporarily decrease your energy, etc.
  • Minimal grinding.
  • Maximal grinding (against monster girls).

The world:

  • A clear visual mini-map to easily navigate the diverse regions. (Map is currently textbased.)
  • Upgradable environments: convince monster girls to set up shops in town, build a coop with dryad wood, etc.
  • Track critical information in your journal: the number of undiscovered monster girls, how many scenes are left, and what you ate for breakfast.
  • Check out the content roadmap (starts at the top, subject to change): https://arcweave.com/app#/project/L80Vezw69R

Customize your experience:

  • Play as male, female, or enby. Choose your name and pick your naughty parts.
  • Affect scenes by bringing different monster girls on your adventures. (Implemented for one character—more planned.)
  • Dislike a kink? Skip any lewd scene BEFORE the action starts.

And if that doesn't convince you, check out these rave reviews:

"What's up man. Everything okay?"

"Shouldn't you be looking for a job?"

"We're worried about you."

And that's just from my friends!

About me (Bawdy Ink Slinger):

  • I'm proud to say this is my second NSFW game; I completed my first!
  • I've been programming for decades, teaching best practices to others. This means fewer bugs, more content.


Game Details


The main fetishes:

  • Monster Girls!
  • Transformation
  • Lactation (planned)
  • Tentacles
  • Centaurs
  • Gaping
  • Pregnancy (planned)
  • Egg laying
  • And more!

Game Play:

Explore the open world to discover new items, lewd scenes, and new monster girls:


Recruit monster girls with strategic RPG battles:


Shops and items:

Earn items from monster girls or buy them from shops. Items can be sold, used in quests, or used in encounters to heal yourself or gain affection.


Change Log: https://link.monstergirlfarmer.com/change_log

Review by tdgg

Version reviewed: 0.19.00 on 09/17/2021

nice game!

Review by Marciep

Version reviewed: 0.16.02 on 06/22/2021

Just thought I'd post that this is much different than I expected from the title. I thought it was going to be a mindless resource clicker game, but there's actually a lot of little stories involved with each monster girl and other plot elements throughout. Lots of room to grow here, but definitely worth a shot. Don't be fooled by the title!

Review by SansMotivation

Version reviewed: 0.16.01 on 06/17/2021

It's still early, but what's here so far is a genuine treat!  I enjoyed every moment of the demo, and I look forward to enjoying the full game!

Review by Nekoboi

Version reviewed: 0.16.01 on 06/14/2021

I am not great at writing reviews but im going to attempt to for this. Bear in mind this is all my own opinion and that the version i played was the demo version.


Im going to start with the gameplay it is html so you are limited to pressing buttons but there is still a substantial amount of gameplay here after a very short tutorial which explains the mechanics. you first have to go to town to buy food for your first girl and then you are told how to raise affection. after raising affection for the first girl you are told to go and buy two more things and then the game opens up its exploration element where you can explore a forest which has different zones and different random encouters in those zones . also the encounters are different depending if you are alone or with a girl. the affection game at the moment is sadly quite easy as you just find the best one for each girl and spam it but one thing i will massively give credit to for the author is that they are massivly open to ideas and there is a discord where they and others have already discussed possibly changing it . At the moment transformation is not the main focus but the scene that is there is extremly well done in my opinion and the author has expressed intrest in possibly doing more so heres hoping. the transformation scenes is also readily available as soon as the tutorial section is done and is available in the demo . another prop i am going to give the author is that they almost instantly responded to my bug report and the bug was fixed in a very quick time .


Overall things to bear in mind is that this is fairly early in development i believe and there isnt a massive amount there but what is there is a great solid core with large amounts of potential and personally one of the hottest transformations i have read. the small amount of art that is there is also great . I would definetly reccomend checking this game out and keeping an eye on it for the future as i beleive this could turn into a great game and possibly among the best of this site.

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