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Version: 1.00.00

Version: 0.09.06

Finding Yourself
by Yeldir

The game is now complete.

You play a young man who has not only lost his job but the flat he was renting was burnt down.

He has been sleeping on a friend's sofa since then.
However, his friend has found him a room to rent and this is where the story starts with you outside your prospective new house.
See plot for full details

TF Themes like: Involuntary Feminization, She-male, MtF
Adult Themes will mainly be between the player (feminised male/she-male) and both men and women
I didn't include F/F as a tag but there is at least one scene you can get where you act as a submissive partner to a more dominant lesbian.


You start working for the company DJMH and accidentally find your body feminised, whilst retaining your male organs.

You spend your time researching how to reverse/fix this, however, the longer you spend looking like a woman the more your body accepts that this is how you are.
So the fix you find may turn you back into a Man, if you find it quick enough, or you may find yourself transformed into a fully functioning Woman, or something some between the two.

You, Male aged in their early twenties, who is currently single and a bit geeky,

Colin, your best friend who is head of IT at DJMH
Tanya, your new housemate and a photographer


Work Colleagues at DJMH are

Christina, who is the Manager for your branch
Malcolm, your line Manager - the scientist behind the transformation drugs
Victoria the Sales Manager
Lisa the Sales assistant
Dwayne the IT Assistant
Sandra the Receptionist
George on Security

Other characters will be added

The first 4 weeks are relatively linear - the alert button at the top of the page will always give you a hint as to what I would expect you to be doing next.

During the prologue use your free time  to do some of the activities in the Sitting room (TV/Magazines) or on the laptop (Porn site or Captions in sissy site ot Play mini-game [after first playthrough you can skip straight to graduation] ).
These will increase one or more of Feminisation Curiosity, Bi Sexual Curiosity and Sex Interest which will set variables that affect how much actions and items affect your feminisation after the prologue.
Bi curious can also be increased by seeing naked men.
There is an event where you can now increase any of these stats.

For minimal values you can just choose Rest.


After the first 4 weeks you start researching the cure.
Wearing female clothes will all increase your likelihood to remain feminine and the sexier and sluttier the greater the effect.
Having sex also increase you femininity, the effect varies depending on who it is with and how far you go.

Hint: Your boss will encourage you to be adventurous with your look, listen to what he says as doing what he asks makes him more willing to help you. 

Version 1.00.00

  • Added a new dream type
  • Added extra triggers for dreams so that you are more likely to get dreams if you don't play the sissy game

Version 00.09.06

  • Added Images for all sex scenes
  • Few mirror bug fixes including fixing the Mirror page (% is now correct and tetsing variables removed)

Version 00.09.05

  • Checking the mirror will now show your % of femininity giving you better feedback on how quickly you are being feminised.

Version 00.09.04

  • typos and bugfixes

Version 00.09.03

  • Extra passage added after the final transformation.
    Most NPCs call and talk to you now.
    Is a little rough and maybe finessed later.

Version 00.09.02

  • Fix for Allegro meeting
    Unfortunately if you have already agreed to meet Allegro on Monday you will still hit a blank screen, the initial event agreement had the wrong passage name and that has now been fixed.
    so you will need to go to a save before that or restart, sorry
  • Missing scene from country club added


Version 00.09.01

  • Fix for hotel Bar Guy event
  • Fix for Denzel - Sunday Kitchen Guy
  • Fix for head display for cosplay event

Version 00.09.00 (BETA)

  • Content is now more or less complete - you can now play through to the ending.
  • Avatar has been updated to a more human looking one and also displays your hair style.
  • Housemate's room event has now been added to to allow for  Sex or Bisexual stats to be increased instead.

There were a few bug fixes to the clothes.


Version 00.01.05d (2021-09-25)
HOTFIX - fixed issue when once Femme if you weren't dressed correctly for work it threw an error

Updated avatar to not show labcoat by deafult - button added to allow the jacket to be shown

Version 00.01.05c (2021-09-25)
HOTFIX - issue if you remove the lab coat from your work outfit when Femme has been fixed - have now disabled the option to change the Jacket for work
Have added Fem/Sex/Gay(Bi Curius) stats to side bar for Male/Androgynous (basically removes them just before they get converted to the level stat used for the rest of the game)

Version 00.01.05b (2021-09-24)
HOTFIX - fixed the ability to change the nightwear

Minor typos corrected.

Version 00.01.05a (2021-09-24)
Changes made to Sissy site store so that should work correctly now.
Clothing updated so they all have names so when packages are delivered and opened they show something in english rather than the internal id.
Kitchen updated to reflect the fact that the scene now increase your bi-curiosity
Wardrobe updated to require less clicks and also added a button to allow you set the planned outfit to be what you are currently wearing.
Various typos fixed.


Version 00.01.05 (2021-09-23)

  • Content Update
    • Prologue is now complete
    • Warning added to allow dream content for  ex-gf and her partner to be hidden initially
    • Beauty and Geek content updated and all convvrsations added
    • Sissy chat updated to add to Work Research  level (attending chat almost essential for getting the bonus)
    • All colleagues conversations now added
    • Activities added and updated
      • TV updated to Make-over show and Gay Dating show
      • Porn Site added
      • Caption section added to Petticoat Place
    • New dynamic home event added
    • Attributes increased by activities
      • Feminisation Interest
      • Bi Curious Interest
      • Sex Interest
    • Friday (day 29) complete - meet a new character, finish your probation and get paid!, wine bar event
    • Saturday (day 30) complete - meet 2 new characters, rent task added, Time to Shop!!!!, event with friend


Version 00.01.04a (2021-07-19)
HOTFIX - fixes the issue with the buttons for Petticoat Place website

Version 00.01.04 (2021-07-18)

  • Content Update
    • The third Saturday outing is now complete - wine tasting with colleagues.
  • Dev changes
    • Have changed the environemnt from Twine to Tweego and VS Code
    • Project is now using source control
    • Now whave access to spell checker which shoudl hopefully help reduce the numebr of issues.
    • Have re-indented most of my code - which took a little time buut should save time in the long run.
    • Moved the shops data to local rather than global variables as it wasn't needed at global and means any changes to clothes and adding things to the stores won't be affected by saves now.
  • Small Changes
    • Changed the names of your Boss and the Office Manager so they are mroe formal - which also allows me to change these to a the more relaxed form when relationships increase.
    • Various typos fixed - thanks to the spell; checker

Version 00.01.03a (2021-07-04)

  • Content Update
    • The second Saturday outing is complete - have cut the length of the films a little as I forgot how long they were.
  • Small changes
    • Images should now be fixed on the game (sorry hadn't realised my code was in uppercase not the files themselves when phis was pointed out earlier)
    • When skipping the school section you now get a randomised hair style in the same colour you chose.
    • Fixed the model image for the s_dress_blue_white
    • New images for the guys you meet on sunday  - now appropriately undressed to stop spoiling immersion
    • Housemate now reacts to your state of dress on a Sunday, as realised you could walk in there naked without her even flinching.
    • Various typos and grammatical errors fixed - thanks again to all those who have supplied lists to me.


Version 00.01.03 (2021-07-04)

  • Content Update
    • Now completed  all Sunday events so far
    • Friday Reviews are complete
    • The first Saturday outing is complete.
  • Small changes
    • Make-up is available in the Vanity when styling hair - once transformed
    • QOL change for Hair styling 
      you can now set the same hir style for Mon-Fri Day, Mon-Fri Eve and Sat/Sun
      So those of you who wish to change style but keep to the same style in all slots can do so a little easier now
    • Beauty and the Geek Event - when you leave the sitting room you now go to the bedroom rather than the corridor (saves you a click)
    • Various typos and grammatical errors fixed - thank you to all those who have supplied those to me.


Version 00.01.02b (2021-06-28)
Had it reported that 2nd Sunday was still an issue, which I cannot see in my version so reposting ths as a new file to make sure the right version of the download is available.
Few typos fixed and in game school skip set so it won't give you all 15 questions right.

Version 00.01.02a (2021-06-27)
Hotfix for 2nd Sunday event - added in missing options from chatting about Dave

Version 00.01.02 (2021-06-27)

  • Graphics Update
    • Still Sims 4 graphics but using custom skins tones.
    • All NPCs have been updated
    • MC has been updated mirros, profile and poses for photos
  • Content Update
    • Beauty and Geek conversation added for week 1 show with Receptionist and Sales team
    • Second Sunday with housemate added
    • Colin (friend) now gives hints for hidden ending as well as conversations added when progess made in his game (lunch and coffee)
    • Conversations around the androgynous look added
    • Morning and evening scenes for getting to work and leaving work have been removed (to save player clicks)
    • Meal choices for lunch removed (to save player clicks)
    • The bad endings, which didn't end game have been redone
    • Sitting room is now available during day and evening
      You can practice dancing (Improve dancing stat),
      watch TV (neutral no affect on player)
      read housemates magazines (this one affects player in different ways)
  • Fixes
    • Various typos fixed
    • Image names set to lower case
    • Fixed couple of mispelt variable names

Version 00.01.01 (2021-06-22)

  • Hopefully this addresses some of the performance issues.
  • Bug fixed where can you could skip a required event
  • Couple of images renamed
  • Various typos and bugs fixed

Version 00.01.00 (2021-06-21)

  • This is the first release of the first 4 week
  • Some content is missing and will be added in a smaller release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Muku

Version reviewed: 1.00.00 on 09/26/2022

It is definitely one of the most chill game here , love the banter and geek stuff. Very slow feminization,like the story and the character. All of them are memorable and fun. 

The game design is also really good , not too many menus and easy navigation. More character customisation can be great , in future updates.

Also really really great art work ,the fact that you made your own porn site and porn stars is awesome and creative. Not many games have done such. Also the there isn't much grinding which is great , option and story paths are limited but i think they could be improved in the future .

Awesome game worth a play-through . 

Review by [email protected]#$

Version reviewed: 1.00.00 on 09/21/2022

This is a solid game.

There's some odd language choices, some typos, nothing too serious. The sex scenes are brief, and the tone is often more mechanical than hot, but they work for what they are. Right now, the game carried by the strength of its ideas, which are similar to, but slightly distinct from, other games of its kind. Test subject, working for a company, lab experiment gone askew, stop me if any of that sounds familiar. However the characters have more depth than you might expect, and the world doesn't ignore the existence of transpeople, but rather incorporates it into the structure of the narrative. Not always done, and it's a nice touch.

The main criticisms I have (aside from the occasionally mechanical nature of the writing) is that this game is DYING for an epilogue. Something like what you get in "Fannuci's Amazing Pizza," where a little scene plays out, giving you a glimpse into the outcome of your choices. Others have pointed this out though, so hopefully it will be addressed eventually. Unfortunately, it's also too easy to break the game in half, by staying too late at the office when a scripted event is supposed to occur. You end up arriving home after the event, and the game doesn't know what to do with that whatsoever. Easy to get yourself out of it with the back button, but also easy to get yourself into it.

Taking graphics from the sims is a stroke of genius though, let's be real, and those little puppets add a surprising amount to the work.

All in all, good ideas, executed competently. Also, it's technically a finished game (epilogues notwithstanding), and that's pretty rare for a game of this nature! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds, both for this game and the creator, and I think it'll be interesting to see how other people incorporate some of these concepts into their own writing, as well.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 1.00.00 on 09/20/2022

As others have said, this is an excellent game. It really builds up the transformation, but the game suddenly ends soon as it happens and you're given a 1-page epilogue. It's a severe letdown after all the build-up leading to that point.

Review by Secondarian

Version reviewed: 1.00.00 on 09/20/2022

This is an adorable little gem and one of my favourites out of all the games here. The character development and writing is paramount.

Review by Jazsalumbru

Version reviewed: 0.09.06 on 09/10/2022

Enjoyed playing through this, good story, I enjoyed the organic story development, and the possibilities of the branches. Would love to see expansion of available free time activities to allow more outside of the apartment activities, including more at the Mall than the same shopping experience. Would love to have earlier full transformation options to allow full transformation play before the end of the game, perhaps some other experimentation before the final serum. But as it is I enjoyed it.

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