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Version: 0.1


This game about stereotypical outsider nerd with no friends, who has desires that he did not know about. Together with your father you move to a new city, where you have to make friends and get to know yourself. Feminization of the protagonist is an inevitable process, little dependent on other characters. I plan to make 4 love interests, with which by the end of the game the feminized character will be in a relationship with one of them, or several at the same time, or with no one. The release of the new version was a little delayed, but I try to work on the game as much as possible. Thank you very much for your feedback and tolerance for my pathetic English. If you want to support me and my work: https://subscribestar.adult/littleyellowcorn

Plot centers around the slow self-feminization pathetic unconfident boy. 

Protagonist - weak boy, nerd, school outsider.

Amber - cool girl from your new school.

Mickey - your school bully.

Rick - guy from your class.

Caroline - your possible mentor/clothing store director.

Johnny, Trent, Luke - three strange guys from school. 

By the end of the first game week, there is a little freedom of action. Meet Caroline and don't skip school.


- added russian version

- added prehistory choice

- clothes store

- wardrobe and mirror

- hints 

- added 6 days

- porn on computer

0.01 - First version

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Review by QuantumKat

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 06/30/2021

As of 0.01

Linguistics and grammer is a little odd, but bearing in mind that english isnt the author's native tongue, its not horrible and a good start.  The author still manages to get the idea across even if the details are a bit odd and the scentences are a bit confusing here and there (a few cases of 'why is this here?' as the statement does nothing to progress the story, define the character, or add texture to the world.. for example the whole bit with the leaves.  Its autumn, we get it, an exposition on leaves blowing down a hall is uncessary unless it is something being used to form mood in which case needs a bit more backing or importance to make it more than just odd).


The story itself is interesting.  I really, like other reviewers mentioned, do enjoy to voluntary idea and it is nice to see a story where the MC isn't forced into it.  Now, I enjoy some forced fem or sissificaion stories, but its also cool to have ones where they MC gets into it because they simply want to and have the internal fortitude to put themseves through it.  Though I wonder if chastity can be worked in to volunentary? Seems... difficult to do, but it could be fun to see.


Picture choices seem to fit the descriptions well, which is very nice.  I really do not care for the ones where you go "umm.. why is my blonde characer being shown as a brunette?" or the like.  The MC is described as the few body pics describes.  


My only issue thus far is the language use and structure.  Some of it is very confusing and other bits just don't fit, but I think it worthwhile.  I'll keep an eye on this one. :)  


Review by Bayarmaa

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 06/26/2021

I heavily agree with the other reviewer, it has a lot of potential, especially as you plan on having multiple love interests where as most typically have 1 or 2.
I also would really like to see a willing path as I tend to find games where the protag likes dressing cute, or actually wants to be a girl, to be more fulfilling and fun. 
games where the protag is only ever forced tend to be pretty monotonous as that's what people tend to always do, and personally, i find they tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth at times (especially when it gets really fucked up, or they say the character actually had a choice when they didn't (I didn't have a choice is what i mean, those annoy me), or when they get heavily gaslighted, or- well, you get what I mean.).

Review by efindumb

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 06/24/2021

A quick start but one that has a lot of potential to be a cute game. I hope there are options to make this more of a transgender discovery game than just a standard sissy/forced game as the central premise works as both an empowerment and a forced game. Options for a divergent path where you can have both would be nice so it appeals to more than just the forced crowd.

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