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Version: 0.2.3

Transformation Tycoon

Transformation Tycoon is a transformation themed, tycoon-style business simulation game.


You have just unlocked a patented new technique to transform people into other sexes, animals, items, mythological beings, and more. What do you plan to do with this new knowledge?

Make money, of course!

You have rented a small clinic on a city street where visitors can be transformed into the body of their dreams--for a price, of course! In this business simulation / tycoons style game, you research new types of transformations to satisfy a growing pool of eager applicants. Hire employees to help you out and incentivize them with their own illustrated transformations. Take out loans to help you grow and begin advertisement campaigns to spread the word of your services.  Upgrade your transformation chambers and move to larger, more prestigious locations. Grow your fame to attract applicants from local legends, Hollywood stars, and all manners of international celebrities each with their own reason for being transformed, or having others in their inner circle be transformed.

Do all this to change the world one transformation at a time and become the ultimate TRANSFORMATION TYCOON!

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alpha v0.2.3:

New game features:
- Added random events, scenarios that involve gain or loss of money, transformation crystals, employee morale, and research progress. Random events spawn randomly throughout the day. In order to end the day, you must resolve any pending events. Events have a 7-day cooldown before they can retrigger.

New clients:
- Added full set of employee clients for employee Geoffrey Moab -> Jenny Moab (2 generated, 3 story)

New artwork:
- Jenny Moab's winter seasonal alternate outfit
- Atilla Rosenbaum's winter seasonal alternate outfit
- Updated spring icon


alpha v0.2.2:

New game features:
- Added support for seasonal clients. Seasonal clients will only enter the application pool during the matching season and will become unavailable when the season changes. Seasonal clients pay 10% better than non-seasonal clients.
- Added support for employee-related clients. Employee-related clients can be both generated and story clients that will enter the application pool for a specific employee who is fully transformed and working at the clinic.
- Completing an employee-related client gives a one-time morale boost to the relevant employee. The amount depends on whether the client is a story client or a generated client, as well as the transformation quality.
- Added icons beside the story/generated icon on the application list to indicate when a client is seasonal or employee-related.
- Added cheat/debug option to transform all hired employees up by one level.
- The "debug commands.txt" file should now actually be included in builds in the directory "Transformation Tycoon_Data\StreamingAssets".
- As per out other games, Debug/cheat commands are now disabled on public builds and will now be made available only to Patreon backers.
- Added a new employee, Zaina Naim whose request is to be transformed into a fox girl.

New clients:
- Added four seasonal clients, one for each season.
- Added employee clients for employees Althea Rosenbaum -> Attila Rosenbaum and Kat McCready.

- Fixed a bug where opening the employee transformation result while another employee transformation result is open skipped the second employee's text and new graphic reveal.

- Client Writer tool now allows the clients to be selected and made available for Any season, or for just one of them.
- Client Writer tool has a line called Requires Employee Id. This is used to link clients to employees. Note we are not accepting community contributed clients that link to employees at this time and do not have plans to allow them in the future.

alpha v0.2.1:

- Critical bugfix for some day endings being broken.

- Added an optional Season dropdown in the client writer. In the future this will be used to have certain clients only trigger in a certain time of year, namely holiday or season-related transformations. This currently has no ingame effect.

alpha v0.2.0:

New game features:
- Added some additional cheat/debug commands (see the file "debug commands.txt" for more details. Be aware cheat/debug commands will likely be made into a Patreon-backer-only feature in the future as is the case with Exile of Aphrodisia and Bimbocalypse: Rise of the Bimbies.)
- Implemented employee wage and morale morale system:
    - Employees are hired with a starting morale of 1.0 and can range from a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 5.
    - Employee morale influences how quickly or slowly they develop their skills.
    - Morale decays over time and is affected by the difference between their total skill levels and current wage.
    - Employee morale can be slightly increased by giving a raise or greatly increased by transforming them. Employee raises are always by $1/hour and can only be performed once per day per employee.
    - Employees that are fired now lose .5 morale, have their starting salary be decreased by $3 / hour, and will lose 100 skill points in each skill.
    - Employees with morale below .5 have a chance of quitting each morning. Employees that quit will have their morale reset to .75 but will also lose skill points.

New clients:
- Added two new infamy clients

- Tweaked client walk in and transformation result panels so they hopefully won't cut off the top and bottom text
- The auto-restock cost on the inventory panel should adjust immediately when a new crystal type is fully researched.
- Research speed bonus from employees caps out at at 25% of the original research speed top prevent "instant" research.
- Active employee transformation request icons should clear out immediately upon letting them out of a transformation chamber.
- Bugfix for research in progress not being sped up by the correct amount based on employee research and technology skills, allowing the day to end before research is completed and not logging that test subject in statistics

- Public Relations employees do not provide as large of tips
- Superb transformations multiple tips by 1.5 instead of 2.0
- Daily rent is increased for higher tier locations
- Employee levelup skill requirements has been increased at higher levels. High employee morale will help ensure they reach the high levels as or more quickly.

- Tweaked the client writer a bit so that the walk in, alternate request, and superb/good/disappointing/failure boxes no longer change the size of the text beyond 22 points. Text box height is doubled and scrolling within the box should be possible.
- The client writer tool now supports a "Synchronize last name with" option for generated clients, allowing for multiple characters in a client to share a common last name for the sake of married couples or family.
- The client writer tool now supports a culture group for generated clients. Setting this to a culture group will generate a name from a smaller subset of first and last names associated with the selected culture. Cultures currently include:
- Several existing clients have been updated to use culture groups
- Various typo corrections in clients

Old save files will NOT be compatible with this version of the game.


alpha v0.1.5:

New game features:
- Added an Auto-Restock To page that orders all researched crystal types back up to a user-defined count at the end of the day after loan interest, employee wages, and rent is paid. If not enough money remains to purchase the requested crystals, or if that transaction would bring the clinic's money before a user-defined amount, the player is notificed and the order is aborted.
- In the morning at 9am, if you are relocating and it will take all day, you can now optionally skip straight to 5pm. The game will simulate all eight hours, so employees will still gain experience, accumulate work hours, applications will change, etc.

New clients:
- Four part story xenobiologist to aliens by Meteor

- Fix for Big Ben stage 3 being able to be started before completing stage 2

- Magnifico Illustratum story client is now a prestige level 1 client.

 NOTE: v0.1.4.1 or older save files will most likely not be compatible.


- Bugfix for confirming crystal purchases bringing up the transformation result panel even when nobody was in it


alpha 0.1.4:

New game features:
- Added a "Review Logs" button on the transformation result screen that loads in the client's full text from application summary to transformation result.
- Employees in Research & Technology allow for more simultaneous transformation chamber construction/upgrades at higher levels in that role.
- Ordering crystals now allows you to make any number of selections and then confirm your order, leaving just one expense report per batch purchased rather than each crystal individually.

New clients:
- Second and third story installment in amateur Benji “Big Ben” Santeno's series
- Fourth story installment in Meteor's bruiser series
- Generated simulated pregnancy by Rey
- Generated tennis player fusing into one body by malady
- Generated guy to cheater/nerd by Meteor

- When viewing the transformation result for another chamber when the window is already open, the new text should load in properly and not just close again
- Fix for clients requiring multiple crystals of the same type being able to be called in near the end of the day. Note this only applies to the primary client choice and not alternate choices.
- Fix for generated husband into female maid application summary listing the husband's name as the wife's


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by whatoncewasback

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/07/2021

A fairly straightforward game, but it has fairly addicting gameplay. This invokes the spirit of the older sim games. Well worth the time to try it out.

Review by Tolkien46

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/01/2021

It has potential and isn't bad overall. 

I don't like the Calibration system, I realise reflex mini games are probably easy to program but not everyone has the reflexes to do it.

Besides This is not how most calibrations systems work.


It also lacks any feeling of investment. It's there you do stuff and that's it.


Though my main complaint is still the reflex calibration game.

Might be worth considering an alternative.

Review by Shard

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 08/31/2021

I'm a bit torn: while I like the idea of a TF game that's more than just an HTML-based text game, this game falls into the trap that some other TF games that try similar things fall into: the 'gameplay' is mostly grindy, tedious padding between moments where we get to experience what we're here to experience. Namely, the well-written TFs.

If there was a culmination, some persistent story, or just a reason to actually play the game beyond the TFs themselves, I wouldn't necessarily mind disabling debug commands for non-patreon players, but with the game in this early state it feels more like forcing grind onto people who don't want to pay.

Review by soupeau56

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 08/31/2021

A management game with an interesting and unique gameplay, although quite repetitive.
Need to be able to skip the calibration permanently, this mini game becomes a real pain in the ass. It can be avoided but the time penalties become too important to consider it as a viable option.

Review by Shintsha

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 08/05/2021

Another excellent entry from Blue Fairy Media. Though it is certainly still in its early stages of work, the game itself is quick to pick up and already has a good amount of content to be had. Minor bugs can be found here and there, but nothing that prevented the game from being enjoyed. The ability to create custom scenarios as well is a wonderful addition, especially considering they take player-written clients to add into the official game on occassion.

My only complaint for the game itself is the lack of personability. There is very little control in feeling who you, the owner is, even though you are interacted with on a somewhat regular basis through customer scenarios. However, if you don't mind not being the one transformed, this is an excellent game with a range of fun options to pick from.

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