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Heads or Tails
by kitem24

My first game and now it's complete. This started as a way for me to test ideas for another game I was working on and didn't end up where I expected. I learnt a lot, mostly about what not to do, and now it's time to work on something else.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or typos. Please leave feedback below or in the forums.

This game is about MtF transformation. There are no bimbos. I've added the shemale tag, though I'm not sure it belongs. I could possibly have checked the Sissification or Breast Enlargement tags since they are kind of present, but I'm not sure I should as neither are a focus of the game. Maybe Corruption, but when it does happen it's by choice.

Two housemates upset a third and get dragged into an experiment to make up for it.

This is a short game, ending after six weeks (or earlier if you choose to walk away). It's intended to be a short game so people can explore both paths and the effects different decisions have.
TASK: Change welcome text. Tag as complete
BUG: Missing bra reminder

0.3.2 - Hotfix
TYPO: you're instead of your (gergory)
BUG: Status message always said no underwear when wearing skirt (gergory)
BUG: Missing week 1 morning visit (Chaotic_Fun)
BUG: Going shopping naked (Chaotic_Fun) - Hotfix
BUG: Bras on Heads path (satinangel)

0.3.0 - Final beta, barring hotfixes (13th August 2021)
Fixed typos
BUG: TV watching at end of week 0
DevPanel layout
Button to reload constants - might rescue save games
LDB, latex and gown events with Britney
BUG: Bra not always shown on left panel
BUG: First shopping trip missing events and subsequent showing wrong events
Monday morning events with Alex from week 2 (tazkol) - Hotfix
Class arousal bug (iluvpink)
Tweaked cleaning scene
Fixed shopping images (username4321)
Added images to shopping trips

0.2.0 - Clothing Update (05th August 2021)
Added chest wrap (kithrin)
Changed bikini to underwear
Fixed bug on Sunday night week 1
Text for different outfits, underwear and bras.
Owning bikini unlocks the spa
Text for maid accessories when cleaning and status
Text for submission accessories
Submission level shouldn't have been hidden at start of week (Emmeken)
Fix earring bug (Infidelsquirrel)
Modified shower clothes (kithrin)
Stop submission increasing after reaching weekly limit (DarkDaemonX & Marciep)
Fix giving earrings to Britney (sirwolffe)
_playerScore bug (DarkDaemonX)
Extra check on submissiveLevel in final scenes (DarkDaemonX)
Missing movie night passage (DarkDaemonX)

BETA 0.1.0 (28th July 2021)
No longer talk to Alex about camera after she knows the truth (Sericha)
Images for femininity changes
No more image place holders
Played with some of the conversations - still needs more work
Fixed shower scene images for Heads branch
Messed with the clothes numbering system - won't be surprised if this broke something
Add week 5 non-walk away endings
Help button
Released first Beta - HOTFIX
DevNote when reaching weekly limits for stats
Female clothing added on Tails path (Sericha)
Phrasing change in week0 (Sarah113)

0.0.8 (21st July 2021)
Tails: breast size images
Clothing images - evening gown, lace bra, lace panties
Girl jeans and top not removed from wardrobe when femininity goes above 2
Britney weekly score was calculated using 6 days of cleaning, not 5!!!
Prevent going to lesson in maid uniform
Toggle to automatically wear maid uniform when cleaning
Prevent wearing underwear with bikini
Images for different classes/jobs
Heads: Rubbing pussy/cock in toilet (Marciep)
Head start points awarded to player, not Britney (Marciep) - HOTFIX & images
Maid uniform image (Zephea1)
Missing images (DarkDaemonX et al)
Killed fmSay (DarkDaemonX et al)
Wrong name in jewellery scene (Alliebutt) - HOTFIX
Headstartin competition is now added instead of subtracted (DarkDaemonX) - HOTFIX
Bra fix for Tails path - HOTFIX
Removed $fhTask, it wasn't being used as intended - no-one should notice this
Fixed typo in week 3 ending
DevPanel added to help debug problems
Stopped multiple late night visits (Marciep)
Added the passage that allows ballet shoes and vibe to be worn in wardrobe (Marciep) - HOTFIX
Bug - maid bra wasn't being given (BgCntry)
Added ballet shows and vibe to wardrobe, this is a temporary workaround (BgCntry)
Movie night 4 (EmilyHypno) - fixes thanks to sissymaid_louise and Marcie. - Added scenes for shopping and cleaning. It might have broken stuff so leaving previous link Hotfix (b12moguj) Hotfix (draziwrerecros)

0.0.5 (16-July-21)
Fixed character name in femininity == 0 ending (ArchonArchimedes)
Swapped dress and skirt images (Emmeken)
Not show stat change messages when they don't change (ArchonArchimedes)
Added walk away Endings
Limit shower usage
Libido only increases on climax
Activity to lower femininity, tail path only
Lots of mechanics changes to make use of status
End of week 2 content
Rework of porn unlocking
Added first shopping trip, almost
consequences for fem and sub levels
consequences for libido level
Add effects of high arousal
Class and work variety
Swap skirt and dress in clothes order
Consequences for skipping class

0.0.4 (07-HJuly-2021)

Added Heads branch
Removed men's room from campus after change
Added skip classes
Added fast forward for classes (only until I finish the classes)
Added more visits to/from Britney, depending on branch
Fixed TV watching bug (thanks DarkDaemonX>

0.0.3 (02-July-21)

Added passages for endings, not completed text
Fixed bug reported by JaradLichLord
Corruption changed to Libido
Task descriptions
Visits from Britney
Added images - there shouldn't be any dead images in the current build
Added warnings
Added submissive stat - currently not used anywhere
Added tracking for surfing habbits - currently not used anywhere
Attached the endings - there was an ending in 0.0.2, but It wasn't connected to anything.
Added end of content message to end of current paths - shouldn't end without hitting one of these
Introduced more typos (30-June-21)

Initial alpha release, looking for feedback.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tazkol

Version reviewed: on 08/01/2021

for starters the game is pretty awesome but the issue to me is more story based. you need to have Alex a bit more repentent if the player didn't watch the movie, you currently have it play off more like she realises you did nothign worth punishing, apologizes and still punishes you for it because brain needs to learn a lesson. you need to have Alex ask if Sasha wants to actualy take part in her little competition or not after deciding to stay honestly currently it just plays alex off as entitled currently.

Review by efindumb

Version reviewed: on 07/29/2021

Short linear game that has minimal choices but but two different routes that you can enjoy playing. It's not gratuitious, but it's also not clean. I had wished that there would be more but understand that it's a lot of work to make this game and unlike so many others this one was actually completed. my only real critique is the ending: it felt forced and should have been left to the user as it felt extremely forced and not in character with the storyline at all.


who knows, maybe a prequel or sequel could be made as it was left open. Doubtful, but it's possible

Review by Jazsalumbru

Version reviewed: on 07/23/2021

Enjoyed playing and would like to see more choices, options, things to do. Think the creator is doing a good job with regular updates and aren't constantly pushing a patreon while developing something of substance. Looking forward to it's progression.

Thanks for creating!

Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: on 07/02/2021

This game got precious little to do with heads or tail, just as a start.

This game lacks Forced tag.

as for the premise, its not very belivable, as in what characters do never really tend to keep to a theme, they jump all over the place.
the game glosses over the original male mind almost completely, even if you resist entirely, in that case your protagonist will complain about boyish clothing, and wants friend to puff her up.
i feel like there should be more play here on how defensive or submissive the main character is, because streight from the start there is absolute no resistance from the protagonist.

That said, this looks interesting but the name is misleading, it needs tags that reflect what it is and if possible make the story and small choices for dialogue so the protagonist can act and speak in a manner befitting its will.

and remember everyone, very early alpha, not much here yet.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: on 06/30/2021

I like what you've made so far.  Need to do a lot of clean up as you continue.  I got a many script errors and broken images.  Would love to see where the story goes though.  Keep it up.

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