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Version: 0.7o2

Wife Trainer Files

Regarding Current Version

 The current Version is 0.7o2 from November 2021.


Some of you may remember the RAGS version (0.6c) which has been entirely abandoned.

This Version uses Renpy, have A LOT more content, several Quality of Life upgrades, upgraded image quality, has mod support and is STILL in active development.


Regarding the Author


I am not actually the author of the game, Wifetrainer is.

Wifetrainer asked me to make the discussion page and this entry. I am an Official Moderator for the game ( on all threads and the Official Discord server), an Official Playtester, the Official Android Porter and Game Compressor. I am also one of the few active modders for the game and I am setting up the Official Wiki for the game.


Regarding download Links 


ONLY the mega links will be listed here, there is a full set of mirrors AND Compressed versions (smaller total size, but reduced image quality)  in the discussion thread.


About the Game

Your business is to work with women to help them change. Success with clients increases your reputation, providing you the opportunity to work with additional clients. Continuing actions may also be available with former clients, depending on your level of success when training them.

The characters and game play are intended to be as realistic as games of this sort can be. There are elements of mind control, transformation, and magic, but you can ignore or emphasize these elements to suit your preferences.

The game is “sandbox” style. There is no overarching storyline. Special end-game content is planned once your reputation is high enough, but like most of the game, it is optional.

The women in the game cover a range of ages, body types, ethnic backgrounds, and professions. Much of the gameplay involves figuring out which of them have interests that match your own, or which can be convinced to share your interests.

Play. Explore. Do what interests you. Ignore what doesn’t.

Google Sheet for ALL States: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qT6ZSXNfKE3l7AdcvOIFeIRLYYUTLE0OvUt5dRt4oqw/edit?usp=sharing


Transformations for Characters


Becky Sue

  • Bimbo
  • Degraded
  • Doll



  • Slavegirl



  • Bimbo
  • Cumslut



  • Puppygirl
  • Slavegirl





  • Bimbo




  • Bimbo
  • Puppygirl
  • Slavegirl




  • Bimbo



  • Slavegirl
  • Doll
  • Man


Minor Character


  • Degraded
  • Puppygirl



  • Doll



  • Slavegirl



  • Bimbo




  • Doll


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by yeomanR

Version reviewed: 0.7n on 08/10/2021

I'm not huge on playing client/python games, but the reviews got me curious. I was entertained, and felt this was a nicely made port.


Key aspects I liked:

-Aesthetics are quite nice. So many visuals!

-Story content is interesting. There's a fair bit here. I don't like dealing with larger downloads, but I felt it was worthwhile on this one.


Things that didn't quite resonate for me:

-I dislike that certain options are clearly blocked, with no consequence, but you have to run through slow dialogue paths to learn that. It would be nicer if the game was more consistent about aspects that aren't unlocked yet.

-The UI could be distilled and simplified a bit. The fact that you can do some things in two or three different ways is kind of tedious. Why not have the report of the client visible while you interact with them?

-The "action economy" wasn't super compelling to me. I don't feel like I'm being presented interesting decisions wrt sleeping vs working, most of the time. I feel like the time to go downtown discourages players frorm checking on the world.

-the "waves" format just seems to force you to do multiple trainees at a mediocre level, or do multiple playthroughs.

-The lack of predictability of actions definitely nudges a player into save-scumming. Perhaps some people are big on replays... I'm not playing this as if it's dark souls;), e.g. this sort of games aren't about mastery for me, and possibly for others. Consider a casual mode with some allowance for allowing people to make dumb mistakes and quickly rollback. The save slots get polluted quickly if it is used to avoid screwing up in this fashion.


The writing and visuals are the heart of this game. I feel like it could be better if player can just focus on one main story contract at a time with alternating weekday and weekend dates, and not neccessarily be distracted about the calendar mechanic, that might be better. Alternately, if you were like a "professional" with fixed rotations for your  clients, that would also seem like a simpler way to experience this.


Might be interesting if there were more "certifications" after player assembles an impressive potent boudour or dungeon as pre-requisites to some clients, or playthroughs where a player reputation as too intense or "wholesome" for some clients as potentially restricting/unlocking some options.

Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 0.7n on 08/08/2021

This is a better than average game, even good in some parts, but I think it needs a little bit of work:

1) While better than Rags for sure, the UI is still a bit clunky. For instance, the action type buttons at the top of the screen aren't really noticible most of the time, and instead you end up looking at the buttons in the current area. It would be better if all the possible actions were together somehow. Also, there are way too many flyouts in some of the menus that probably aren't needed and are just there because of the way you've constrained the UI to that side of the screen. Honestly, if you made this look more like a visual novel and de-cluttered the interface, it'd probably be better. 

2) We could really use some feedback on what the effect of certain actions are going to be. Right now, the way this works, you're basically encouraging people to save and then try out all of the options. 

3) I think instead of "waves", you might want to redo this into more of a "mission select" type screen and have new missions appear on it as the player goes through the game. The mechanics could essentially be the same, or not. Basically allowing someone to pick 1 or more missions to run simultaneously. Anyway, I think it would be more visually appealing and give the player an idea of all of the content that is in the game, including content that might open up in the future (for instance, you could have locked missions appear as sillouttes or something). Also, it'd provide a way to condense several actions into one UI - selecting contracts, organizing meetings, reviewing files. Hell, you could even get rid of the reviewing files stuff (or save it for more important information) if you made each character a card with their face and the relevant stats on it, such as contract status, time left and their stats. If you had a couple of contracts in flight, it'd be nice to have that sort of side by side comparison.

4) I don't think the money economy is really good. If money management is supposed to be part of the game, then I think it should rely on what you can earn as a "trainer" instead of doing odd jobs. This is easily the least interesting and least fun part of the game. I mean, you click a button to get money. It's just like.... why?

5) Honestly, the game isn't much of a sandbox as it stands. It's more like a visual novel with a chapter select. The reason for this is that there's no typical sandbox like activities and there are no fail states other than selecting the wrong activities with the trainees. Possibly, I would eliminate the time constraint on contracts and instead add a mood figure. Then you could add some variability or skill into the process where you do not always get a good result, even if you select the "Right" option. If mood drops too low, the contract is canceled. This could then allow you introduce more RPG style elements such as stats on your character and make potentially buying items seem more important than just ways to open up different story routes. This also opens up the possibility of grading the end result of the training in a way that might make for some good meta if you gate content behind it. 


Basically I feel like this game is more interactive fiction than it is a game and the UI design could use some modernization. There's a lot of potential here for a game, but the gameplay is kind of shallow, you know? I really don't like how the game encourages me to save scum because I need to explore the effects of various options and then align them with my knowledge that the contract is ending on X date. An ideal state would be that I wouldn't even realize I was screwed so that I wasn't making a save every 10 seconds. I should really be playing a game instead of hunting around for the optimal button to click.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.7n on 08/06/2021

I must say that I suck at this game. I wasn't able to rewind my wrong choices and I'm too lazy to hit "quick save" before every popup... so, in short, in 3/3 games, I got knocked out.

This isn't to say that the game is hard or unbeatable, I suppose I'm just unable to make a mental connection on what the most effective course of action is for each client, so I never end up reaching the necessary treshold to succeed. Hope you guys do better than my sorry ass, the art is awesome, and it does feel like you earn something when you get to a sex scene, but I must say I am mentally exhausted after playing this game... perhaps another time in another universe.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.7n on 08/06/2021

The actual game elements in Wife Trainer are quite good and it does have a 'just one more turn' feel to it when you're working with women over a number of turns. Storylines slowly build up as you go through the training. The training can be romantic or domineering based on you choices. The presentation looks very slick so I was surprised that the UI was merely ok rather than good. I didn't find much physical TF but it might come later in the game with petgirls maybe. You can go along a hypnotists path.

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