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Milk Maid Manager

Your weird uncle died and left you his dairy ranch, which was good timing because you kind of needed to skip town for a while.  You never saw him often, but you do remember him speaking fondly about his remote plot of land and his two cows, Daisy and Bessie.

You figure you can go live at the dairy, at least for a little while.  Enjoy some fresh air, milk some happy cows, sell the milk for anything else you need.  Your uncle's distributor still sends a truck by every morning.

You've never visited the dairy or even milked a cow before, but it can't be that hard.  You pack a few essentials and head out to the boonies, ready to build a new life.

What you find, however, is... unexpected, to put it charitably.  Scandalous might be more apt.  In fact, it's probably just downright illegal.

Daisy and Bessie are not quadrupedal cows with four stomachs and swishing tails.

Daisy and Bessie are women.  Very naked, very well-endowed women, who are very happy to see you.

They're overdue for their milking.

0.0.4 Expansion

- new stations
- the Vanity, allowing you to dye and style hair
- the Cock Stocks, for harvesting semen
- chemistry fun with semen and androgens!
- new treatments: Bull Semen, BDE Cocktail, Bovine Androgens, and a new Bullcock Formula.
- when characters with cocks Enjoy Porn, they produce Used Tissues, which can be harvested for semen samples
- can flip the orientation of stations to make them look pretty
- buttons to perform tasks that are presently impossible are disabled
- 'flip' and 'disassemble' buttons display only when no character is selected
- hairColor and hairStyle are now stored as integers, not floats, so new styles and colors can be introduced in future expansions
- hunger increase for treatments and lactation greatly reduced


0.0.3 Hotfix

- a rare case in which characters already bored with another task would attempt to initiate sex and then get caught in a loop of doing nothing has been resolved.
- save button no longer gets big and weird when saving
- can now give characters recreational substances immediately rather than in tend & care
- game pause persists after you open and close windows and removes pause overlay appropriately
- keys 1-5 control game speed
- alerts no longer display on top of each other


0.0.2 Hotifx

- slowed game down

- interactive pause screen


0.0.1 Inital Release!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by perro the traveler

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 09/03/2021

Could use a fuller tutorial.  Like how to zoom back out.


... I accidentally got it stuck in extreme close up and somehow closing and reopening isn't helping.

Review by sigvin

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/31/2021

Most of the things issues I have with this game seem like they do exist only because it's a rough draft: unreliable controls, odd timing as the previous reviewer pointed out. I might be interested in checking this out again after a few updates. But the bizarre shape of the hips seems to be a "stylistic" choice the artist made and I can't figure why. It's so offputting to have these.... giant circles sticking out the sides of the figures, even with the smaller view on the game screen.

Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/27/2021

Great first effort. Just some improvements:

  • Slow down the ambulatory speed of the cows. They are on crack even if the time is set to "trickle".
  • The time scale is too aggressive. Slow it down a bit, I mean it's taking hours to just milk a single cow let alone get something to eat. 
  • Rather than selecting a cow/worker and clicking on an object to get an interaction, it would be better if you just gave the interaction to the character and the figured out what to do.
  • As above, clicking on someone already engaged in an action should bring up a "Cancel?" context menu instead of issuing a command right away. 
  • Spacebar to pause is good, but you shouldn't have a menu there and people should be able to queu actions when the game is paused.
  • Speed controls on the screen, mapped to number keys (space is pause, unpause)
  • Animated flyouts for menus are a bad design choice. Who wants to wait for a menu to animate and appear?

Fun bones for a sim game. Good luck with it.

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