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Version: 0.7

TF Slot Machine

Simulator "Slot machine". When going 3 in a row, changes take place. Also - there is a "Cheat" button that allows you to select which change "dropped".

The project is now more focused on mechanics than on the plot, however, if you like the game, there will probably be a place for the plot.

Oh, and yes, I apologize in advance, but Scratch (the game is written on it, and then transferred to html), alas, does not allow you to make a resolution greater than 480x360. I hope this will not be a big problem, since the weight of the game with all content 0 is no more than 9 megabytes (I have not added sound yet).

Enjoy the game and yes, you can always support the development on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ralay

You play as a guy who walks into an old bar on the edge of town. He noticed that on one of the gaming machines the "game available" icon was on all the time. While there is no security, the guy decides to take advantage of the "bug" and earn something...

Ver 0.7 - release

TF thems - 7(8)

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Review by BigPervert

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 09/26/2021

I LOVE gambling TF games. There are so few out there...


This is pretty barebones right now. Lots of bugs (mainly graphical) and very little content; slower sex change with three different instant TFs. Also, the creator is not lying when they say English isn't their first language. Many of the lines the character says don't make much sense.


What I'd like to see is other characters added, or having the TFs follow a branch where each one is different (ex: a blonde hair path, black hair path, etc. with each path being a random surprise). I'd also like a full-body view instead of just the upper body. Finally, making it possible to not get a TF again after it has reached its limit would be nice, too.


All-in-all it is a decent start that shows potential and has possibility.

Review by TheZapper

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 09/24/2021

Considering the engine and the file size (this might be the smallest game download I've ever seen on this site, great for the bandwidth-conscious) it's technically impressive, but there just isn't much here. There are only a handful of transformations wtih a few stages each, and the randomness makes them hard to get without cheating, since the in-game slots are just as a random as an actual slot machine. There's also not really a reason for the character to keep playing, since there's no way to win any kind of "payout" that would justify him continuing after the first transformation. There also don't appear to be any physical transformations beyond hair growth, lip growth and breast growth, which makes it a little disappointing as a M2F game.

All in all, a neat technical effort, but there's just not much here. But, if you want to try it, it's not time-consuming or resource-intensive, so really, you're not going to be out much, which is a point in the game's favor.

Review by cambriansoup

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 09/24/2021

Not a lot of content, but what is there is impressive for a game made in Scratch. The english is pretty rough and seems like it was machine translated, but the visual transformations are what really make this worth giving a quick play through.

Review by Chelinka

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 09/24/2021

Very funny game, quite simple but eficient. It still lacks having some more content.


Overall Rating :


Review by Jinseng

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 09/23/2021

Fun game but it's really short, I do you'll consider revamping it or at least consider adding a few more results on rolls.

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