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Version: 1.0.0

Goddess Seed Omni Edition


Play as the Emperor of the Universe and build a harem of overpowered Goddesses in this light-hearted comedic power fantasy game of cosmic proportions with countless anime references.
Darx is very weak and gets reverse-raped by every single Goddess, but the Emperor's Seed has the power to limitlessly power up giantesses into Godhood, and also to make them fall in love with you.
Tame your family of evil Goddesses into ever-stronger deities to save the Earth, the Universe, the Omniverse, and beyond.

All-female immortal Titans have mostly eradicated humanity. Darx is one of the survivors, a summoner with amnesia, who lives with his sister and his summoned Catgirl.
Everything changes in his life when a Titan destroys everything he holds dear, and captures him because of his power, "God Seed", a power that makes Titans who ingest his seed limitlessly increase their power... But his kidnapping backfired, as his God Seed also made her fall in love with him. Play as Darx as he uses his power and allies to seek peaceful coexistence between Titans and humans.

There are evolutions within the lore where every species becomes a higher form when reaching level 99, e.g a max level Titan becomes a level 1 God Titan, an ascended Fairy becomes a race much more powerful, like a Fairy Cat-Angel depending on her evolution path.

There are also sub-transformations like Super Titan God Blue, in which the God Titan becomes orders of magnitude stronger, bigger(including changing their body composition), becoming deities that can easily 1-shot Elder Gods. The game's main theme is about getting waifus stronger through ingesting the Emperor's Seed, evolving them throughout countless evolutions into ever-higher forms.

Sona: The main Titan heroine and Darx's daughter. She is a 8 million year old, pure evil colossal giantess, but acts neutral towards humanity to make Darx happy

Darx: Emperor of the Universe. His level is permanently stuck at 8 and he can't get stronger due to his power of God Seed.

Kayle: The main Titan heroine, Darx's wife and Sona's mother. She is neutral towards humanity, her Titan instincts make her crave for destruction, but she acts benevolent towards them because of her love for Darx.

The game is very easy to play and there are no major challenges because of the heroine's overpowered transformations.

2021-09-26 Omni Edition
Very minor hotfix to fix all the remaining bugs.
I - Fixes overflow on class names.
II - Change subchapters' names to avoid confusion with chapters.
III - Adds special effects to most powerful enemies to make them look stronger.

2021-09-25 Omni Edition
I - Overhauls every single event of the game.
II - Countless improvements, bugfixes, etc.
III - Added a gallery with all H scenes.
IV - Definitive edition of the game.

2021-09-06 Chapter IV Hotfix 2
I - Fixed glitch that allowed traveling to a nonexistent map after entering True Heaven.
II - Fixed major plot hole in Maou's Room and fixes in Maou's storyline.
III - Fixed GCIV explanation in Sophie's Room.

2021-09-05 Chapter IV Hotfix
I - Fixed the bug where players were sent to the title screen after the chapter 3
II - Overhauled 202 CGIs.
III - Fixed a few other minor bugs.

2021-09-04 Final Chapter, Ch IV Release
I- Added 137 new hentai CGIs
II- Minor bugfixes in other chapters
III- The game is now completed

2021-03-05 Update Ch. III Release
I- Added Part III, almost doubling the already doubled game size.
II- Added 52 new hentai CGIs and many more scenario-CGIs
III- Added Stories Tab with minigames telling about the in-game lore.
IV- Minor Bugfixes and overhaul in part I and II

2021-02-11 Update Ch. II Release
I - Added Part II, almost doubling the game size.
Part II synopsis: The story takes place 300 years after the events of the first game. Darx is already old, and his time in the world of the living nears its end. But with Kayle's new powers, she can finally transform Darx into a Fairy, the only ageless race compatible with the human body. Darx now has to fight in the Holy Fairy War with his legendary servants to return to his world.
II- Several bugfixes in Part I
III- Game now has an isometric and 3D perspectives in some chapters
IV - Several new H scenes, new storyline, and much more.

2021-01-30 Release
2021-02-01 Hotfix update

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/04/2021


Tough call. Interaction in the game is heavily railroaded during the story segments, but it has a neat perspective trick with flipping from 2D to 3D environments when there are fight scenes with random encounters that was a nice touch. Writing is serviceable, but I regularly found myself bored as I tried to speed through sections that I was forced to repeat to grind levels though there is a solid story (even though it is just above being an "excuse plot") with this game world. Photos and images for the game are serviceable with the majority of the 3D imaging done for the humans being quite good, but with the images flipping styles so often you might find yourself detached from the moment. Transformations in the game are limited but if it's your thing (giantess and BE) you'll probably enjoy it, though again it's heavily railroaded on the story segments and you'll just be repeating scenes on the interlude moments.

As mentioned before, while playing through this game I found myself regularly bored. With a little grinding in the interlude sections, the 3D environment fight sections were a breeze with the same combination of attacks and I'm seeing the same scenes over and over again. The target transformation of the game amused me but the "eight deadly words" were hit early in Chapter 1 and never went away: I simply didn't care and was only playing through the game to see what it had to offer to keep me playing.

This is a tough call. Either you'll be hooked because of the transformations being your kink, you'll keep playing as something to do to kill time or you'll be a fan of the Attack on Titans series and for sheer curiosity you'll keep playing... but if you don't hit any of those points strongly enough, you might be bored like me and just give up (I played through to the end of the current completed content as I always do, but my opinion didn't change).

Worth a look.

Review by JuankiMan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/03/2021

My review of this game can be summed up in one question: Do you like giantess porn and femdom content? If you do, then you'll probably like it; If you don't, the fetish is laid on so thick that it'll probably end up being annoying, and those two kinks are the only string to the game's bow.

Review by TheZapper

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/03/2021

Gave this game a whirl, but I can't say I'm a fan. The heavy emphasis on incest content is a big turn-off, and there's no real warning in any of the game materials on this site or itch.io about it; it'd be better if the game made this optional, but as it is, it's incredibly distracting. The plot is very convoluted, and the constantly changing appearances of the character renders is very off-putting.


The one thing I did like is the first-person dungeons. I honestly didn't know this was something you could do in RPG Maker, and it was refreshing. I also really liked the change of perspective between the Titan characters and the MC, with the MC's POV being rendered much lower to reflect their size differences.


All in all, if you like both giantess and incest content (heavy emphasis on the "and") you'll probably have some fun with this one. Definitely not my cup of tea, though.

Review by Gizmoman

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/29/2021

This is a game made by a really good guy, I didn't play it, but I'm sure it was great.

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