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October 8

What can I say? October 8 is a story that takes place entirely on Halloween night, and it's all spooky mischief from there. It's a strange Visual Novel+RPG hybrid where you follow the twisted night that ensures after 8 girls play a game on Halloween, and focuses mostly on the transformation and saga they find themselves caught up in on the strangest night of their life- a night that may well be the rest of their life. If you love costumed hijinks, horror and urban fantasy this game will rock your socks.

The present version features:

-The cast introduction and opening video.

-The first chapter, which brings us into the story and has a few playable dungeon segments.

-Currently up to the beginning of the 2nd chapter.


“For I am the witch who lives in this lair,
A lair of games, a night to scare.
Here to play but only a single game with you,
Truth or dare.”


“There’s no going back now..”

October 8 is a supernatural horror-fantasy series revolving around the plight of 8 teenage girls as they find themselves caught in a twisted game involving a fantasy world that reshapes them, and cannot go back to how things used to be or the normal life they had. Less than heroes, but more than victims, their encounter with a Witch in an arcade on october 31st leaves them with drastic wide-reaching consequences. A world of changes for themselves, their town, a conspiracy far beyond their grasp will ultimately lead them to otherworldly machinations and secrets they'll have to uncover to escape the clutches of their deadly supernatural game. The characters are changed physically, mentally, emotionally, and metaphysically in different ways, they will struggle with doing anything at any cost to try to free themselves from the ‘game’ they find themselves trapped in in order to survive.


Leslie Norman - The Narrator. She likes horses.

Jessica Worchester - The protagonist. A spoiled Hapa who likes to game. Daughter of a wealthy electronic game designer, she lives an idle life with a silver spoon in her mouth, with her best friend Zoey.

Cookie Roache - A military brat and tomboy(???) with a bit of an artistry side. She likes... princess dressup? Its complicated.

Zoey Petraknov - Slavic teenager, kicked out of her home and lives in Jessica's mansion. She's a seedy cyberhacker with a knack for net-cynicism.

Tulip Tenebris - A punk delinquent whose escaped more run-ins with the law than she can count.

Lily Oswalt - Lil' Oswalt is a smol 17 year old girl with a heart of gold, and a neverending stomach.

Raine Nel - Sleezy oddball, sharp but kind. Her mother is Adele's therapist.

Adele Ruthton - The school's star athlete. Can be blunt and too assertive sometimes.

Rebecca Mettle - Just a preppy girl supportive of her friends.

There's the first chapter currently, if you need help navigating any of the mazes or the Keyboard game there's a thread up!

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