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Version: 1.0.0


You've just woken up after entering a small little town during your travels, but what's this about the rumors about you and the way you came from being... Blocked by... Something? Are the rumors really about you? Or someone else?

Yet when you go out to find out and end up getting too familiar with the locals, why do you wake up in your room? No one seems to remember anything ever happening, while you on the otherhand... All this seems to be playing out like in your dreams? But... Is it really a dream? Or something else?

Explore the town and get familiar with the locals. But be mindful of your condition, you wouldn't want to wear yourself out or anything of the sort. Someone might take advantage of it. And you can't shake the feeling that something wrong is with this town... But what is it?

There is none... Or, is there?

Check out the current scene count as the game gets updated, public and patreon versions!

Lose by hp/stam/lust in either fight stance or grab stance to get a different ending. Fights will vary and not all fights have the same about of endings.

What's New?

- The north gate has been opened up to visitors, though with what's going on in the northern forest, not many go there. Leaving a little guard to himself for most of his post. Don't think just because he's small doesn't mean he can handle big boys. For those who help him, he'll make sure no one takes advantage of you if you end up passing out during the day.

- The western gate is now looked over by a diligent guard. He doesn't seem to bother to talk to anyone he doesn't know why on duty, but those who have been bless with fertility might be able to get them to notice them. While he won't go too far, but maybe if you can somehow be what he wants you to be, maybe in some other timeline some other way, he wouldn't want you to change. But, how?

- Someone has been placed on the eastern gate and is looking for someone to keep him entertained, when you're free of course. Though he gets attached easily, so if you keep hanging with him, it'll only be a matter of time before he gets hooked on you.

- The other half of the lumberjacks is out and ready to chat it up with you. He has lots to talk about, and for those kinky bastards out there, he's one of them. Of course, all of this is just to help you out to be able to work with all these large men working in the hot and sweaty sun.

- The drill sergeant is currently in the barracks helping out new and old recruits alike, and for those who got permission from the Captain of the Guard of course. Just don't over exert yourself.

- The local bounty hunter will now help those who get too tired when hanging out with him. Just be careful of learning his dark secret, he might not risk letting you go.

- There's a way to get the shy fanboy otter to open up to you more, but first you're going to have to get closer to Azlos, then once you've gain his trust, he'll send you on the right way. Just make sure you've been around town and check up with Sep. Can't get closer to him without him knowing you're in the know, and close to the right people.

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Review by ahoesko

Version reviewed: 2.0.6 on 03/20/2022

A word of warning: The game is extremely gay/furry orianted. From my brief skipping trough options trough the town i saw no women and the transformation kink potion seems to unlock a dog transformation didnt find the M2F.

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