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Version: 1.0.0


A lone hero enters the arena and they come out a changed man. No matter how hard you try, or how bright the future looks, it's going to be a lot easier on if you just give in. Or not, and see what they have in store  for resistant prey.

Face off against unbeatable opponents, and end up as their prize. What starts off as a few will lead into many. Just know no matter how many you face. Your fate will always lead you to a GameOver.

There is none... Or, is there?

The Imp - A devious creature looking to do what it's breden before him has done before. Take an adventurer to be his, in whatever way the adventurer ends up having him to do so. Kinks Involved: - Hyper - Cumflation - Life Drain - Implied Vore - Absorption/Merging - Mind Control

The Fiend - A high demon under the lead of the Demon King. He's not interested in combat unless he has to, but interested in humans to be his pet. Looking for one that doesn't break so easily. Kinks Involved: -Sadism/Masochism -Humiliation -Pet Play -Cock Stealing

The Guardian - The guardian of the forest corrupted along with the forest. Anyone who isn't a servent of the Demon King is a threat in his eye. Kinks Involved: -Domination/Submission -Enslavement -Restriction -Cock Stealing -Muscle Stealing -Cock Vore - Absorption -Musk -CTB

The Rival - Your long time rival looking to put you in your place. After years of always having to kiss the dirt, he's making sure it's your time now, and he'll make sure you won't ever be able to get your revenge. Kinks Involved: -BDSM -Domination/Submission -Restriction -Branding/Claiming -Transformation (Mental) - Humiliation

The Noble (Patreon) - You’ve been called to be a bodyguard to a local noble and escort him to his destination, yet as you make it to the meetup point, you’re taken back by what’s there to greet you. Kinks Involved: -Goo -Absorption -Vore (Cock) -Transformation (Physical) -Mind Control -Drain (Life/Energy)

The Minotaur (Patreon) Your party has been captured and thrown in seperate cells. Though you don’t stay in yours for long. Soon, you’re put up against a fight you have no escape from, nor will it let you. Kinks Involved: -Mpreg -Inflation (Cum) -Mind Control -Submission/Domination


Lose by hp/stam/lust in either fight stance or grab stance to get a different ending. Fights will vary and not all fights have the same about of endings.

Added in 2 new fights!

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