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Version: 0.16 -> 0.16a patch

Version: 0.16a

X-Change™ Life

This game is still in an early stage of development, as I am still building out the core game mechanics. That said, there are already a large number of scenes to try out, although some are tricky to find. Go to the tip jar in the cafe for hints!

X-Change™ Life is a daily life RPG based in a universe where it's normal to take over-the-counter gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more). The game features heavily minigame-driven gameplay to determine passing / failing checks at different points. You'll always have the option to skip minigames by using a "skill check", where your % success chance is driven by your character's stats/skills. I really enjoy gamifying sex actions, and prefer sex to feel more "interactive" rather than a slideshow or a wall of text as in most Twine-based games. So, I am just making what I personally enjoy the most, but your mileage may vary. The game is slightly limited by what is possible to write in Twine, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you allow yourself to get into it.

You get the option to play 1 of 10 characters which each have a male and female version. In the game, you can switch between these characters using DNA-swapping technology, so you're not necessarily constrainted to one character in a given playthrough. 

Since the game file is large (and will stay large), I recommend using the web version if you have bandwidth/storage concerns. The web version will not be as responsive and quick to load media as the offline version, of course. 

You can support the game on SubscribeStar, which will give you more of a say in the game's development, and also get access to the latest play-testing builds. The game's full releases will always be free and released at the same time for everyone, but it helps to have a small group to help test out new features and get feedback before wider distribution. 

I am bad at "PR" and am most at home on Discord, so please do join the official X-Change Life Discord, if you're interested in discussing aspects of the game. You can find the Discord invite and other links here

X-Change, the temporary, fast-acting gender-swapping pill, is illegal in most of the US due to the passage of Proposition 12. However, it is still legal here in Summer City, but no one knows for how long. 

You're a recent college graduate looking for a job. How will X-Change affect your life?

You have a stepdad and a stepsister, but no stepmom. What sort of porn family is that?

Version 0.16a

  • Rejoice! Blackjack has been mostly replaced with a new minigame - based on the 1995 Tiger Electronics handheld game "lights out" - basically you flip tiles in a 3x3 grid - each tile flip also flips the adjacent ones, attempting to clear the board. It is much quicker than blackjack and the difficulty directly scales with what is going on in the game - should be a lot more fun. 
  • Cock Roulette - a game you can play on your computer if you buy one at the Radio Shack at the mall. Pay $100, and it will let you restore your masculinity if you win (or win money). Lose, and you'll have to face the consequences. You can see more about how it works here: https://twitter.com/aphrodite_tg/status/1549768522620104706?s=20&t=Gf-aUwHuNLI35OCGlfl3dA
  • NPC encounters have been enhanced when it comes to masculinity. If you have 85-90+ masculinity and get approached by guys, you'll be much more resistant to their advances, and react to them much differently. A lot more new dialogue as well. 
  • NPC random sex encounters have been expanded, you now have the option to refuse to give a blowjob, and try to convince the guy to go down on you instead - difficulty is based on your character's charm, and the NPC's level of selfishness
  • Sexual frustration has been added to the game as a mechanic. Go too long with high arousal, without orgasming, and your status will be debuffed. 

Version 0.16

  • Began implementing the most-requested feature - sex with random NPCs - only in the gym and bar for now - will be adding more locations very soon
    • The scenes are slightly barebones at the moment, but there is foreplay, some dialogue, and huge amounts of variation for each encounter - literally millions of potential descriptions in the brand new sex description engine, to keep things fresh. And the descriptions react to the details of sex happening on screen
    • A new minigame, specifically for sex in public places. It's a variant of the "keep the bar in the middle" game, with also a green window moving back and forth. Keep the bar in the green window to maximize your character's pleasure (or escape the window, to minimize it). 
      • This minigame is probably too processing-intensive to work well on mobile, so please do use the "skill check" option if you are on a phone or something. And if you're on PC and experiencing slowness, in play-testing Chrome has had the best performance. 
    • NPCs with bigger dicks will cause more pleasure, but big dicks come with downsides...
    • Dynamic stripping based on what you're wearing - if you have a short skirt, for instance, you can just hike it up rather than go to the effort of taking it off. The choice is yours!
    • Oral sex and BJs also form a part of the scene now - they can help make the initial dick insertion easier - bigger dicks require more lubrication. Also, some NPCs are better at giving you oral than others, and some are more willing than others as well
    • The more noise you make, the bigger the chance of getting caught
    • There is a chance that your clothes might get torn when NPCs strip you, based on how flimsy your outfit is, and the personality of the NPC (selfish NPCs just want to get to the goods!) 
    • If you're on a Breeder pill: it will be impossible to orgasm, unless you get a creampie. Once you start getting misfired / failed orgasms, your character will want to beg for a creampie. If you do get creampied on a Breeder, it is one of the best sensations known to humankind. Note that you can use a bit of serum to temporarily block these negative effects. Note that pregnancy content is not added yet, but is coming real soon. 
    • The sex scene's hit on your masculinity varies depending on what you did during the scene
    • NPCs are much more fleshed out now (under the hood, at least), some even have multi-dimensional personalities. Building up to a future relationship system
  • Now, when doing the chores, you can wander the house and actually do them. You'll meet your stepdad and stepsister, who have their own activities they're doing, whether it's watching TV, practicing for yoga class, etc... 
    • You can chat with your stepsister, who has 100s of dialogue lines based on what is currently happening in game. Will definitely be expanding this
    • If you do chores in the same room as your stepdad, he may start to get a lil' creepy (no stepdad sex yet though, I knew you were gonna ask) - though he may start peeking at you in the shower if you tempt him enough
  • Alexia and Leah from the bar, have started getting some actual voice acting here and there. 
  • 1000+ new audio / videos / pictures
  • NPCs all overhauled in the new art style - for the most part, they are all completely AI-generated, not based on real people anymore.
  • NPCs can now buy drinks for the female player at the bar
  • UI improvements
  • A lot of bugfixes
  • I'm in the process of trying to port this game from Harlowe 3.2.3 to the new Harlowe 3.3.0. Once I do this, I should be able to improve performance quite a bit using some of its new features. But as it stands, the game is still compiled under Harlowe 3.2.3, and you may encounter periodic slowness (depending on your device), especially as you new the 100-day mark in game. Please bear with me, it will get better. 

Version 0.15f

  • This version is mainly continuing my media overhaul - I have re-edited 2,250 images, videos, and audio tracks since 0.15e... mainly new portraits, new images for the masculinity game, new images for the NPCs at the bar, etc. Too many things to list really. 
  • 7 more new original music compositions, super jazzy pieces that play when you're a girl on X-Change, in the morning
  • 143 redone & new animations, many of these are not used yet, they are planned for future sex with random NPCs
  • Hairstyles now give you a charm buff, but will wash out if you take a shower
  • Cum from NPCs may ruin your hairstyle, or clothes - and you'll have to do laundry if the latter is the case. Unfortunately, to afford stain remover, you'll need to start helping with household expenses... 
  • "Skippable Minigames" option now moved to cheat menu
  • More options have been added to the masculinity minigame, which is now switched on by default (but you can switch it off still)  
  • Tripled the number of randomly-generated NPC penises 

Version 0.15e

  • I've started overhauling the in-game images. For now, it's mainly the character portraits and outfits - I'll be doing more in future releases on a rolling basis, since it's a lot of work. I think I edited about 1000 images for this minor update. 
  • I've added 7 new ORIGINAL music compositions for the daily morning music as a guy. 7 more are on their way for the female side. 
  • Added a Radio shack with a purchasable computer
  • Added purchasable porn disks at the comics shop
  • Added a hair salon where you can change your hairstyle - currently purely cosmetic but will have gameplay effects later
  • Added 3 hidden-ish masturbation opportunities at the beach in the jungle trail, see if you can find them all, since they have unique animations
  • You can now masturbate as a guy, if you buy a computer and porn. The mainstream porn will turn you on more at first, but over time if you lose masculinity, you may end up liking the X-Change porn more. I plan to add more mechanics around this
  • Bug fixes, of course, too many to list...

Version 0.15d

  • This is hopefully the last of my quality of life updates, I will now be focusing on some more new scenes and progression
  • Finally added the ability to level up Intellect - it is based on the sales you make at the office job
  • All 3 major stats have been added to the stats screen so you can track your progress leveling them
  • Fixed issues with Charm leveling
  • Fixed issues with the Mia gym scene - now the shower noise doesn't play in the background upon playing it more than once
  • Added shame mechanics for the Mia gym scene where you masturbate at night
  • Made it so that when you masturbate at night due to shame, you can fulfill your side effect "obligations"
  • Added 54 new NPC dick pics to replace ones done in the old style
  • Resolved issues with your choice of activities for the day not carrying over when you change menus
  • Ability to get changed in the office - added a break room and a bathroom for getting changed.
  • Fixed a bug where outfits weren't being applied in the office.
  • Fixed a bug where "ashamed" orgasms weren't being counted towards side effects.
  • Fixed a bug where creampies were double-counted in game stats.
  • Fixed a bug where favorites from a previous character were carried over to a new character and breaking the wardrobe - now chosen outfits will be cleared every time you switch DNA
  • Fixed a bug where any fitness or charm lost comes back instantly upon gaining fitness or charm XP

Version 0.15c

This is mainly a quality of life update, but it should make your play experience much better.

  • Rewrote several in-game systems from the ground up, to fix problems with performance. Now the game is much more smooth and doesn't get bogged down as you play. 
  • Revised character creation sheet, you can now allocate points freely rather than only rely on random rolls. However, max and min starting stats are limited based on your personality type. (i.e. a Nerd cannot have a low starting Intellect, or a high starting Fitness)
  • You can now give sales demos as a woman - you will just transform from one woman into another, and will transform back into a woman at the end. 
  • Added 30+ cumshot animations. 
  • Rewritten outfit system - you can now explicitly wear clothes, and the game will take you to a changing room if you're out. Added a lot more in-game documentation for how the outfits are selected, so that people shouldn't have the same issues as before. 
  • Fixed issues with the side effects not working - now they do.
  • New music - daily music will change based on whether you're a guy or a girl, with more "girly" songs playing when you're on X-Change. Just a little subliminal thing!
  • Revised navigation in the Jungle - this is a prototype for "free-roam" sections of the game which are in the pipeline.
  • Tons of bug & performance fixes.  

Version 0.15b

  • You can now unlock a new pill for sale at Dynapill - "Hot and Ready" - No sales demo yet, I am working on it - pill is unlockable after you've made 5 sales of other products
  • "Auto Note" feature at the sales job, where you can automatically take notes on a prospective client. Using this feature will take 15 minutes of the day's clock, and will be limited by your character's Intellect - in future a very "Bimbo" character may get things wrong somtimes, so keep your eyes peeled...
  • The option to negotiate higher payouts for blowjobs when monetary payment has been proposed
  • Tons of bugs squashed

Version 0.15a

  • 1.2 million bugs fixed (approximate)
  • Clickable cheat codes instead of typing
  • New-U navigation much faster
  • Performance improvements
  • Refresh page to restart day

Version 0.15

  • 3 new in-depth sex scenes have been added in the gym, with a whole new set of minigames around them - exclusive to the Rae Lil Black, Blake Blossom, and Autumn Falls characters. Look for gym outfits that have the tag "Unlocks a gym scene!" at the mall. Purchasing those outfits will unlock the scene, the first time you go to the gym as a female. I will be adding 7 more scenes as rolling updates, but wanted to baseline this version. By writing these scenes, I am building up the game's core sex mechanics, to prepare for the next big update, where sex with random NPCs will be enabled. 
  • Fitness as a stat can now be leveled up
  • The New-U machine (with writing contributed by the wonderful Bamboozlr, the dev of Choker Change) - allows you to switch characters. Sometimes, transforming in this machine will trigger side-effects though... some of which include:
    • Swallow cum daily, or the DNA change is permanent (you'll still change back into a guy, just a different guy...) 
    •  Orgasm daily, or the DNA change is permanent - just means you gotta masturbate once per day
    •  Swallow cum daily, or the effect will wear off the next morning, regardless of its set length
    •  Orgasm daily, or the effect will wear off the next morning
    •  Submissive Pleasure - you will experience a lot more pleasure in passive sex positions, making the gym sex scenes quite difficult
    •  Libido overdrive - your arousal will build quickly over time - this could be more of a pro than a con, who knows!
    • Breeder effects
    • Stat drain
  • Charm as a stat can now be leveled up by performing the "persuasion" minigame
  • There is a toggle in the menu to make all minigames skippable, for those who just want to see "content" 
  • Identity hitting 0 is now a game over

Version 0.14c

  • Native saving/loading from file, written by the genius HiEv! Now this is natively built into the game rather than using the Local Storage Manager. To my knowledge, this is now the first Harlowe game ever with this functionality.

Version 0.14b

  • Ability to wear / not wear underwear - it's a flag you can click in the Wardrobe
  • Performance fixes - found a memory leak that causes the game to slow down over time. Please let me know if you experience any other dips in performance, I have recruited a Twine Harlowe expert to help out on those sorts of things now
  • If you hover your mouse over the portrait screen, it will also now show a list of the clothes you're wearing. Previously, there was no way to know what lingerie you were wearing lol. Now at least you'll see "bra" and "panties" listed out lol - I promise I'll flesh out checking out your outfit more in future!
  • Lots of little bug fixes. If you experience issues in the clothes shopping store, enter cheat code "new stock" to refresh the store inventory in the cheat code menu (Menu -> Game Settings -> Pager icon)
  • A javascript scrollbar that is actually half decent! To help those experiencing issues with stuff being too large sometimes. Let me know if UI problems persist though.
  • New button icons to match the style of the rest of the UI

Version 0.14a

  • Made UI tweaks for various screen resolutions. Lemme know if you spot anything weird. 
  • Added an "information" screen in the X-Change pharmacy
  • Fixed several bugs

Version 0.14

  • Outfits! 600+ outfits, about 60 unique for each character have been added. Appropriate outfits are randomly chosen from your wardrobe for appropriate situations. However, you can favorite outfits you want your character to select, and they will always pick those.
    • Beachwear - bikinis etc, used for the beach. 
    • Officewear - professional clothes, can boost your charm at work. 
    • Casualwear - mainly for going out to the mall, can be used for many situations. There's cute ones, sexy ones, slutty ones, and super low effort relaxed ones!
    • Stylish clothes - for going out to the bar. Dress to impress!
    • Lingerie - for wearing under your clothes and getting some much needed breast support (note that only huge-titted characters really need boob support, it has very little gameplay impact) 
    • Fetishwear (not yet used in context) - will be used for impressing your paramours
    • Loungewear - for wearing around the house and sleeping in. May give random "well rested" bonuses if you get a comfy set of PJs
  • People will sometimes comment on your outfits
  • A new shop at the mall for buying outfits - Bonwit Teller (it's a defunct department store that closed in the 1990s, that is now brought back in this retro future!) 
  • A wardrobe which lets you browse your outfits, and favorite them for specific purposes. You may annoy your stepdad if you are a bit too slutty in your lounging outfit choices
  • If you have large breasts, your boobs may jiggle and get a bit sore if you walk around with no support. Tiny little debuff every once in a while, but you gotta think about it now :) 
  • Comfy clothes will sometimes make you feel extra nice and give you little random boosts!
  • I also made a lot of non-outfit related updates...
    • New set of icons (by the wonderful TG artist Crown Cosmo, give her a follow on Twitter!)
    • 1000+ new images, a lot of upgraded animations and better compressed videos. I still have a lot of work to do on older videos
    • Audio voice lines for a lot of taunts in the Masculinity Minigame! Like 100 voice lines to make you feel guilty about that cock you just sucked. Or not...
    • The option to save to a file! Using HiEv's WONDERFUL Local Storage Manager, which HiEv gave me permission to include in this release. 
    • Billions of bug fixes
  • My blood, sweat and tears are really in this update so be nice to me! I got my Patreon shut down over the game's content, they wanted me to make changes I wasn't willing to make. So I switched over to SubscribeStar. 

Version 0.13c

  • New combo mechanics to make the arrows minigame more fun.
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • UI improvements for mobile devices - the mobile experience is still far from perfect, but try the "Request Desktop Version of Site" option for an improvement 

Version 0.13

  • Sex skill experience system. This allows you to skip playing minigames (if desired) by making a dice roll instead.
    • Your chance of success is based at how good you are at the current sex action (blowjobs, orgasm control, cowgirl, etc). And each time you use those skills, they improve.
    • You gain more XP in each skill when you play the minigames, and you also earn more if you have a higher score multiplier, which you get by having an initially weak character.
  • New sex scene. I didn’t advertise I was going to do this, but I wrote a VERY VERY JUICY new foursome scene that will showcase a few new sex mechanics, that I will be working to integrate into the randomized encounters later. This scene is unlockable after "failing" the stripper scene by getting cummed on. Enjoy!
  • Hardcore mode for minigames. I made most minigames a tad easier by default, and added a new optional hard mode. Earn a little more XP if you switch iton.
  • Menu. I made a quite basic menu system, where you can toggle settings, view stats, etc. I’ll continue expanding this. FYI, saving the game is now accessible from the menu screen rather than main game screens.
  • 3 save slots instead of 1. Self-explanatory. If you have any trouble with saves, I highly recommend clearing your browser cache, although this will remove your previous save data.
  • Blackjack improvements. I replaced a lot of instances of blackjack with the “keep the bar in the middle” game, but I also made the blackjack scoring a bit fairer so it’s a lot easier to win now.
  • Minigame option if you want to reject a guy. No matter how high your arousal, you can turn down a guy’s request for a BJ if you beat a relatively easy minigame. I just wanted to portray the struggle of being super turned on, without locking the player into a scene they don’t want. (There’s also the safeword option you can toggle on to avoid anything!)
  • Image / video improvements. I replaced maybe 100 images / videos with improved version. I cycled out some of the NPC images with AI-generated fake faces, and will continue replacing more in future.
  • A LOT of other little fixes.
  • Introduced new bugs, probably…

Version 0.12a (hotfix - as requested this is a patch release, you need to have 0.12 arlaready to use 0.12a) 

  • Made sales demos easier to get, now you will always have the option to give a demo for an increased commission. 
  • Sales commissions are slightly higher and you'll also be able to perform slightly fewer actions. These are not extreme changes yet. 
  • Added more cumshot animations. These animations were already present in 0.12, but not linked in game so unused, now they are used. 
  • Random groping no longer happens if you have the "Safeword" setting turned on. It seemed out of place in that style of playthrough.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs: Basic pills that didn't run out after several days, issue with the tip jar, and 3-4 other random small ones 

Version 0.12

  • The most-requested feature: ability to skip blackjack minigames. Now they can be settled by a D&D style skill check or random dice roll. If you have really high charm, you can breeze past the vast majority of sales checks, for instance. I may add these options to other minigames as well in future but Blackjack was the biggest issue for most people, so I did it first. 
  • A "Safeword" toggle in the character sheet. If you set this to Enabled, you will get an option during most scenes and encounters, to exit the scene regardless of your arousal, etc. This feature is intended to respect those who don't like being forced into sexual situations by their characters' pill or arousal addled brains. But for those who like this sort of content, the option is off by default, so you will not experience anything different. 
  • An audio toggle. Three options: all audio on, all audio off, or music only off. 
  • Some other minor improvements and optimizations. 

Version 0.11

  • Random encounters, overheard comments, and thoughts as a girl when you're on X-Change.
  • Random NPC generator, it is a thing of beauty and horror! There are literally millions of possible guys you will meet, all with quite different personalities.
  • Mood mechanics - for now, moods are just bad. I'll add some positive moods as well, but right now they are stat debuffs based on things that happened in the random encounters. Need to flesh it out more, which will be easy to do.
  • If you're really ashamed of something you've done (like blown a random guy), you'll masturbate at night. If you cum thinking about the guy, you'll lose a lot of identity points.
  • A bunch of tweaks and optimizations
  • New option to switch off masculinity minigame entirely, if you don't like it. Did this based on some feedback, so the people who like it can leave it on.
  • A lot more things that increase arousal. I may have gone overboard with this...
  • I'm in the process of overhauling the Gym. Now it's a morning event, and "pumps you up", giving you some pretty big buffs throughout the day. This buff also protects you against certain bad moods. Still no increase of fitness but that will come soon...
  • I added a new layer to standard blowjob quicktime events. Now, they are a little easier, but you have a TIME TARGET. You need to make the blowjob last a certain amount of time, in order to be considered succcessful. This keeps you from just rushing through it, that wouldn't be fun! You gotta use proper technique now.

Coming soon: 

  • Leveling up. Currently your "Score Multiplier" does not do anything, but it will soon affect how fast you gain levels. 
  • Random sex encounters instead of just blowjobs. 
  • More fun in the gym
  • More fun at the office

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by datdude69

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 07/16/2022

For those who read these reviews and are turned off by the "lack of content" complaints: technically yes, there's not that much content. But, keep in mind that this game is still listed in the "Demo" category for a reason. The creator of this game is still in the adding systems phase as reflected by recent updates being content-lite and system-heavy.  Future plans do include storyline oriented content per the discord discussions -- but that's nota to come until the base design of the game is built out/What content there is to play now can be run through relatively quickly if you're a completionist. There are some fun and interactive sex scenes, there's some scenes that put the character between a rock and a hard place, there's some good transformation content, but there's not much motivation yet. Still worth checking out but keep in mind that this project is pretty ambitious and still early in the grand scheme of things.

If you enjoyed messing around with NewLife, GirlLife, or any "life" games, you'll like messing around in this game. Doing some role-play on your own may be necessary for now. Judging by the ambition and continuous improvement of this project though this will over time be really special.

Review by fremen

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 07/16/2022

while I really like the premise of the game it seems to me that the creator has bitten of more than they can handle. Not that I've seen something truely bad - but it seems to me that the ability to have different protagonists videos takes up a lot of dev time and adds little. At least it doesn't add a lot for me frankly I'd rather see that time used to make the game sexier and have more story. That of cause is not up to me but the dev. I like the game - but at the same time I also dislike it. it is sexy and where doing the sales is intriguing it becomes tedieus fast. I'd like to see more events with sexy time rather than the very broard scope with so many dublicates of slightly diffent content. I beleve the game would benefit with a tightning up where it focuses on the core concept rather than the broard scope. good luck to the dev - I'll be watching :)

Review by Cortuler

Version reviewed: 0.15f on 05/23/2022

This is a review of the game as of 0.15f

Do I recommend the game? No... Or at least not yet.

So far, this is one of the more promising "life-sim with a premise" games out there. The idea of making a game where you can take X-Change pills whenever you like and switch gamemodes is pretty interesting, and a good amount of work has been put into making that basic premise work. Each player character has a unique male and female form, and the artstyle of "art-filter real pictures" works pretty well. The art/picture choice in general in this game is good, the writing is, if not exceptional, at least decent and serviceable.

That was the good stuff, now the reasons why I can't recommend it yet.

First off, the greatest sin a life-sim can make is be small. This game probably has a decent variety of content, but you'll find yourself going through the same motions every day trying to find it: you'll go to the gym or shower or whatever, see a scene you've already seen (if you see a scene at all), then go to work and play through the sales minigame (which was interesting the first six times you did it), and potentially get one of the game's better scenes at random while closing a sale. Then you'll go to the bar, maybe pick up a chick you've already fucked, and be done.

Of course, being a woman using one of the game's titular X-Change pills will open up new scenes... Except not as many as you might expect. Save for a few scripted events you practically have to seek out to find, it'll go down like this: male comes up to you, pickup line, here's money for a blowjob. The issue is, this repeats whether you're a woman at the gym, a woman at the beach, a woman at the mall, or a woman at the bar. The pickup lines don't change, the general minigames involved don't change, and the end result is you performing the same exact blowjob without any real difference from where you are other than potentially how long you get to walk around with splooge on your face.

And once you realize that, the game loses a lot of its charm. You can keep going to work, but once you've got 10 thousand dollars and nothing to spend them on, you only go on the off-chance that one of your sales might feature a scene. Except, again, you've seen one, you've seen them all. The maid scene is always the same, as is the GoodGirl series scene... And that especially starts to drag on when you're going through the somewhat tedious "sales pitch" minigame each time just to not even roll the chance to see the scene.

There's another thing that's slightly problematic IMO, but here your mileage may vary: there's really no incentive at any point to actually *interact* with the TF content in the game at all. I tend to prefer stories where the main character starts off not particularly wanting to change, and I'll RP it that way if given the chance. Issue is, in this game, if I RP a "normal" straight dude who doesn't particualrly care for sucking dick but might if pushed to it, there is no game. I wake up, go to work, go to sleep. The only interesting thing to do is fuck chicks at the bar, but there are better games out there for that. My bank account climbs up to stupid numbers when all I've got to spend my money on is one relatively cheap computer and 5$ drinks for said chicks at the bar. I might need to turn to a lady for a sale for work, but why bother? Like i said, I already have functionally unlimited money, and even buying every last item of clothing for my female form wouldn't put a dent in it, I'll just say no thanks and keep your money.

So TL;DR: The game as of 0.15f is a fine start, with a decent premise and art choice, but remains both narrow and shallow for now, with little to do, little variety when doing it, and little in-world incentive for wanting to do it.

Review by ICBMinthehouse

Version reviewed: 0.15f on 05/09/2022

Really good game with a fair amount of content, probably enough for a solid six to ten hours of playing as of this review. Selling points include a really robust central concept (and mechanics that support it), the fantastic audioscape (XXX and otherwise) and unique & compelling art style. An occasional bug pops up here and there, but it has seen steady development for a while now and I can't wait for more!

Check out the TIPS jar for content you might otherwise miss!

Review by udders

Version reviewed: 0.15f on 04/30/2022

Game keeps adding here and there, never huge huge jumps which cause lots of bugs, steady improvements. Personally, cannot wait untiol the milker pill and the breeder pill come out.

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