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Version: 0.0.0

Little Red of Ridinghood

Little Red of Ridinghood

Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme

The town of Ridinghood is troubled by an enchantress, the "Scarlet Wytch". Can the famous monster hunter, "Blackwolf" help, or will he too succumb to her twisted magics?

A short & simple time management game with a slow tg transformation theme.

• Incomplete. The intro, basic game loop are complete. Much, much more to come.

• HTML Twine game
• Approximately 35,000 words & over 1,000 lines of coding
• First 4 days complete (including intro)
• First 7-8 transformations complete
• (Mostly) working player avatar

• Entry for the "Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme!" contest.
• I was inspired by the design of the fantastic game, "BIMBO CHEERLEADER SORORITY BIKINI BABES BUST OUT! - THE SWORD OF EVERAFTERIA" by Kelir (which you should totally check out!). Copying this style of interactive video/image, thanks Kelir!
• In addition to incomplete, the game is VERY unpolished, so apologies for misspellings, bugs, dead-ends and all the other features we love about in-progress Twine games.

Adding a couple screenshots!

Cover image

Screen 1

screen 2

0.0.0 First release

0.0.1 Bugfix - broken image link

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Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/01/2021

Nice art and great interface!  For an early release definitely worth playing.

Review by Case Scenario

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/01/2021

Wonderful!  I can't wait for more.  This is highly sophisticated for an HTML game, it's clearly a labor of love.  The graphics are adorable, though I wonder how much is bespoke and how much is stock imagery.

I really enjoy the work put into detailing the protagonist's thought process, his feelings about his transformation, and the ways it affects his activities.  This is stuff which is often glossed over in stories and games, and I really appreciate writing which leans into the adjustment period instead of shrugging it off, especially when it's acutely damaging to the protagonist's ego.  I particularly love for TF content which emphasizes shrinking masculine characters down into petite sizes.  It really emphasizes the paradigm shift as the strength they've taken for granted is stripped away.

I'm curious if there are going to be branching paths, and how in depth they'll be.  I assume that the attitude we cultivate towards the Wytch will come into play.  I also wonder if there are going to be varying paths for the transformation itself.  For instance, will the hero become more voluptuous and sexualized to be a romantic partner for the "Wytch", or could they become a surrogate daughter as he shrinks into a dainty little girl?  And would the hero eventually embrace their altered state to live happily with the Wytch, or would they continue to resist and possibly find a way to defeat her and escape?  It would definitely encourage multiple playthroughs if there were different outcomes.  Personally, I'd like for the hero to fall deeper down the rabbit hole, kicking and screaming all the way.  Maybe it's schadenfreude, but I do prefer stories where the main character isn't very happy with their altered state.

But that speaks to the strength of the game, that I'm thinking of it like a story rather than an activity.  Well done!  I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/01/2021

I love this start, can't wait to see more, thank you! :D

I had also really enjoyed your game "Perchance To Dream"!

Review by Kaeil

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 10/31/2021

A nice setting and tone, it has a lot of material for an alpha build. The graphics are appropriate and nice to look at. The UI is different and intuitive, though it doesn't auto size to the screen size which is disappointing if you have a large monitor, but I assume it works fine on a phone.

The characters have the appropriate amount of dialogue, actions and events have an appropraite amount of description.

On the downside you are railroaded into the transformation so the chores need a little balancing. Also it would be nice if you weren't force transformed every morning so it felt like there was a way to retain your original self if you played perfectly. This'll also expand the number of transformations the game can enact.

I would recommend mental transformations at night if you don't service her properly and physical transformations if you don't do all the chores to give dessert a greater purpose. This'll also open up the options for player preferences.

Definitely recommend and hope that there will future updates soon.

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