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Version: 0.0.0

Little Red of Ridinghood

Little Red of Ridinghood

Updated June 3, 2022, minor bugfix. See Changelog for more info

Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme

The town of Ridinghood is troubled by an enchantress, the "Scarlet Wytch". Can the famous monster hunter, "Blackwolf" help, or will he too succumb to her twisted magics?

A short & simple time management game with a slow tg transformation theme.

• Incomplete, about 30-40 minutes of playtime currently. Much, much more to come.

• HTML Twine game
• Over 100,000 words & 2,000+ lines of coding
• First 6 days complete (including intro)
• First 10-15 transformations complete 
• Working player avatar

• Entry for the "Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme!" contest.
• I was inspired by the design of the fantastic game, "BIMBO CHEERLEADER SORORITY BIKINI BABES BUST OUT! - THE SWORD OF EVERAFTERIA" by Kelir (which you should totally check out!). Copying this style of interactive video/image, thanks Kelir!
• In addition to incomplete, the game is VERY unpolished, so apologies for misspellings, bugs, dead-ends and all the other features we love about in-progress Twine games.

Adding a couple screenshots!

Cover image

Screen 1

screen 2

0.2.1 Update (June 3, 2022)

Small update to fix some bugs.

  • Fixes a bug where the player can't advance past the last task day if they masturbated. 
  • Fixes a bug where an extra day gets added to the day count.
  • Some other minor bugs
  • Various spelling/grammar errors.


0.2.0 Update (May 24, 2022)

A lot of changes in this update. Tons of new content, reworked & cleaned up systems and some new graphics to make it all look prettier. See below for the specifics!

System changes/bug fixes

  • Time fixes - time now autocalculates based on chores
  • Difficulty grade - extra time requests "stick" until the next level, allowing the player to have some control of difficulty.
  • Made the time a little more forgiving overall.
  • Removed all morning changes - changes only come from failed tasks…or the wytch being cheeky
  • Various bug fixes - so many, oh so many
  • Reduced horniness rate - builds much slower now
  • Redesigned intro to be more interactive and teach interface
  • Added keyboard interface for story passages

Character changes

  • 4 new body changes possible (long hair (avatar), small boobs (avatar), girl butt (text only), trim waist (text only))
  • Genitalia change added, character can now become female
  • New wytch avatar with expressions and clothing changes

New content

  • Almost 50 pages of new content!
  • You can search the room after cleaning to find potions and trinkets, each with strange and mysterious effects
  • Can do research in the bedroom to learn about magic and wytches (sorry, you can't cast spells yet, magic system is planned for the next update)
  • Able to take a walk around the woods - find new areas and maybe even a way out/
  • Able to visit the town, go shopping and "interact" with a few different townsfolk. Interactions are all still quite shallow, but you can have sex with each if you meet the right conditions (including MF, MM, FF, and a little sub/dom flavoring (very light).
  • A new character will come to visit the cabin if you meet the conditions. Who could they be?
  • New dinner conversations & wytch relationship - how far can your relationship develop (or degrade)?


0.1.0 Update (Dec 16, 2021)

New update to Little Red of Ridinghood. Current version 0.1.0

lot of new content, approximately 10,000 new words and an entirely new system. BUT most of it is structural/back-end, so the gameplay itself won't feel like it's changed that much. The major changes are:

  • You can now build a budding relationship with the wytch...or ruin it completely
  • Timing has been tweaked a lot. If you're very careful and a bit lucky, you can proceed to the end of the current content with only a few changes. Of course, it is a transformation game, so the odds are stacked heavily against you.


  • Remade the relationship system, code and database
  • Added new passages for relationships (about 10,000 new words)
  • Remade all interior images to higher quality
  • Created bedroom images & scene
  • Removed the morning change (by request)
  • Added a forced transformation for every 3 "perfect" reviews
  • Fixed horny values from climbing *too* quickly
  • Fixed bugs where certain events were not carrying over to the next day (water, firewood, sex)
  • Animated PNGs were too large, reduced size

0.0.1 Bugfix - broken image link  (Oct 31, 2021)

0.0.0 First release  (Oct 31, 2021)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by LenioTG

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 05/24/2022

I love this start, can't wait to see more, thank you!

I had also really enjoyed your game "Perchance To Dream"!

UPDATE Version 0.2: it's going past the already high expectations, great job, keep up! :D

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 05/24/2022

A truly outstanding game, the concept is simple, well executed, the chores could use some hotkey love, it's especially troublesome on a touchscreen laptop to click the task bubble/destination popup(the small yellow triangle that pops up the passage link).

So, it's pretty much what the title of the game suggests, except for the m2f transformation. There's quite a bit of content already there, and the author keeps writing "this is the end of the current path" for a transformation or a certain storyline, but I kept finding new content. Overall, I'm quite happy with the game's pacing, the scenes are well-written, I loved every bit of it.

Review by Lorence

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/18/2021

Very early stage game somewhere between concept and alpha. Still nice classic interface and art and decent time-management light-hearted concept.

Looks like actually quite nice and promising one.


While writing is good, it defenitely needs a tons of proofreading like wytch for a witch. lol

Good start

Review by nezumi

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/08/2021

Very lovely. Generally well-written, nice artwork, a decent if preliminary gameplay loop, and some fun options regarding your reaction to the changes. We have very much enjoyed it!

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/01/2021

Nice art and great interface!  For an early release definitely worth playing.

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