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1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete
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Version: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete

New Lingerie Drawer
by zur

Hi, "New Lingerie Drawer" is a game focusing on forced feminization, you play with Leo, a 24 year old handsome boy, still a virgin who has a beautiful and adorable girlfriend named Elsa.
Elsa has a rather peculiar plan to take Leo's virginity, with two years of dating, Leo hadn't figured out his girlfriend was so kink.

The game is complete and has an interactive mode, which you can play together with Leo in the comfort of your home. Hmm... Maybe not so much comfort...

Leo/You - A handsome boy who despite having a very pretty girlfriend is still a virgin.

Elsa - Your beautiful and kink girlfriend.

Miss Cory - Your boss, despite being demanding, is a good boss, she likes you and your girlfriend a lot.

Monique - Best friend to Leo and Elsa, She might be a little irritating to you, but she's still a good friend.

I strongly recommend that you try to solve the game yourself, going too fast can make you miss some interesting scenes, but if you still need a little help, I'll put below where to complete each task, to avoid spoilers it will be camouflaged, just click and drag with the mouse to reveal the content.


Task 1: Forever Mine - Dolls Hurt - Cute Little Thing - Scarlett's Secret - Pinkbella

Task 2: Spy Provocateur - Lilac - Valuable - Intimatemissimi - Rope

Task 3: Forever Mine - Dolls Hurt - Cute Little Thing - Scarlett's Secret

Task 4: Spy Provocateur - Lilac - Intimatemissimi - Rope

Task 5: Forever Mine - Valuable - Scarlett's Secret -

Task 6: Dolls Hurt - Pinkbella - Rope

Task 7: Spy Provocateur - Valuable - Scarlett's Secret 

Task 8: Dolls Hurt - Cute Little Thing - Pinkbella

Task 9: Forever Mine - Lilac - Intimatemissimi

Task 10: Spy Provocateur - Pinkbella - Rope

Task 11: Dolls Hurt - Lilac - Intimatemissimi

Task 12: Valuable - Cute Little Thing - Rope

Task 13: Forever Mine - Spy Provocateur - Scarlett's Secret

Task 14: Cute Little Thing - Pinkbella - Rope

Task 15: Dolls Hurt - Lilac - Intimatemissimi

Task 16: Forever Mine - Scarlett's Secret

Task 17: Lilac - Valuable

Task 18: Dolls Hurt - Pinkbella

Task 19: Spy Provocateur - Intimatemissimi

Task 20: Rope

Task 21: Forever Mine - Cute Little Thing

Task 22: Valuable - Scarlett's Secret

Task 23: Cute Little Thing - Pinkbella

Task 24: Spy Provocateur - Intimatemissimi

Task 25: Valuable

Task 26: Scarlett's Secret

Task 27: Lilac

Task 28: Forever Mine

Task 29: Dolls Hurt

Task 30: Rope

1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete

Some people had problems with the final part of the game, this new file should solve the problem, if you already have a save file you should go back to the part before leaving home, go to the wardrobe first to change your clothes.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete on 11/26/2021

This feels like it could be a good game, but the sheer magnatiude of clicking randomly to find the correct items is mind numbing.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete on 11/24/2021

There is a lot of clicking but it is sure a single rail. Wait... don't go yet. Just like all the commentors below, I really hate cyoa linear stories too. but I played all the way until the end of the game. So, there must be something good about it. Just make sure you use the walkthrough.

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete on 11/23/2021

I'm pretty sure this review is going to sound very negative, but the game is definitely worth a play, even if I have mixed feelings.

The sex scenes were hot (could use some work on the writing) but the gameplay was very linear. It's nice that you can generally find different items to match the tasks, but that's really the only "choice" in the game. I can understand why the author recommends searching for yourself, and not using the back button, because hunting items is the only gameplay, but it's not a very interesting or engaging task. I ended up using the walkthrough for most of the game. (I'm really grateful there was a walkthrough, or I would have quit)

If you're into chastity and feminization with a focus on lingerie, and a side order of gentle cuckoldry, it's a good story, I just wish there was some interesting gameplay or decisions, along the way.

Review by SU2AR

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete on 11/23/2021

Nice little game. Searching for an item became old very soon so I just followed walkthrough. I wish author good luck with their next project, I like games in this theme. ps: there's a bug before last scene already described in other reviews.

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 - bugfix - Complete on 11/23/2021

The Good

This is an enjoyable game, with varied NPCs that respond to the changes being imposed on you, have different personalities, and vary from kind/supportive to bitchy. There's something for everyone! The included porn is high quality and enhances the play.

There is an ending! So many games run out of content before reaching a conclusion, but not this one.

The Bad

There's a great deal of searching for the specific lingerie item you've been tasked to find. I get that that's part of the game - forcing you to interact with lots of salespeople in your search, with potential for embarrassing conversations - but as there's an imposed limit on how many you can visit each day it can take far too long to find a particular item. I found myself browsing the downloaded image folder to identify which shop had the right item. I think this would be improved if there were some way to simplify this - maybe by having, for example, all the kinkier items in a single store.

There are a few typos and odd turns of phrase but nothing that detracts from gameplay.

The Ugly

The final scenes require you to put male clothes and shoes on before you leave the house, but there's no logic to tell you you're leaving the house in just your underwear. So you're allowed to leave the house without them but you then get an empty black window if you don't have them with you to put back on  in the dress or shoe shops.



It's more of a narrative to follow than a choice-laden game but that's made clear, and the content was exactly what I like. It's still very enjoyable. I'd rather follow a pre-configured path to a clear outcome than get lost in a dense nest of complicated options in a game that doesn't have endings yet. I'd give this one 8 out of 10. There's room for improvement but it's already excellent.

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