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Version: 0.1.a


Maze of Memories is a simple game where you wake up in a labyrinth with no memories. You do not know where you are, how you came to be there or even who you are yourself in the first place.

To escape from this labyrinth you have to explore it and find the exit. While doing so you will find different (naughty) memories that are trapped inside the maze just like you. Encountering and interacting with this memories will slowly change you.

Once you have found enough memories the exit will open up and let you return to your old (or maybe new) life.

But beware that you are not alone in this place and there are "ghost" out there that will want to change you to their liking or trap you in the maze forever.


The game is played somewhat like good old pac-man in a top down look.

The maze itself is generated anew for every play-through, so you will (hopefully) never play in the same maze twice.

To move around and explore the maze you can use the arrow-keys or the wasd keys on your keyboard as well as the links on the screen.


Right now the game is still only alpha.

Nonetheless I tried my best to come up with a good balance between (naughty) memories to find and hopefully not too much grind.

I hope that with your feedback I can improve this concept to become a nice small game that is fun to play.


Initial release


- Bug Fixes

-Game will now tell you when you have collected enough memories to open the exit

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.1.a on 11/28/2021

It's unique in a good way.  I found exit doors but I'm guessing I could not exit due to my memory score.  The ghosts apparently lower your memory score if you submit.  It felt like it could use a bit more balancing but, otherwise I liked it.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 11/26/2021

This definitely an Alpha stage game  in that it has a premise that follows all the way through to the end. There is room for more development, but the mechanics are artfully explained even if the totals for the win condition are not. There is already more here than many other games that are further along in their development(no shade just a compliment to this game) so definitely take a look.

Review by Stormaggeddon

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 11/25/2021

okay first off for what it is it is a pretty good game simple but good.  Have not found the exit yet but it seems like a complete game. Somethings I liked was it wasnt your typical HTML game on here, very few bugs, and the media quality is really goosd.  Somethings i did not like was the "Probe" button I feel it should either cost willpower/energy to probe a memory or memories should be labelled "F" or "M" on the map.  Some of the descriptioins had the missing picture icon and after about 10 minutes of playing i felt like i saw everything there is to see and just wanted to find the exit.  

Some things to improve the game is different difficulty modes, more transformations (ie. futa, furry, bimbo, etc.), different enemy types would be cool that actually should images of said enemy (even if you used hentai instead of real porn), traps, and charactor mind states.  


Cannot wait to see what you come up with for this game you have many directions you can take it and will definitely play it again with the next update.

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