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Loa: A Mirror Darkly
by Legba

A Mirror Darkly focuses on you transforming women using a mixture of vodou and psychedelics, then having great sex with them. The transformations will cover a wide variety of situations but largely focus on the bimbofication and sexifying (breast expansion, sluttification, etc.) of the women in one way or another. Mental and physical changes are involved. Transformation of the main character is also available, but currently only your muscular beefiness and penis size can be changed. There are fast-change scenarios via your "therapy sessions" with women, and slightly slower changes with people you meet out in the world.

Taking after pCaine's "Inner Bimbo", there is not much literal gameplay - your choices do affect how women (and men) are transformed and will affect future scenarios and choices, how those people interact with you and others. There are currently no mini-games or puzzles to solve; only some gathering of necessary items to progress the plot, though I am open to working mini-games in in the future if they seem enjoyable. The game is focused on the choice of changes you can induce and the sexy outcomes of those changes.

There is some light gay and mtf trans content, but it is and always will be entirely avoidable.

You are a disgraced phD candidate who stumbles onto a chemical mixture that lets you trip (or seem to) between parallel worlds, and a mystical artifact that lets you combine them, with the help of some very encouraging Vodou gods known as Loa. Obviously you only use this ability to transform women into sexier versions of themselves and to heighten their libidos so you can have amazing sex with them, because what else would you do?

The game will have you enjoying the fruits of your labors while exploring the new amalgamated world and learning how to better channel your vodou to make the changes you want in the people around you - and even yourself. Whether the Loa are entirely benevolent and how altering yourself and others will affect you personally remains to be seen.

A quick and dirty walkthrough:


-Go home to your study, research skull markings
-Take the bus from the stop to city center, buy a mirror in the department store
-Go uptown to university library, research entheogens
-Go downtown to "herb your enthusiasm", buy herbs
-Take bus from city center to State Park, forage for Amanita
-Go home, buy remaining ingredients online in your study
-Go to basement laboratory, brew kykeon
-Go to psychomanteum, test out kykeon
-Visit Deandra, ask her to come check out your skull, go to psychomanteum and dose her
-Go downtown to the back alley (through the bar or herb shop) to talk to Dealer
-Choose who will suck the dealer (if your fitness is high enough, you can punch him and take the tucibi instead)
-If you didn't punch him out, go to the bar bathroom where you or Dee can suck the dealer for tucibi
-Go home to lab and concoct your melange
-Go to psychomanteum, prepare melange and take it (any option)
-You can now treat patients in your study
-Go to herb shop and ask Flower about mojo bags
-Go to Old Country Road from bus stop (before evening), talk to Mahla, ask about Mojo bags
-Tell Mahla about your vision to get access to the Hounfour
-Go to the Hounfour and ask Mahla about spells and charms to get access to buy a pwen cho
-Buy Legba's pwen cho (can do this later too)
-Buy the herbs you don't have yet (Jalap and Hikuri)
-Go home to your lab, creat mojo hand
-Go to psychomanteum, feed mojo hand
-You can now use mojo to transform Flower
-(When you need mojo to transform others in the world, feed your hand chirality. 1 chirality = 1 mojo)
-Draw down Legba into your mojo hand using 3 chirality. If you ever don't have enough, sleep to get 3 chi
-Visit Mahla and talk to him. He will notice you drew Legba.
-Ask about his request in the Hounfour, say you will think about it
-(optional) Visit Loa in your psychomanteum to discuss his request
-Visit old country store between 10PM and 6AM, go around back and enter
-Choose how to transform Mahla
-Draw down Marassa in your psychomanteum
-Marassa scene now unlocked for Flower


-Gretchen must have her therapy completed, and your mojo hand unlocked
-If Gretchen is a MILF you can find her at the city center daytime (1/3 chance)
-If a GILF you can find her at Kentucky Ave (mornings, 1/3 chance)
-Agree to come see her daughter
-Visit Gretchen, ask where Mackenzie is, then visit Mackenzie in her room
-Ask why she's irritated to open up dosing/mojo work

-You can peer review 1/day
-Each therapy session pays you $30
-If you don't mind or even enjoy sucking dick, you can make $20 per session (unlimited) or get someone to do it for you

Version 0.1.3

3 new therapy transformations: Lupe, Susan, and Jasmine

1 new town scene - Mahla (erzulie path only)

Therapy Office now has a "read up" section to attempt to fix past saves for new updates

Clothing system skeleton has been introduced, to prepare for future releases



Version 0.1.2

1 new therapy transformation: Cynthia

1 new town transformation - Mahla (gay/trans/mtf)

1 new town scene - Flower

Spoiler section in Credits showing all model names


Version 0.1.1

2 new therapy transformations: Mia, Naomi

1 new town transformation - Mackenzie, a patient's relative


Version 0.1.0

5 therapy transformations; 1 return transformation

1 town transformation - Flower the herbalist

Review by EvaD

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 10/08/2022

I love this game so far. It's small but focused and I hope the future expands on what's already there.

It's got a slow build up before you can really go all out on the transformations but it serves as a nice introduction to the mechanics.

It's a lifestyle game with minimal lifestyle elements (you're just looking after your money, 'mojo' and 'chirality') and it's not too grindy imo.

Transformation wise it's got some great options, though it's mostly some variation on Bimbo (So if you're not into that it's probably not the game for you)

It reminds me a lot of the game Hunter's Harem, though none of the TFs are as mean spirited as some of the ones in that game. It's framed more as 'helping' than 'enslaving' - though you are still turning everyone into free-use Bimbos it feels a lot more consentual than HH.

There are hints towards Player-character transformations but they're not fully fleshed out in game yet. Though what is there does appear to be giving you a choice of MtF or hyper-masculine transformations, which is a refreshing choice.

Review by AndrogynousFox

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 07/02/2022

If you like Bimbos, and multiple transformation options, this is a great game for you. Simple, streamlined, and sexy, this game knows what it wants to do, and does it brilliantly. There are a few placeholder passages still in a few transformations, but the whole thing is sexy.

Lack of a Game Over state is very much appreciated in a simple game like this, it makes everything a lot less stressful. Plus, any Game Over would be pretty out of left field in this game's narrative. The few resources you need to buy/collect are quick and easy to do so, not interrupting the flow of the game at all. 

The only possible criticism I have is that the Chirality generation is 2/night, or rather it sets you at 2 in the morning if you have less. Once all transformations have been completed, your Chirality will never rise above 2, and thus the Loa you can purchase & summon can't be summoned if you've already done all the transformations and used that Chirality. However this is easily resolved by basic resource management, and may even be intentional.

As long as this game gets future updates, it's a solid 9/10 for me.

Review by Ron

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/22/2021

Was able to get through the game semi quick. I did want to say.... WOW. This is AMAZING. I genuinely want to see this updated. You have done a wonderful job of creating a means of arousal and believable realism within a game. I would love to see some shemale, sph, feminization, androgenousation, and more. Besides that, I LOVE this. Not sure if im allowed to swear in reviews, so I wont, but this is worth a swear its so good. I do think that there should be contextual sex scenes. Such as, if your dick is too small, certain scenes wont be avaliable OR something along the lines of the person/s you are having sex with will comment that they are not cannot with a dick so small. I would also like contextual descriptions based on appearence as well as the Melange actually doing something to your body. Also perhaps a description of clothing and other characteristics of yourself in the YOU menu. Great work! Keep it up!

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/20/2021

Good start as others said.  I enjoyed the avaialable content.  It does feel like it needs a lot of rebalancing.  Once you've done the tedious job of collecting all the herbs and go through a few events you can setup therapy sessisons.  Once you do that within a day you can get enough points to max out your own transformations.  I think the herb gathering part was okay.  As I said it's tedious but, doesn't overload you by being an ongoing thing.  But once you have them you can perform massive transforamtion on yourself without much work at all and it just seemed too easy.

Review by Yiesilippy

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/13/2021

It's a great start, I like the concept plenty of room to play around with it. Look forward to future updates!

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