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Loa: A Mirror Darkly
by Legba

A Mirror Darkly focuses on you transforming women using a mixture of vodou and psychedelics, then having great sex with them. The transformations will cover a wide variety of situations but largely focus on the bimbofication and sexifying (breast expansion, sluttification, etc.) of the women in one way or another. Mental and physical changes are involved. Transformation of the main character is also available, but currently only your muscular beefiness and penis size can be changed.

There is some light MM content, but it is and always will be entirely avoidable.

You are a disgraced phD candidate who stumbles onto a chemical mixture that lets you trip between parallel worlds, and a mystical artifact that lets you combine them, with the help of some very encouraging Vodou gods known as Loa. Obviously you only use this ability to transform women into sexier versions of themselves and to heighten their libidos so you can have amazing sex with them, because what else would you do?

The game will have you enjoying the fruits of your labors while exploring the new amalgamated world and learning how to better channel your vodou to make the changes you want in the people around you - and even yourself.

Version 0.1.0

5 therapy transformations; 1 return transformation

1 sandbox transformation - Flower the herbalist

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Review by Ron

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/22/2021

Was able to get through the game semi quick. I did want to say.... WOW. This is AMAZING. I genuinely want to see this updated. You have done a wonderful job of creating a means of arousal and believable realism within a game. I would love to see some shemale, sph, feminization, androgenousation, and more. Besides that, I LOVE this. Not sure if im allowed to swear in reviews, so I wont, but this is worth a swear its so good. I do think that there should be contextual sex scenes. Such as, if your dick is too small, certain scenes wont be avaliable OR something along the lines of the person/s you are having sex with will comment that they are not cannot with a dick so small. I would also like contextual descriptions based on appearence as well as the Melange actually doing something to your body. Also perhaps a description of clothing and other characteristics of yourself in the YOU menu. Great work! Keep it up!

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/20/2021

Good start as others said.  I enjoyed the avaialable content.  It does feel like it needs a lot of rebalancing.  Once you've done the tedious job of collecting all the herbs and go through a few events you can setup therapy sessisons.  Once you do that within a day you can get enough points to max out your own transformations.  I think the herb gathering part was okay.  As I said it's tedious but, doesn't overload you by being an ongoing thing.  But once you have them you can perform massive transforamtion on yourself without much work at all and it just seemed too easy.

Review by Yiesilippy

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/13/2021

It's a great start, I like the concept plenty of room to play around with it. Look forward to future updates!

Review by Butt-Man 3000

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/12/2021

A fantastic start, I'm really excited to see how this game progesses. 

Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/12/2021

self and others, well done and written, although some responsiveness based on player features could be neat in the future.
oh and perhaps don't let me take dick reduction until i hit minus digits, but Work in progress, i know :)
great work so far.

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