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Version: 0.04

Passing Into Fantasy

This game is in early development. It's a top-down shooter with bullet hell inspirations. It's one of those games that requires two hands to play. So, not really typical for this site. I've nothing against visual novels and CYOAs but sometimes it'd be nice to have an action game. But the downside of that is going to be less TF content.

Current content consists of one stage should take 10-15 minutes. A lot of features aren't implemented. The current version is "over" when defeating the stage boss.

TF content is limited. Backstory-wise the character is male in the prologue but will fully transform to female before the game properly begins. The story when I get around to it will mostly deal with the fallout. Planned player transformation will consist of multiple 'forms' where the player gets a power from a previously defeated boss, Megaman style. Currently there's just a maid form unlocked from defeating the mini-boss.

Plot-wise this is the 'early middle' - I'm planning on doing most of the other stages first, then the first stage last. Early established context is the BBEG is a wizard named Haqdev and he's made an army by transforming random objects into tsukimigami using weeb magic.

The protagonist is one of a handful of survivors of an anime convention that suffered a magical girl zombie apocalypse, and has been bitten by a radioactive cosplayer and transformed into a magical girl! After being kicked out of the shelter by the other survivors, our heroine must overcome the hordes of psuedogami and find the source of all this insanity, lest she find herself objectified!

Mouse moves reticle, WASD moves character.
Left Mouse: Fire
Space: Bomb (Currently just creates a Godot logo that blocks bullets.)
Shift: "Aim" (Slows down your character, shows hurtbox)

Q: Cycle Inventory

E: Transform

Currently you have infinite lives and bombs.
Outside of aim mode, player's speed varies based upon the direction she's looking. She runs fastest forwards and slowest when walking backwards.
There is one energy bar which is both your health and your ammo. So try to conserve your fire somewhat and hit your targets
Your hurtbox is much smaller than your sprite. Enemies have a similar hurtbox, so aim precisely for the torso.

Scoreboard is a little bugged, Graze counter exists but doesn't affect score. Those features are temporary since in this game every room makes you defeat all enemies for you to clear it, so score really doesn't make sense. I'm thinking of replacing it with a time counter.


Added two levels, two bosses, and two player transforms

Added stage select, autosave, highscore, at least a 'game over' screen

Yes, the main menu is still ugly


Added a player transformation. The mid-boss will now transform into pads, which can be equipped to transform into a time-stopping maid.

Added bombs. Base form gets the 3 second shield followed by a large blast. Maid form gets to stop time for 9 seconds.

Right click no longer fires a bomb. Now it's just space bar. I'm planning on adding melee attacks to some forms in the future which will use the right click.

Added many quality of life features such as life counter, powerups, high score tracker, a more polished score system.

Ongoing issues:

Actual game over when player runs out of lives isn't there yet

Actual stage clear when player beats the boss isn't there yet either

High score tracker doesn't count points from deleted bullets and the final boss.

Also the game isn't done yet.



Added the rest of the stage and stage boss.

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Review by HeikeW

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 01/07/2022

There is no transformation in this game. Why is it on TF-Games? Just asking.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/31/2021

No player TF? Sadface. :<

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