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Version: 0.0.2b

Version: 0.0.2

Black Swan
by shroudb

How the mighty have fallen.

You, a member of the most prestigious alien conquerors gets stuck within the body of a pleb human female.

Your mission? Shape her to become a vessel capable of granting you enough energy to go back to your original goal: WORLD DOMINATION!


But seriously now:

What I wanted to accomplish with this game is a lighthearted TF game where you are shaping the protag. The difference is that you do not have direct access to the actions of the female main character. So, (in theory) it should work like a sort-of trainer, where you try to influece how her day will go, but apart from some occasions when you can "try" to more directly control her (at the expense of your energy), it is (or at least, that's what I will try to do, and probably fail doing) up to her, and her friends, what she will actually spend her time on.


Be forewarned though:

It's only an Alpha atm, it still needs a LOT more content to be added. More TFs, more events, more npcs/relationships, etc. Obviously, the balance of the grind should be horendous at the moment as well, and lack of events (thus triggers) makes it even more troublesome to balance. Also, if not knowing programming wasn't enough, english is also not my native language, so do expect grammatical errors (although I did try to snip those).


Still... I'll be greedy: I would love if I got honest opinions on how, on a first impression from another perspective, this endeavor has been.

Feel free to visit the discussion thread and tell me all about it!


For those who have trouble finding the intro: make sure to click on the big green letters in the start that say "Start our story in a galaxy far far away" and not on the "skip the prologue" link below that.


Forgot to have "doing your nails by yourself" update your Beauty, resulting in them actually lowering it. Oupsie and fixed.



Party, park (+random events there), dreams, breast enlargment tf, general beautification tfs (eyes, skin), lesser exhibitionism mind tf (a more important one is planned to follow), mall, protag's thoughts when noticing physical TFs, basic monthly expenses system, , new clothes/dress up, 


added basic makeup, added OPPORTUNITY tag to notice when there's a timed event going on, general hints page when starting up, and a lot of balancing around the energy costs of various activities, as well as opportunities for stat gains.


a ton of them (gotta catch them all!), too many to list individually, but the major ones with locking you out of masturbation and dead ends should be fixed.


this version has significantly less playtesting by me, so there's a chence that some bugs may have creeped in. As always, any and all critisism, as well as bug reports, are welcome!


Small bugfix update:


Hopefully crushed all the bugs in the pc and tv

Hopefully fixed the Induced dream bugs.

Fixed some images for lower/upper case sensitive machines.

A few more minor bugfixes here and there.


Halved the cost of the first Gym mind transformation. Also reduced the cost to go out of your home a bit more when your best friend waits for you to show up in the gym. Now it should be feasible to quickly drop the cost to go to the Gym those particular days to almost 0.

Reduced Knowledge needed for mind TFs by 1. This should let you get to those faster (especially if you are spending days with high Lust leeching that instead of spamming Knowledge gain checks).

Made it so that Senior gets love points even when you simply are using her to make your studying easier (up to a point) (it used to be only when you simply chatted with her there). This should get you more easily on the second step of her actually talking you and not simply passing by when you meet her outside of the library.


This one... I'm not too sure it works 100% (or that it "feels" right. I'd love input on that:

Made it so that there are fewer (hopefully 0?) chances of multiple 0 cost options. Should show the prefference of the FMC better, although the cost of doing something that was previously 0 should be kinda neglible for the most part (5-9)


initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by revv

Version reviewed: 0.0.2b on 01/18/2022

Interesting concept, which is influencing a young women to change her being passively and prefer other decisions. This is not purely random, but associated with different energy costs, which are your currency to influence her, change her body or force certain decisions.

Reminds me of the game "Naked Ambition", which has a similar mechanic, but which is much more random, being frustrating in the beginning but better conveying theinfluencing part.

Currently the basic game loop is in place, but it is much too easy to run out of energy due to overspending, and not enough energy generating opportunities are included. The vast possibilities of including different love interests, character traits, body modifications are there, and it would be interesting to have different playthroughs, when much more content gets available.

A game to watch with great interest!

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 0.0.1g on 01/11/2022

The heart of this game beats strong. I love the indirect manipulation angle - it reminds me of Unfinished Business, which I also love.

It is a version 0.0.1, though. As many other reviewers have said, it's not really playable in its current form. I had a bit of fun by hacking the variables, and I'm really looking forward to future updates. (I also had the problem where, after the first time, porn becomes a dead end.)

One thing I hope happens along the way is a massive cut of the amount of irrelevant lore. That intro could have been a tightly written page or two and I would have known just as much and cared just as much.

Review by zappor

Version reviewed: 0.0.1g on 01/11/2022

Ok, so we like your initial idea, now go home and develop it until its at least a beta.

Review by dragoonbill

Version reviewed: 0.0.1g on 01/10/2022

Ok so like everyone said the issue is the energy consumption, even on the new update I died going to the first gym session outside of the story while actively avoiding using energy. Masturbation gets stuck in a deadend after the first time? I was able to get energy once and then it would just prompt "thats enough of that" but then has no option to go back. I even opened twine and altered the energy usage for the gym but so many other things are so high that it doesn't really matter and I don't know if I want to hunt it down and edit it in every block just to make the game playable. It could be fun, if the energy issue is ever fixed by the creator.

Review by Candy51

Version reviewed: 0.0.1f on 01/10/2022

interesting concept  but as mentioned by other it needs some rebalancing .....there is no real way to regain lost energy  several things like the tv are bugged its an ok start .. it needs a good intro proglogue ,because if there is one there ....i didn''t see it

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