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Version: 0.3.0

Sissy at work

I like to create a Sissy-Game. Yes i know there are already a lot of Games like this.
Game will be in German and English. As German is my native Language, i hope my English is not so terrible

It´s about the forced transformation of a joung man into a sissy slave in latex and bondage.

till now the story just had startet 

there are to possible start options selectable

It´s about a joung Man who works in a Office. At start of this Game he gets a new female Workmate who turns him into a sissy by force and blackmail from the first time they meet.

Your Workmate starts to test how far the player will go. Giving "pink panty" and other lingery to wear under the normal clothes.

till the player has no choice than wearing this closes for it´s new Mistress

Added first game elements as a test

finished the story after the mall till you arrive home

New story page after mall. in Ms. Lexi office you need to sign the contract. (unfinished)

Adding first movie into story. "Fired" when you didn´t wear the panties on second day

Bug: After meeting your workmate
When going to other location as canteen and getting back to office. you not get the greeting again.
Bug: Second day after meeting your workmate with panties/boxers. when not going to the location she tell you. the message changes when you get back to your office.

18.03.2022 Adding a new start. keeping the old one to compare

16.03.2022 Fixing english grammar and Preparing for new Version

11.03.2022 Adding Shopping with Mistress on Saturday

09.03.2022 Fixing Problem with Last workday before Weekend

Translation German

adding first story part of weekend if sissy did all right during first week
Changing internal passages

Fixing a problem in the story when needing to buy the bra at the mall
preparing for story at weekends
Changing the Person speak to be able to change name and Picture during story

adding some more story till beginning of weekend
Fixing some problems about the Time and Day´s.
Fixing to not need to work on weekends
Fixing to not beeing able to go shopping before work

Including the second day. there are two ways to go. with or without the pink panty.
When not wearing, the day is as normal. short talk about the panty. but then back to work.
Routine starts next day again.
When wearing the panty, your workmate starts to be more demanding and forces you to wear matching stockings for rest of day.

Mall with Kink Shop. Wardrobe to change clothes and accessories (accessable after the first day)
Disabling the Preview center and getting everything reachable after the first day.
even work is possible... sadly even on weekend. need to change this in next update.

First Story Part with meeting new workmate und getting a "Pink Panty"
in First part/day there are no Choices. you can only enjoy the story :)

Clothing information in Sidemenu and Day/Daytime System-integration

10.02.2022 - 22.02.2022
Preview and concept

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Review by Pers99

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/19/2022

Nice base looking fine interessted to see where it goes. since its a bit short right now

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/19/2022

Can't really say it was all that bad in 0.1, but 0.2 is really short, although with a slightly better start. Still, needs quite a bit more work to make it something more than just a linear story. Best of luck.

Review by elizaclaire

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/18/2022

There are lots of games like this.  The first version had a bit more content but the second version is a little more structured with a better story.  Still issues with the english in the translated version but, I see this as a small issue, and rather a big thankyou to the author for takig the time to translate it to english so we can share the story.  


The only concern I really have is the story is moving really quickly, and I'm concerned its going to make for a very short game.  But not knowing what the long term plan is, I can't be sure on that.


Well Done! Great Start

Review by magnavar

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/15/2022

As stated, the game is fairly linear. As this is an early build, that is perfectly fine. Hopefully as more builds come out, that will be expanded upon.

The English version does have spelling and grammitical errors, but they aren't awful. Never did I get pulled away from the content. The writing, itself, is fairly basic, and the closest I could compare it to would be young adult literature. Not terrible, but not great either, yet it gets the point across.

Regardless, as an early build, this is worth a look. 6.5/10

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/14/2022

Good UI
Interesting story its somewhat unique to alot of other games. 

So far it is a liniar path but i can see there comming multiple once.
Progression is daylocked so if you try anything else then the path layed ahead you will not see all content.
As fellow non native english speaker the translation is done pretty well.
My german isnt as good as my English but if there are any mistakes i havent seen them. (did not pay alot of attention to it tho)

Good game looking forward for new updates! 

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