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Version: .56

Futa Oasis

During the height of the Great Depression, a desperate man sets off in search of treasure and riches. Instead he finds a hidden village full of women with something a little extra between their legs. While he return home? Will he score with futas of the village? Or maybe they'll score with him...


Five romancable characters from a mix of futas, women, and transwomen. Dominant or submissive paths available for all of them.

Earn favor with the villagers in a card minigame. Earn more cards by exploring the village and building your relationship with the women of Nayamvaha.


Explore Nayamvaha however you chose. Conversations with characters are randomized, no two play throughs will be alike.

For the TF content, talk to Parisa and drink whatever she gives you. In this build, the feminization content is limited but a lot more is coming soon.


Added 10 more end of day random events
Added feedback chibis that show after a conversation based on what stats changed

Fixed a bug in the Zuri dominant sex scene where the option to pick a choice didn't show up
Fixed a variety of typos and other small bugs



Added feminine player hotdogging scene with Yasmin
Added feminine player kissing and groping scene with Nadiye
Added feminine player titfuck scene with Azra
Added feminine player nipple licking scene with Parisa
Added feminine player hairstylinh scene with Zuri


Added option to play the game in Fap Mode. This autoskips the card game and lets you raise romanceable character stats by clicking on them in the sidebar
Fixed the end of day random events blocking skipping
Fixed duplicate two star cards adding the resulting card to the two star pile instead of the three star one
Fixed a variety of broken images, typos, and misattributed dialog tags


Added dominant sex scene with Yasmin
Added dominant sex scene with Nadiye
Added submissive sex scene with Azra
Added dominant sex scene with Parisa
Added dominant sex scene with Zuri



Added the first batch of end of day random events
Added the ability to name the player character
Added the option to keep playing even after 30 days
Enabled limited rollback during dialogue scenes.
Fixed the bug right click opening the menu was causing and re-enabled it
Fixed the android version not using the right UI



Gameplay changes:
Added a faction system to the cardgame. Villagers asking questions have an associated faction. By answering specific questions well you can gain faction points which can then be spent in town
Faction favor currently doesn't do all that much, but faction specific cards and events will be in the next update
You can now combine two duplicate cards into one of a higher tier
You can now trash two cards of the same tier to get a new random card of that tier
You no longer gain cards by performing actions around town. Instead you gain 1 card from a choice of 2 at the end of the day. In the future these card gaining events will be random events with the villagers
You can now buy Gosuyu from the market shop once per day as an alternate way to feminize the player without dealing with Parisa
Changed how Gosuyu dose causes transformation. Instead of number of raw doses, it's an increase over time based on number and recency of doses.

UI changes:
Added a player sprite that shows the player's transformation (if you do that route)
Added fully rendered backgrounds to replace the sketch placeholders
Added gallery and scene replay system
Added Load to quick menu

Bug fixes:
Fixed cards that let you play another card that turn not working if there are no cards in your deck
Fixed various missing image and typos



Added submissive sex scene with Yasmin

Added dominant titjob scene and submissive cunnilingus scene with Nadiye

Added submissive blowjob scene and dominant sex scene with Azra

Added submissive blowjob scene with Parisa

Added 69 scene with Zuri



Initial release!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by NickyNameQ

Version reviewed: .3 on 05/23/2022

An ocean of content with an array of fetishes and stunning, wonderful art. This is one of the best games of the site after just one release. ApolloSeven never disappoints.

Review by neutral22

Version reviewed: .3 on 05/20/2022


I'm not quite sure where to begin, I've not done reviews here before... BUT

That said? I LOVE the game. The setting, the bright colours (it's a sunny desert oasis),
the story and ooooh..The CHARACTERS.

I -love- the characters, they have real personalities, they're fun to talk to, they react to what you say and do.
I too have chased the transformation content (where I can find it), and ..yes? It's done well.
There's not -much- per se, to see yet. But the different characters you meet do react to them.

When first I read the title of the game, I was like ..."really?" 
But having tried it? Love it to bits. Really looking forward to more content. Getting to know these girls is fun :)

Review by MuffinTopQueen3

Version reviewed: .3 on 05/20/2022

Very fun and unique game.  can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Review by boycalledsue

Version reviewed: .3 on 05/12/2022

I loved this game. The graphics are superb, the music is amazingly good, and the content shows a lot of promise of where things might be going in future. This game is most definitely worth your time to take a look.

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