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Version: 0.3

Mystical Island Reboot

After the sinking of the yacht, the protagonist wakes up on the shores of a mystical island with no memory of what happened. Trying to survive and find a way to call for help, the main character meets a bound mysterious woman and brings her to his shelter. The main character discovers that she is on a forbidden island and together with the woman she named Sunday, the two of them go on an adventure to the mystical island and discover its secrets.



- Add Sunday relationship (Finish 70%).

- Add more sea shells in case you need bait for a fishing rod.

- Add 3 Quest.

- Coconut now gives two coconut bowls.

- Add Show Enemy HP.

- Add Mining stone (A stone that can be broken with a pickaxe to get small rocks).

- Add 4 New enemy.

- Add Collectible cards.

- Add The player cannot run or walk fast when sleep is at 0

- Add Sundays Relationship grows when you masturbate.



- Change windows look.

- Change Chickens look.

- Change dicksaurus look.

- Change Palm trees.


Bug Fix:

- Fixed The raft cannot be approached on the left side of the other island.

- Fixed When the lever in the secret room is pulled, the need drops to 0.

- Fixed bird animations.

- Fixed When the chicken coop is made sleep and cleanliness drops to 0



- Add Sunday relationship (Not complete).

- Add Cheat coins and Cheat.

- Add 2 quest.

- Add 1 friendly monster (Cowgirl).

- Add New Items.

- Add New Character (Lora).

- Add 21 New Images.


Bug fix:

- Fixed The stone in the cave will not pass on the button.

- When some things are made food, water, cleanliness and sleep goes all the way to 0

- Some Quest won't finish.


bugs that can't be fixed:

- Sometimes Interact will not be established immediately, you have to click a couple of times to establish it.

- When drinking water on the river, it also fills the food.

- When pushing a rock in a cave, avoid standing on the slabs. Just push the stone on the button.



- Add Intro

- Added speech sound.

- Change to better images

- Add Quests

- Add Increase the chance of hitting a coconut when a rock is thrown.

- Change bear size.

- Remove the beast and add one beast to the hidden room.

- When the battle against the beast is lost, you can repeat the fight or go to the main menu.

- Change of a snake into a dicksaurus.

- Added instructions in the cave how to skip traps.

- Add When he is hungry the player cannot run.

- Add When a player bathes in the sea, the temperature drops and when he warms up on the fire the temperature rises.

- When the dicksaurus is killed, throw away the oil. The oil protects the player from the heat.

- Add Different Game Overs

- When the thirst is at 0 HP it drops and when the thirst is more than 1 HP it increases.

- A chicken coop cannot be made until the seeds have been planted.

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