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Mystical Island Reboot

After the sinking of the yacht, the protagonist wakes up on the shores of a mystical island with no memory of what happened. Trying to survive and find a way to call for help, the main character meets a bound mysterious woman and brings her to his shelter. The main character discovers that she is on a forbidden island and together with the woman she named Sunday, the two of them go on an adventure to the mystical island and discover its secrets.


1. At the beginning, rip the dress to get 5 ropes. Go into the inventory, find the red dress and tear it.
2. Go to the glowing light next to the palm tree to get the first quest. To make a shelter. Open the handbook
of crafting, which is in the key item, add shelter mark to know what material is needed to build a shelter.
(Logs can be found on the beach or when you cut trees that looks like pine. Sticks can be found on the ground
or picked from dry twigs. You have to cut the palm leaves with a knife, the palm leaves look like big leaves that grow).
3. Take a rock and break it into a sharp stone. You can break the rock on the large stone on the left.
4. Go into inventory and go to basic craftings to make a knife.
5. Now pick up 8 logs from the floor, cut 10 palm leaves (One cut plant gives you 4 palm leaves). Collect 20 sticks and build
a shelter. When you build a shelter, you can remove the mark. (Don't forget that whatever you do, you make or fight. Food,
water and fatigue drop, so you need to take care of it).
6. At the beginning you can get food and water from the coconut on the floor or you can shoot the coconut with rock.
7. The next part of the quest is to make a bed. For that you need to kill the bear that is in the cave, and to be able to kill
the bear you need a spear. When you made the shelter and the knife, you used up all the rope. Cut the vines (it looks like a twisted plant)
and make ropes. When you have made a spear, equip it as a weapon and then go up, towards the cave. Watch out for snakes on the way to the cave.
8. Before you go to kill the bear, make sure you pick a couple of big flowers that will give you some health as well as arousal.
9. When you enter the cave, the entrance will be closed. Don't worry, you can break it up later when you find a pickaxe. Collect all the things
from the cave and then go after the bear.
10. After you've killed the bear, exit the cave and go right (you'll have to jump over rocks). Go down, you'll find a little cava. Collect everything
from the cave (you will find an empty bottle in the broken barrel). My advice is to take as much vine as you can.
11. Now go back to the cave entrance and now go up to go down to the river where you can pour water.
12. Now go back to the cave and break the rock blocking the exit with the pickaxe. Collect all the material for the bed and then make the bed and sleep. (I guess it will be dark).
13. Now make a campfire so you can make food and other things.
14. Now put all the things you found, the box and the crafting table. Craft a fishing rod on the crafting table.
(My advice to you is to make more of them, because sometimes they break quickly). you can make bait by picking up seashells and making them into baits.
15. When you make a fishing rod, go and fish until you catch a foil.
16. When you have caught the foil, go to the right part of the island and click on the light to make a raft. Collect all the materials for the raft and build it.
17. Go with the raft to the neighboring island to find Sunday and free her.
18. When you free her, return to the shelter and put her on the bed. Go to the sea to swim.
19. When you talked to Sunday, you got a quest to make a garden. Dig five holes and plant all the seeds, there are 5 in total. You will need water for each seed
so you will have to go to the river to fill the bottles.
20. When you make a garden, Sunday will tell you to make a chicken coop. For the chicken coop, you need planks that you collected in caves and on the beach, as well as logs,
ropes and palm leaves. In the chicken coop, you need to make nests for the chickens out of dry grass and then catch the chickens that are walking on the side of the island where the cave entrance is.
21. After that, you have to have a relationship with Sunday for more than 20 so that Sunday could be a companion and swim with her together. that way you would get a relationship faster.
Also open the package you found on the left side of the beach, where you will get a ball and play with Sunday volleyball.
22. When you have relationship 40 or more, you can have a date with Sunday, after that a kiss.
23. When you have 70 or more relationships, you can have sex with Sunday. But you have to sleep with her first to be able to activate it.
24. When you have 100 relationships and when all the sex scenes with Sunday are finish, try to eat the cereals you found in the cardboard box.
25. Go to the island where you found Sunday, follow the path and you will come to a large meadow where there is a monster that looks like a human cow. Catch him and bring him to the chicken coop.
26. Milk the cow and Exit the chicken coop and you'll see a plane crash on the island. Go to where you found the cow.
27. Return to the shelter to talk to Sunday about the plane crash.
28. Now you need to prepare for the trip, follow the quest what you need to do.
29. Go to Lora for a sleeping bag and then return to the shelter.
30. Now that you are ready to go, go to the part of the island where you refill your water. Go towards the part where you will jump over the rocks, climb up and you will see a rock blocking
the entrance to the cave. Break the stone and enter the caves. (Don't forget that you must have at least 3 sticks to build a bridge in the cave to get to the other side).
31. Just follow the trail of flashing light.
31. collect all the coins that will take you to another part of the dark forest.
32. The path through the forest is a bit confusing, only one path leads to the exit. In the second part go north and in the third go north east.
33. When you get to the swamp, go north until you see the last coin next to the stairs.
34. When you get out of the swamp, you'll see a Tentacle blocking the entrance to the cave. You have to kill the Tentacle monster to enter.
35. All you need is to find the way out of the cave, have sex with Sunday on the altar and get to the small island where the Medusa is. Defeat the medusa and return to Lora to give her the propeller.
36. Tell Sunday to stay in the shelter, make a trans potion and drink it. To make a trans potion you need to boil water.
37. Follow the memory traces.
38. Go with Sunday to her village, tell her to follow you and when you leave the shelter go down to where she is swimming in the sea and you will see a raft.
39. When you enter Sunday's village, you will be caught and put in jail.
40. Sleep to save and when you wake up you will activate the event.
41. Find the exit from the Maze, take the necklace and enter December's house. Her house is the biggest in the village.
42. When you exit December's house, go right where you will come to a farm. Enter the house and talk to Monday.
43. Complete the task around the farm and return to December.
44. Enter the house which is the first one when you exit the Maze. Eat, take a bucket and take water from the river. Pour the water into the tub,
put the bucket back and take a bath. Go to sleep and come back to December.
45. Go left to the arena, win the battle and ask all the questions. At the end, ask about the laboratory and then go to the finish.


- Add finish last quest.

- Add 6 New Locations.

- Add 2 Quest. 

- Add Sunday's village.

- Add New 2 Character (December and Monday).

- Add 1 card.

- Add 69 New Renders.

- Add QR Code for patreon.


Bug fix:

- Fixed When an antidote, health potion, and boiling water are made on the campfire, a message is displayed.




- Add Sunday relationship (Finish 70%).

- Add more sea shells in case you need bait for a fishing rod.

- Add 3 Quest.

- Coconut now gives two coconut bowls.

- Add Show Enemy HP.

- Add Mining stone (A stone that can be broken with a pickaxe to get small rocks).

- Add 4 New enemy.

- Add Collectible cards.

- Add The player cannot run or walk fast when sleep is at 0

- Add Sundays Relationship grows when you masturbate.



- Change windows look.

- Change Chickens look.

- Change dicksaurus look.

- Change Palm trees.


Bug Fix:

- Fixed The raft cannot be approached on the left side of the other island.

- Fixed When the lever in the secret room is pulled, the need drops to 0.

- Fixed bird animations.

- Fixed When the chicken coop is made sleep and cleanliness drops to 0



- Add Sunday relationship (Not complete).

- Add Cheat coins and Cheat.

- Add 2 quest.

- Add 1 friendly monster (Cowgirl).

- Add New Items.

- Add New Character (Lora).

- Add 21 New Images.


Bug fix:

- Fixed The stone in the cave will not pass on the button.

- When some things are made food, water, cleanliness and sleep goes all the way to 0

- Some Quest won't finish.


bugs that can't be fixed:

- Sometimes Interact will not be established immediately, you have to click a couple of times to establish it.

- When drinking water on the river, it also fills the food.

- When pushing a rock in a cave, avoid standing on the slabs. Just push the stone on the button.



- Add Intro

- Added speech sound.

- Change to better images

- Add Quests

- Add Increase the chance of hitting a coconut when a rock is thrown.

- Change bear size.

- Remove the beast and add one beast to the hidden room.

- When the battle against the beast is lost, you can repeat the fight or go to the main menu.

- Change of a snake into a dicksaurus.

- Added instructions in the cave how to skip traps.

- Add When he is hungry the player cannot run.

- Add When a player bathes in the sea, the temperature drops and when he warms up on the fire the temperature rises.

- When the dicksaurus is killed, throw away the oil. The oil protects the player from the heat.

- Add Different Game Overs

- When the thirst is at 0 HP it drops and when the thirst is more than 1 HP it increases.

- A chicken coop cannot be made until the seeds have been planted.

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