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Trading Up

A game about trying to find yourself by literally trying to find yourself. Travel the area swapping out parts with nearby NPCs in order recreate your body, or build a better body.


There are 30 different endings, but only 7 of them use your original parts.
Your actions have consequences as the parts you take will affect the NPCs around with 14 possibilities here.

The game is complete, but if I can think of new endings I will be adding them. I will try to fix typos or game breaking glitches as quickly as I can, but there will be no schedule for new content.


Update: 6/21

More bugs have been fixed.

A walkthrough has been added and can be found in the left sidebar.

After being assaulted by an angry ghost, your body parts have been stripped from you and scattered about the nearby residents. With the help of a kind Spirit, use your ability to swap out body parts to rebuild your old body or build yourself a new one.

The walkthrough can be found here as well as linked in the game. https://tgroleplay.us/Twine/TradingUp/Walkthrough.html

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Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: on 06/20/2022

Trading Up is a fantastic, clever puzzle game with lots to discover.

The gameplay is very similar to last year's Transubstantiation by anaisnon. This game is quite different as its tone is much less ugly and depressing.

The goal of the game is to resculpt a new body for yourself by copying and trading body parts with people in a red light district. Giving others certain body parts can warp reality, causing knock-on effects that lead to new opportunities.

You can discover a lot and have a lot of fun through experimentation, but some of the endings are pretty unintuitive. I would be interested in seeing the current hint system remade into something a bit more robust.

I think Trading Up is a strong candidate for the best game on the site of 2022. It has it all- solid gameplay, an interesting concept, and some great smut. Don't skip out on this one!

Review by treef1112

Version reviewed: on 06/18/2022

Overall, this is a good and fun game.  As the others mentioned it is similar to transubstitution.

One of the best parts here, it's complete (and could easily have been complete with half the endings it has.)  If any updates come along, cool :) 

Notes for players:  You can check what parts you need by reading the HTML (I know it's kind of hard) press the 'F12' key on the keyboard, your search key and then "$end" as the term.  It won't tell you how to get those parts, but at least you'll know what to look for until a walkthrough is released.  The hourglass is only useful if you hold it when the spirit judges you and there are a few other personal endings where the item you hold is important.  Beyond that, have fun!

Review by hentaidark

Version reviewed: on 06/16/2022

Similar in concept to Transubstantiation but with a focus on parts rather than personalities. Pretty well made.

Review by Twiki

Version reviewed: on 06/15/2022

I absolutly adore this concept and the feeling of control it gives you its always great seeing more games likes this. Would love to see more how different changes effect peoples images more like the changes in breast sizes. I cant wait to see if you take this further.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: on 06/15/2022


Graphics in the game fit the scene well, the writing is solid, interactivity is great with a high number of multiple endings plus bonus side endings and transformations in the game are varied (but all on the MtF or FtM bent ultimately) with wildcard transformations thrown in.

I quite enjoyed playing through this puzzle game to find all of the endings. Only a few of them can be thought of as "bad endings" with the majority of them just amusing for how stupid you can play your avatar instead of just trying to get them back to their original form. Likewise you can also mess with the people that you come across and alter how their futures will be as well when the time bubble is lifted after you try to restore yourself. There was never a point in the game where I caught unable to get any ending, but you need to be mindful that once you take back a piece of your true self you won't be able to switch it away and this can lock you out of certain endings until you restart.


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