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Version: 1.31b

Tasty Curse

Tasty Curse is a text-based erotic game. Enjoy exciting gameplay, get into the role of the main character, because his future and the fate of the characters around him depends only on your choice! 

This game is focused on the following genres: corruption, transformation, moral degeneration, cheating, domination/submission.
Currently the game is being actively developed. (Developing is in early stage now)

The game is free and that won't change. 

huge amount of high-quality story content is waiting for you in future, so don't miss the updates! According my plans, It's only the FIRST game of the series I want to present you.

I will also be very glad for your support, ideas, feedback and suggestions!

You can contact me anytime at [email protected] or discord - https://discord.gg/bmD9SFxUnt.

Nikita lives in a world full of injustice and discord. What if he had the chance to be someone else, to look at everything from the outside? Would he change the world around him? Or would it be easier to accept everything and change himself?
You'll figure it out....
...just need to add a little MAGIC...

Update 1.31b

-Fixed a lot of bugs;
-New interface! It looks much better, yeah?
-Economical system more balanced and player female corruption more slightly now;
-Added blinking text appearing when Jimmy has news;
-Added meditation (decreases corruption, you can buy the book in shop);
-Added "Content Alert"(it should pop-up when the main content is exhausted);
-Added Weekdays and weekend;
-Added new random events (a lot of);
-Added Pill (lvl2) to Olga(mom) (bunch of new events!);
-Added Pill (lvl2) to Anya(sis) (bunch of new events!);

In the next update, there will be a progression of the story. There may be a new chara..... shh... I didn't say anything.

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Review by qaeron

Version reviewed: 1.31b on 06/19/2022

A nice game with 2+ hours of content already (so, not just the stereotypical 'promising start').

Gameplay: a mix of chemical chicanery from 'The Company' and a sorta-unique oscillating body swap within a parametric open world with random events. Most events need to be hunted at certain time periods and conditions ('grind', according to the weaklings; however - no eating or shampooing). Lots of NPCs with their own linear storylines of corruption. No clothing system.

Content: sharp prose (lots of femdomy dressing-downs) + well-matched RL porn star images. A mopey, pushover MC (works well with the NPC personalities). Might need more dialogue & reactions regarding the never-ending body swaps. Overall, the content has a slight sarcastic / humorous tone.

An oblique hint for those who cannot progress personal (non-NPC) events: 'corruption is attached to the physical body, not the mind'

Review by PinkBishop

Version reviewed: 1.31b on 06/19/2022

Interesting start of a game that have a lot of potential. Unlike the reviewer below I could find plenty of events for a game this early in development. Looking forward to see what come out of this in the future.

Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 1.31b on 06/18/2022

Version 1.31b is boring. Zero transformation or bimbofication.

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