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Version: 0.0.2.hotfix

The Year of Changes
by MadNeck

The Year of Changes is a game focusing on the fate of a young man who, for a specific reason, has to leave his home town in the countryside and move to a modern metropolis somewhere in Europe.

Your goal is to find a good job, meet new people, and after exactly one year, return home where a bright future awaits you.

But can you resist all the dangers that await you? Will you remain yourself, or will you be someone completely different in the end? Will you fall into the hands of people who just want to use you, or will you find the love of your life? It's up to you.

The Year of Change is a game focusing on feminization and female domination, even though there are some "vanilla" storylines planned as well. In terms of game design, it takes a lot of inspiration from Life Changes, an excellent game featured on this site. It is thus an open-world game, but one that features fairly linear story lines.

The current version is the very first release, it is practically just an introduction to a slowpaced game. So get ready to be introduced to the main characters and the basic mechanics, but don't expect any "intense" scenes.

Finally, the most important thing - the main reason for the early release of this game is to try to gather some feedback before I invest more time in development. Please let me know any thoughts, comments, suggestions or criticism you may have-

If you are interested in at least a partially finished story, avoid this game for now and wait for the next versions.

The playthrough ends roughly on the 25th day of game time, which corresponds to approximately one hour of gameplay.

The vast majority of the content in the current version of the game is set in three locations - a job in a shopping mall, a psychiatric clinic and a night school.

The Work storyline begins with the use of a computer in your apartment, then continues each morning at the Mall in the Business District.

The Psychological clinic story line takes place in the afternoon in the Downtown;  you can then read books at home in the "Pass time" section.

The Night School storyline begins with an afternoon talk with a librarian at the Library in Old Town and continues each evening at the same location.

After 25 days in the game, or approximately one hour of gameplay, you've probably seen everything the game contains at this point.

Fixed the dead end while paying the rent for the 3rd+ time.
Raised the starting money as a temporary fix to the problems with money ballance.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by najika4097

Version reviewed: 0.0.2.hotfix on 08/03/2022

For such an early release it has a decent amount of content, I'll be keeping an eye out for future updates.

Review by cd1997

Version reviewed: 0.0.2.hotfix on 08/01/2022

Short without any content ATM, although you can tell how it's going to go and there are several storylines well set up. The paperdoll looks great and the general UI is also pretty clean, looks promising. The gameplay is kind of hard to tell atm because there are a lot of things that are locked out. It could use more warnings of content that's not there to avoid you losing time (barkeeper for example idk what's happening there, gym, is it useful for something?)

I've inspected the code a bit and i think the "progress" indicator of each person could be shown to go up or down if the choice is correct, or be "public" in the brain part for example.

I also got a bug, the brain / memory part disappears after clicking a couple times in the brain and the characters, it just went blank

Review by madmel

Version reviewed: 0.0.2.hotfix on 07/30/2022

Not a lot of content so for, but whats there is pretty good. The game looks really good. I'm looking forward to see what it looks like when its more populated.

Review by JaimeGurl68

Version reviewed: 0.0.2.hotfix on 07/28/2022

For what is here it is a good start. With the start of the branches you can start to see the game flow and I am interested on how it continues. Suggestions would be to put more emphasis to the impact that watching the porn has on the self esteem and mental outlook of the MC and have the actual files escelate the more that you view them especially as you move forward on the other branches...All in all a good start. 

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