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Opposing Force
by zededd


A semi-linear RPG style game with many corruption elements.

Inspired by CoC and various other movies and games, this attempts to offer a balance between the porn elements, as well as unique gameplay that should make the game fun to play as well.

Play as a program in a digital world and Fight or f*ck your way through the levels, gaining strength from different places to overcome your opponents one at a time until you control the whole world!


Current Version Information

'Game Only' size: 1.7 MB

Image Folder Size: 106 MB

Changelog is 3 kb, and probably not needed by anyone...

(Even if the version number on TFGames has not been updated, the game is always updated)


There is also an 'Extras' folder which is free, non-game stuff that is just there to enjoy. (Mostly WIP and extra images) however this folder is much larger and not recommended for slow or metered connections. This has been moved to a seperate link so that the 'download all' dropbox feature can be used without accidentally downloading all the random stuff made 'on the side'


Game Status

Currently in development by Expansion Force, this is an Alpha version of the game and much of the content is still being made.

As new features are added, the entry will be updated. Even though the content is planned, we won't include the tag until it is achievable or playable in-game.

There will be bugs as the game is developed and made. Althoguh we try to minimse these, we're only a small team and what we're trying to do with this game is pretty big. Bear with us, post bug reports in the forums (please not the reviews) and we'll let you know when we fix each bug.

We are currently supplying weekly updates as well as lurking the forums constantly.


Transformation Content:

  • Mental Changes
  • Involuntary
  • Voluntary
  • Bimbo
  • Corruption

Adult Themes:

  • Pregnancy
  • Non-Consent
  • Female/Female (INCLUDED)
  • Female Masturbation
  • Domination
  • Submission

Other Content:

  • Every character will have images (Face, breasts, waist, hips/butt)
  • Every character will have sex scenes (written for certain, possibly rendered if requested enough)
  • Every character will have pregnancy content
  • Every character will have Expansion Content (Waist, Hips and Butt. This is partially implimented)
  • Every character will have Breast Expansion Content (Err... Left and right? TFgames says this is seperate to 'expansion' so why not)
  • There will be fully-written and rendered 'Game Over' scenes (Fail a boss fight, or get captured too many times. Save first.)

 Possible content? (Will depend on reception of these kinks)

  • Body swap
  • Shrinking


What Can I Play For Free?

The First Ring will always be FREE! (Including all bugfixes and errors being patched in the future)

There are currently no other rings, so you can play the entire current game for free.

When there is more than the first ring, you will need to subscribe to get that current build (one payment for the whole game isn't too bad).



What will be in the Paid Content

Rings 2-5 will be paid-only through donations (one-off to most up to date build at that time) or Subscribestar (Constant access to latest builds, and access to all the relevant Discord channels)

You can give a little more if you want to suggest adding things to the game, but this is not mandatory (and technically makes more work for us). You will also get your name in the credits.


Why Can't I Review?

Reviews are turned off TEMPORARILY until we have a more complete release.

We are eager for feedback, but as reviews will remain long after they are posted, we don't want any complaints about 'day 1 release bugs' to disuade future players long after the complaint has been resolved.

Please let us know what you think, like and want more of, as well as what you dislike and want less of. Zed is always following the forum and will bug-fix anything that is reported.

The game has been vaguely play-tested in it's current state, but as this is an alpha build, all we can promise is that it won't eat your shoes (most of the time). There's areas that have not been written and enemies that will attack you with "DEFAULT ATTACK" a lot and not have much else to them.

Be patient with us please and we hope this game will go on to be something epic!

You are the Opposing Force program, designed and made for the soul purpose of overthrowing the digital world you live in.

However... All-out warfare has not worked. All the expected methods of destruction have had no effect long term, so you are trying something different.

No army, no war. You are infiltrating on your own to corrupt the tenants (the T) of this digital world.

On the way, you will hopefully find allies in other programs, but your mission remains unchanged: Overthrow the Rings.

You: The Opposing Force Program

T1: The 'basic' character avatar of players who are either new, or not very good at progressing

T2: The more advanced players with custom avatars, nicer clothes and more 'curves'

T3: The best of the Ring (under the Admin's lackeys). They have the best gear and are the hardest to overcome

The Ring Admin: A reclusive woman you need to defeat to gain control of the ring.

Admin Gang: A group of debug-abusing troll-like moderators who are making life in the Ring difficult for even the T who live there.

NPC: Non-Player-Characters. There are a few in each Ring that can help you, as well as entertain you.

NPC1: A scrappy beach-bully that has grown a concience over the years. She's lean and tries to look mean... but behind it is an AI that hopes for a better tomorrow

NPC2: A lady with a really big... err... heart. That doesn't explan the butt, but she'll sit on you for mentioning it!

Look around your 'camp' and check out the Menu to see your hints and other information until you're confident enough to explore further.

You will need to explore 'Ring 1' and find ways into the better-guarded neighberhoods before you can take on the Admin. That may be for the best as the Admin is much stronger than you are!

Attack or Seduce the various T you meet on your travels (Start with T1) to gain more Action Points (or Mana) for your abilities and try to find allies in the Ring to aid your mission.

Beware of the suspicion you raise through these actions however. You don't want too much attention on you in this weakened, vulnerable state!


(Go to The Coast. Go to the Beach. Explore a lot. Fight T1. If your Sus gets too high, leave the ring and 'REST' back at camp. Rinse and Repeat for now)

There will be more to do as it is added to the game. This is not a fair reprisentation of the final product and has a ways to go.

Most up-to-date Changelog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0o8f2v0sdu8y88/Changelog.txt?dl=0 (included with the downloads if you want to look)


There is now a series of 'extras' you can look at (mostly WIP and 'making of' stuff). 

These are free for now, but will eventually be only offered to subscribers (any tier). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b1xzix77atz369s/AADYeN92q4EoRJb8OIILLHNXa?dl=0


  • Improved the formatting in the Power hint
  • Spacing in the Achievements and Milestones passage has been improved
  • Hints you have not seen yet now have "NEW!" next to them (until you view them)
  • When you have 'seen' the description of that type of enemy, it now auto-hides the next time
  • Started work on NPC2's images (Breasts are done!)
  • Fixed </table> HTML tag, and still managed to lose the extra spaces caused around it


  • Added a scene to the High-Rise that introduces the Admin's Gang.

  • Started another scene for the high-rises (needs to be finished for all 3 flavours)


  • Bug-fixes from the Forum Posts as well as actually uploading the correct version.
  • Added base framework for the 'Recolections' system (to see the sex scenes without having to go beat up another T to get there)
  •     This system is still locked away in the annals of 'debug tools' and won't really be worth using yet.
  • Removed the PDF, Old and WIP from the 'release' image folders, shrinking it down by a few meg
  • Moved many of the WIP and extra renders to the 'extras' folder, then moved that to another link to make it nicer for people downloading just the game on a metered connection
  • Fixed a bug when trying to enjoy your seduction victory (Thanks to the forum for reporting this)
  • Fixed a softlock when seducing an enemy and they try to expand you, but aren't interested in that bodypart themselves
  • Found and removed a random ">>" from the sidebar when engaging in combat or seduction
  • Found a better way to handle certain coding choices... The Cheat menu is hidden better, the Debug tools are hidden better too, but they'll be adjusted as we go (so don't think of it as another 'cheat menu')
  • Added more cheats (Cuz everyone is using the Debug menu to cheat... So let's make that a feature!)
  • Added the framework for the History system
  • Started some more advanced placeholder text for NPC1's sex scenes
  • Re-done the Hint system so that it'll keep a notification until you view it (which you can do anywhere through the menu) to help new players understand the world and gameplay
  • Expanded the preference system to include Hair colour (seperate to bodyshape)
  • Re-coded how hair colour is calculated, set and stored (can now include as many shades of whatever rainbow people ask for)
  • Added names for the special encounters (no more placeholders there!)
  • Moved the image and text description buttons to a dedicated 'options' menu, accessible from the place the old buttons were (but should be less confusing for new players)
  • Found a bug that is disrupting the progress in Ring 1 (at least the directions what to do next)
  • more fixes and changes than I can remember, including new ways that information is displayed (now it all appears in the header... and there's a line under it to differentiate it from the general game)
  • Added logo to starting screen
  • New fix for bugs posted in the forum


  • Basic 'Cyberpunk' release. 
  • It's NOT ready, its not house-trained and it will probably widdle on your bed.

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