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Version: 0.120s

Version: 0.111s

Version: 0.100s

Enhards Project

Card Game about the young guy who needs to pay off the debt or he will be transformed into a better version of himself ;)

You are playing as a young man, who tries to help his crush to pay of her debt. You can accept the offer and become the test subject for the Enhards Project. You need to play and win card games with the custommers of SIFA Company to earn money. But if it's too hard for you and you can't pay the next payment, Enhards will enhance you into the better version of yourself.

(work in progress...)

Player - ordinary guy between 21-30 years old

Boss - your boss in SIFA Company

Friend - your friend that helped you to become a participant in Enhards Project. He is connected with SIFA Company somehow.

Crush - your crush, and she is connected with SIFA Company somehow.

SIFA Company - very big company with big influence. Everyone wants to work here.

Enhards Project - secret project, that are SIFA Company conducting for some of it's employes.

(work in progress...)

I implemented walkthrough part into the game, so just answer yes and read it =) 

Remember that I'm implementing and changing a lot of things in every version, so read some info at the begginning of the game when running a new version of the game.

v0.120s - preColors


Main changes:


- created: Card Collection.

- created: 3 new hair colors (current hair colors: black, brown, blonde, pink).


- created: Card Collection window in the Journal.

- created: active set bonuses window in the Journal.

- created: new enhancement type - hair color.

- created: beauty parlor - pay for the new hairstyle or hair color.


- added: a hint about the most effective number of points to win the game in the Deck View.

...and some small changes...

v0.111s - Shopping
Big updates
- created: manequins in the clothes shops.
- created: 3 shops: men's wear, women's wear and unisex.
- added: some rough clothing sets with some benefits.
- added: buy new Enhards for half price (with enhancements)
- added: you can pay for the new Enhards and get some random enhancements in S-Services - Cards Shop.
Small updates
- created: grid in the shops.
- fixed: some minor bugfixes and balance improvements.
- created: changelog window.
- added: formal style property for clothes (all implemented clothes are formal, but soon there would be more styles)
- added: you can see some hints about clothes sets in the shops.


v0.100s - First release


Big updates


- created black-jack-like card game machanics (it's a placeholder)

- created body and face transformation machanics (enhance)

- created clothes transformation mechanics

- created "feminity" and "identity" progression system

- created rough card collecting system



- created Main character view

- created 7 body proportion types

- created 3 breasts types

- created 3 groin area types

- created 3 hairstyles (only brown color for now)

- created 4 top clothes (only blue color for now)

- created 7 bottom clothes (only brown color for now)

- created all cards and back side (but all of them are still a placeholder)



- created player's and boss's reactions to player's transformations

- created intro

- created "how to play" explanations

- created more then 15 good endings (after paying off the debt)


Small updates


- created 3 nose types

- created 2 eyes types

- created 3 makeup types

- created 3 brows types

- created socks and boots (1 pair each)

- created feminity and identity progression bars



- created debt and payday system

- created cash system

- created enhards shop

- created opponent's difficulty pick

- created cheat room

- created test room

- created Journal with your current look and old look



- created Name pick and name change events

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DogIdleDays

Version reviewed: 0.111s on 09/06/2022

Very promising game. Most of the things that I would complain about are things the dev has already promised to fix in the main blurb, and it's in a very early state. The bones and structure are there, and I'll update this review around, say, 0.8xx or 0.9xx, to have a bit more meat and talk more about what's there. Good luck!

Review by AdamTheUlt

Version reviewed: 0.100s on 08/26/2022

Bug 1: Opponent keeps playing even after I've lost.

Bug 2: Opponent keeps playing even if I have exact 21 score.

Suggestions: Need to play less BlackJack per change, option to see which enhards I have, making the difficulties actually matter (I kept winning at Impossible, I had good cards from the beginning, but still too easy), option to buy specific enhards / changes and naked avatar option.

I can't see which enhards I have and almost everything is WIP other than the BlackJack game. Playing blackjack game 10 times then getting some changes.

I'll be back when there's more in game.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.100s on 08/26/2022


Graphics work well enough with simple cards to understand the game mechanics (it's transformation blackjack!) and a good avatar representation, but the rest of the game engine is standard Twine layout. Writing is solid and fits the game well enough so you know what's going on: there is a tutorial for how to play. Interactivity right now is the main game mechanic, avatar display and some store purchases, but not much else: no doubt more to come. Transformations right now in the game are one-way as your avatar is punished for their losses, but what is there is amusing with its slow transformation progression.

Overall I had fun with this game, but in its current alpha state you can get away with gambling when you are $0.00 credit with little punishment for it. And if you know your blackjack the current programming mechanic is a very forgiving RNG, so sticking with the highest betting amount is the fastest way to complete the game with minimum risk of ever being transformed.

Worth a look.

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