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Version: 0.6.5

Version: 0.5.4

Version: 0.1.4

Life of Crime

Thtoneguy said it best so I'll quote; this is a game "where the main character does not wish to be feminized and indeed does not need to be but continues on entirely because it is a means to an end". That's still my goal and I hope I don't stray from that.

v0.1.4 - Concept

It's stable and most of the bugs have been found. Play if you want to know why some features exist in later versions and don't make sense.

v0.5.4 - Last stable Alpha

Hopefully no longer needed.

v0.6.x - Beta

v0.6.4 has a lot of new content so probably a lot of new bugs too.
v0.6.5 is mostly adding/replacing images and other fixes I had intended for v0.6.4

Previous v0.6.x saves should still work. V0.5.4 saves still won't.

What's in the beta? The story is complete, with five major endings and a few minor ones. For the first two thirds of the story most of the side content is there. It's only after Violet tells you to install the black box that it gets a bit thinner on side stories.

For potential bug hunters:
* There are optional notes about what effect decisions should have and what's needed to triggers events.
* From the starting page you can choose to skip ahead, even straight to the endings. They probably won't make sense unless you've played the game through at least once and even then I would suggest playing from the start of phase two. You're decision at the end of phase one has an effect on some endings, this can be set when choosing to skip forward.


All previous version can be found here.

A young miscreant wants to start a life of crime. His first job doesn't go that well. His second chance doesn't go as expected.

There's Violet and there's some other characters.

As of 0.5.4

Week runs Sunday to Saturday

Week 0
Thursday: Event

Week 1
Sunday: Meet Violet + move into girls dorm
Monday: Clinic + new friend
Tuesday: Pick outfit
Wednesday: Shopping trip + new ID
Thursday: Move in with Violet
Friday: Start pick-pocketing lessons

Week 2
Sunday: Chastity intro (+ first implant event)
Monday: Start college
Tuesday: Key decision
Friday: First study check event

Week 3 - nothing in main story thread
Saturday: Chastity part 2 + move to manor

Week 4 (StartManor)
Sunday: Meet Malcolm
Thursday: Violet meets Malcolm event
Saturday: Plan job

Week 5 (P1W1)
Sunday: Gain make-up kit (can be any day after Sunday)
Thursday: Malcolm moves in
Saturday: Movie invite

Week 6 (P1W2)
Friday: Rose available

Week 7 (P1W3)
Monday: Gopher event

Meet Dick and Tom
The earliest you can spend watch films with Malcolm is week 8
The earliest you can date Malcolm is week 9

For more detailed release notes, see in game

0.6.5 (25-March-2023)
- Replaced dreams after being glue
- Added hack for missing variables
— Re-enable missed variables
- Replaced "Use vibe on cage"
- More couple on sofa images
- Reduce history to 5 (does it need to be reduced this much?)
- Changed end of game text
- Bathroom text & images after glue and after m2f
- Dance practice at home (weekday evenings after dance lesson if Violet is bridesmaid)
- Add forgery class to pay for second phase hacker path.
- Missing journal entry (ForgeryClass)
- Various typos

0.6.4 (22-March-2023)
- More tester notes
- Link paid money path at end of phase one to phase two
- Correct event set at start of phase two if paid at end of phase one
- Added currency formatting
- If switch back to M2F path, first kiss
- Rearranged media files (deleted unused)
- None dating path
- Non-M2F route, Rose ending
- Disabled Malcolm dates after refusing M2F
- Journal entries

0.6.3 (14-March-2023)
- One more scene with Johnson
- Info for alpha testers
- BUG: Richard event state out of sync after talking to Violet
- Content: not helping with wedding path
- Content: New scene at end of not asking Violet to help with wedding

0.6.2 (13-March-2023)
* More Lexie content
* More Ivy content
* More Malcolm content
* More Rose and Jane content
* Running task bug (tUKr)
* Missing boss conversation (Pakhawaj)
* Looping content (CandiIsSweet)
* Story progression all the way to the end of phase 2 for some paths.
* Rewrite of meeting with Johnson.
* New journal entries.
* Extra brattiness.

0.6.1 (09-March-2023)
* Links to jump to later content
* Tweaked logic for displaying clinic help with libido (CandiIsSweet)
* Reducing libido logic (wolfmage & CandiIsSweet)
* Study is reset after check, not at night (wolfmage)
* Moved time with Tom to Afternoon for better spacing of activities - does this break anything?
* SisterAskForChastityHelp error (Pakhawaj)
* Fixed lots of things I didn't know were broken

0.6.0 (08-March-2023)
* New content! First scenes for phase two
* QoL work on pickpocketing
* Added consequences for too many cold showers
* New drugs at clinic (need unlocking)
* Study rewards are back
* Refactoring of events system, should make it easier to add events going forward and no break saves

0.5.4 (14-Feb-2023)
* Bug fixes (Surume, TofuCannibal, sappho and knightofshadows)

0.5.3 (11-Feb-2023)
* Removed debug code from Sleep (sappho)
* Hack for club availability; triggered in sleep (BgCntry)
* Reduced time before pickpocket/club event is triggered

0.5.2 (10-Feb-2023)
* Club no longer gets locked after talking to Rose (thanks girtrude8k)

0.5.1 (09-Feb-2023)
* Bug fixes
* Option to play past 'End of Content' screen
* Some events should trigger more easily

0.5.0 (07-Feb-2023)
* Massive refactor of navigation
* New content: events, places, activities
* New characters
* Attempt at reducing grind (might have gone too far)
* Journal and implant reworked
* New pill (O1010000)
* Bug fixes (O1010000)

0.4.0 (22-Dec-2022)
* Massive refactor of variables and constants
* New navigation menu
* Removed confidence stat
* Increased chance Rose appearing (Wittyusername)
* Many bugs - some old and some new
* Campus stealing error (Trashacc123)

0.3.0 (12-12-2022)
Story now continues all the way to the same point as the concept
A lot more content and events
A lot more bugs

0.2.0 (11-11-22) - First Alpha
A whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff, focusing on: tasks, libido and skills
Added events for pick pocketing and shop lifting
Lots of changes to intro pace and events
Add journal entries!!
New punishments

0.1.4 (17-10-22) - bug fixes
Social skills now shown in journal (O1010000 & aloopy)
Forger money (aloopy)
$seedyJoint (aloopy)
Removed time taken for using vibe (aloopy)
Removed bogus text from vibe video (aloopy)
'Punk' friends libido warning error (aloopy & Erbosch)

0.1.3 (12-10-22) - bug fix
Added missing zero (JaradLichLord)

0.1.2 (11-10-22) - bug fixes and typos
Release notes added (Thelo)
Typos (JamieOaks)
Bugs (JamieOaks)
    -newSkill reference
    -shower Masturbation video
    -pickpocket closing Tag
    -FrustrationImage replaced with call to FrustrationVideo
    -Removed debug code from club
    -Hidden club handjobs until after first guard handjob
    -Fixed bug in name display
    -Added chastity check before asking for release
Removed image labels (JaradLichLord)

0.1.1 (10-10-22)

Review by Razjin1

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 03/14/2023

I'm.... actually really surprised.  I thought I'd get a quick thrill from this, but it's proving a bit more in-depth (playing the "experimental" versions).  What I like here is that you have a real "breadth" of skills to upgrade... feels like I'm playing Morrowind where I can be the be-all end-all expert in everything!  (Might wannna scale that in - small suggestion, can ignore.  Not sure where I'm going with this, double ignore... unless you see opportunity?). 

Variety is the spice of life... can't go wrong adding more?  (Like the optionality of jewellery, clothing, etc... you'll never make anyone unhappy adding more "except yourself for the work"). 

What I'd like to see... is more gamification?  Hard concept to quantify, and I struggle a bit to see where you can go beyond "by x time meet x requirement" setup... maybe someone else can give an idea (give credit where due! always important for feedback).

Might not update unless there's a significant update, but keep up the good work!  I think you've got a great framework and even expanded into options a bit, if you add a "hook" and even more options you can't go wrong... I myself like the "unwilling participant" scenario, but alternatives are also something you could explore. 

Review by xsilkylegsx

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 03/09/2023

This is quite promising. I played through to the end of v0.5 and it kept me engaged enough that I was disappointed when it was over. I assume many of the skills I was building (like pickpocketing and forgery) become useful later on (or I missed something substantial). The week running Sun-Sat confused me, maybe that's a US thing?

Review by CugleTheClever

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 03/08/2023

This is a good game, the inevitability of the progression is very logical, and the writing is well done. The only thing that I found spoils it is that after a while, the 'cold shower' mechanism seems to be broken. Often it does nothing, and sometimes even increases libido. This leads to a permanant state of 100% libido, which stops you progressing the game. I look foreward to this being fixed, so I can finish the game.

Review by kidkin

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 02/16/2023

I was pleasently suprised by this one.


There's a ton of games out there that include forced cross dressing and feminization.  But rarely do I find myself identifying with the poor sod who's the 'victem'.  In this story/game, I did identify.  A few of the passages weren't really to my taste, but the characterization was good enough that the small grammar and programming errors were easy to overlook.


This is not a fap-a-minute game, but it is probably worth your while to check it out.  

Review by TofuCannibal

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 02/08/2023

I played this game because it had perfect tags for my tastes and a celebrity endorsement  of thtoneguy (or something like that).

The game is interesting in that it does a lot of things well around the tags. You are submissive to superiors. You are degraded by heirarchy. You are feminized for a purpose. You are corrupted for skils.

Much of it is very none fetishistic kinky, which makes it weirdly... more kinky?

Pros: UI while basic manages to avoid massive amounts of clicking, though it could use some better placement/grouping.
The characters available to you for "help" change and generate a sense of instability, which is intentional and well done. The grind is about practicing to pass and develop crime skills.

Cons: Expectations are sometimes unclear (though based on events that might be intentional). I had to be a bad student to have some fun :(

Summary:  If you like feminization or power dynamics that aren't personal, but very much real. Give it a try.

4/5 bean curds

Thanks for your work kitem24!

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