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Version: 0.1.1

Essentials (A mod for Lust Doll+)
by Aoibami

Lust Doll+ Essentials logo

Essentials is a mod for Lust Doll+ by Indivi


Some of the Features it adds


Background Music - In the Mod Sanctum there is an option to turn on bgm, in case you thought the game was too quiet. Here is a list of the current songs to choose from:

  • Piano 7 by Maoudamashii (魔王魂)
  • vntrack01 by TERNOX
  • Adventure by Alexander Nakarada

Noclip - When enabled, allows you to walk through solid tiles by using 'PageUp' to toggle on and 'PageDn' to toggle off. Since it uses RPG Maker's 'Through' Movement Route (command?), it will allow you to walk off the map area which I would not recommend because on most maps in the game there are events placed in this area that could be triggered out of order if you aren't careful.

Buttplug.io - Allows you to connect your intimate~ devices to the game using a program called Intiface. You can find a full list of supported devices here.

Stats - By going to the stats event in the Mod Sanctum you can view various stats I thought would be interesting to see like, for example, how many steps your character has taken since its creation, or how long until you finally get the 'Sleepy' state.

Menu Color Change - Allows you to change the color of all the menus in the game. Right now, there are 22 colors. But if there are any other colors you would like to have added let me know.

Dreams - I would like to add dreams to the game, I was thinking there'd be a 25% chance to dream each time you sleep (with an option to skip ofc). The only thing stopping me from being able to add them is that I suck at writing, so I need people to write dream sequences. DM me on discord (Aoibami#8615) or twitter (@Aoibami) if you think you could write lewd dreams~!

Fixed Noclip not working


Inital release :)

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Review by DastardlyDoug

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 11/09/2022

Seems like it would be a good addition to a game. However, you need to be aware that a 3rd party is getting your usage and game info while you use it.

If privacy isn't an issue for you, go for it.

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