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Version: 0.1.01

Exposed and Loving It
by HatJump

A woman holding her breasts over her shirt with the caption, "You've got boobs!"

Exposed and Loving It

After losing his pee pee in a terrible accident, our hero is chosen to try an experimental new drug that changes their sex instantly. In this sandbox absurdity, play through exhibitionist-themed episodes as a sometimes man, sometimes lesbian, and uncover the crime of the century!

Get a glimpse of this zany sex romp by viewing the trailer: https://youtu.be/LZWkdPKSvVQ

The plot to this game is non-linear and episodic and a bit absurd. There is a main plot, however, and what is written so far in the game goes as follows:

Our hero, you, are a man encouraged by your parents to get a job and attend a sex addiction clinic. You seem to get yourself into quite unusual situations. Eventually you find yourself working for a detective. There's some kind of gas out there that disintegrates fabric, a strip gas if you will. Your investigation takes you to a nudist colony but alas, it is a dead end.

The next morning you wake up to an ominous phone call. The voice says there's a bomb in your dick that'll blow if you lose your erection! Power is out; no access to your digital stash. You cruise around the city looking for way to keep your head up. But to no avail. Yes, in this game, our hero's dick explodes.

But! But after a night of strange dreams, you wake up a woman! You're quite surprised but your parents are oddly nonchalant. After exploring your new body, you are visited by an aquaintance, who confesses that she and her team of scientists changed your sex using cutting edge and unnaproved medicinal tech after hearing about the accident. You're given a canister of pills to switch your sex at will. Now you can have your pee pee back, or continue exploring the world of woman.

But much mystery still abounds. Who planted that bomb? Who's behind the strip gas? And why is there a hucow fetishizing cult at the country club?

How to unlock the sex swapping ability as quickly as possible

The key is to take the detective assistant job on the job board.

But to qualify for this job, you'll need some logic points first. So do another episode or two and make sure to choose Logic as your focus and then try to make choices that use reasoning. (There's a cheat button in the phone that'll give you free points if you don't to think about points)

Once you start the detective assistant job, you're on a direct path to the accident that leaves the protagonist without his pee pee. But when you wake up the next day, you'll find yourself a woman. You can now do episodes only for women (The women's golf tournament and the internship for women). After doing one of these, you'll be visited by Candy and receive the pills that allow you to switch sex whenever you want.


How to find all 5 lewd images in Wank

9 clues

  • The pool is playable any time.
  • The cafe scene is only playable in the morning.
  • The convenience store progresses the story from morning to night.
  • The bouncer always stops the player from entering the strip club, so don't go there.
  • The police won't save you; but stealing a police car will help.
  • The nightclub ladies are only there at night and won't flash if you have the police car.
  • The bride won't flash unless you have the police car.
  • The player can't find the stash of magazines at the park unless they got the map at the beginning by opening the folded piece of paper.
  • Finding the stash at the park always ends the game, so it should be last.


Okay okay! With those clues you should be able to solve this little logic puzzle, but if you don't want to solve it yourself, here is a choice list that works:

  • Choose [Open the folded piece of paper]
  • Choose [Drive around and ask women for help]
  • Choose [Find a woman at the nearest cafe] Choose
  • [Get to a pool] Choose
  • [Buy a porno at a convenience store]
  • Choose [Drive by the nightclubs] Choose [Go to the police]
  • Choose [Steal a police car and impersonate an officer]
  • Choose [Are those wedding bells you here?]
  • Choose [Griffith Park to find your dad's stash]
  • Either choice gives you the same result for the last one.

And that should score you a 5 out of 5!

How to be a Golf Pro!

The golf game might be hard for some folks. If it's getting frustrating, use the cheat button in the phone app. You'll automatically win the hole.


  • The ability to switch sex back and forth once past a certain point in the plot
  • Includes new episodes: Strip GolfThe Meaning of Life, and The Gala at the Country Club
  • First mini-game Strip Golf
  • In-game Chat app - Eventually you will be able to text all the ladies in the game but as of yet you can only talk to a couple
  • Overworld shader has a new toon style
  • Better pause screen (the old one was limited to the in-game phone, which was...too limiting)

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