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Version: 0.4

Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

Lust for Life: A Sissy Story


In this game you will play a guy, newly moved to the city with his mother, who will find himself discovering new sides to his sexuality. As you continue in your adventure you will explore this new nature of yours and deal with many other characters, both female and male, who will push you down that path.

All of the content of the game will focus on your journey of feminization and acceptance of your new sexuality with a whole growing series of events occurring as you progress through the game.

The game will have a new public release every month. From my website https://lustforlifegame.com you can stay updated on the changelog and dates of the next one.


You are a shy guy who has just arrived in a new town with his mother Sophie.

Attend your new school where you will meet classmates and teachers who will lead you into new paths of your sexuality.

Many characters and increasingly humiliating and perverse situations will change your life forever.

Player: A shy guy, just moved to a new city, struggling with situations that will lead him to change his sexuality.

Sophie: Your mother. A charming, uninhibited woman who has to juggle work and home.

Logan: Your best friend. He will be one of the few at school who seems to be kind and friendly to you. You will soon start seeing each other at his house to play video games... and experiment with new, more exciting kinds of games.

Riley and Veronica: Two very uninhibited and kinky inseparable friends who will push you to unleash your feminine side.

Melissa: The most mean girl among your classmates. She will blackmail you and push you to do things you never thought you would do.

Joshua: Melissa's loyal friend. He follows her every order without a word, and will help Melissa in your submission.

Landlord: A twisted old man who owns your house. He will come by to collect the rent every week, and when your mother is unable to pay him he will try to collect with services of another kind.... Not only from your mother's side.

Duncan: The maintenance man. A rough, muscular man who will help your mother with housework. Your mother will immediately be fascinated by him. Soon, however, you will find that you are also attracted to him.

Sean: One of the worst bullies in school. Initially he will taunt you whenever he gets a chance; when he realizes your tendencies, he will begin to take advantage of you sexually as well.

Principal Ann: The principal of your school. An authoritarian woman who will work to instill discipline in you by any means.

Mr. Williams: Your physical education teacher. A loudmouth man who will not miss an opportunity to humiliate you in front of the rest of the classroom for your poor physical skills. His attitude toward you will change as your features become increasingly feminine.

Mr. Johnson: The most "gifted" of your teachers.

So many other characters that will be gradually explored in future versions of the game.

The Quest section, accessible from within the game, contains all the information needed to continue in the game.



  • Melissa will be so "kind" as to give you a gift: a small anal plug. And of course you will not want to defy her authority and deny such a gift. Under her guidance you will learn to discover the pains and pleasures of wearing such a toy.
  • A new breakthrough will also occur in your relationship with your best friend Logan. Sick of always having to make do with masturbation on his own, he will propose that you give each other a "hand". For the first time you will touch a penis that is not your own... And that is much bigger than yours.
  • And once you touch one, it will be much easier to let yourself be persuaded to touch others, starting with Joshua's, under Melissa's careful supervision.


  • Unlocked new item: small anal plug.
  • Some changes and refactoring regarding clothing.


  • Continuation of the quest: Melissa Blackmail
  • Continuation of the quest: JerkBuddy


  • New home tasks for Melissa with anal plug and other scenes.
  • New scenes of humiliation at school with Melissa, Joshua, and your new anal plug.
  • New scenes at Logan's home where you finally start touching your friend's cock.





  • Unlocked new haircut in the beauty salon.


  • Continuation of the quest: Photoshoot
  • Continuation of the quest: Melissa Blackmail
  • Continuation of the quest: JerkBuddy


  • New photoshoots with Riley and Veronica.
  • New home tasks for Melissa.
  • New scenes of humiliation at school with Melissa.
  • New scenes at Logan's home.




  • Unlocked the clothing store.
  • Workout before school with Riley and Veronica.


  • Continuation of the quest: Photoshoot
  • Continuation of the quest: Melissa Blackmail
  • Continuation of the quest: JerkBuddy
  • Continuation of the quest: Landlord Maid


  • New photoshoots with Riley and Veronica.
  • New home tasks for Melissa.
  • New scenes of humiliation at school with Melissa.
  • New scenes at Logan's home.




  • Unlocked the beauty salon.


  • New quest: Panties
  • New quest: New Friend
  • New quest: Curiosity
  • New quest: Heels
  • New quest: Melissa Plan
  • New quest: Photoshoot
  • New quest: Melissa Blackmail
  • New quest: Jerk Buddy
  • New quest: Landlord Rent
  • New quest: Landlord Maid


  • Various events at school, during classes and during lunch break.
  • Scenes at home with Sophie.
  • Scenes at your friend Logan's house.
  • Various scenes of masturbation at the laptop.
  • Generic events in various places in the game world.

Review by tipoima

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 03/22/2023

The beginning was unbearably infuriating. 

>Insulted for no reason. 
>Threatened with violence for no reason. 
>Victim gets in trouble instead of the bully (in a particularly aggregious way too). 
>Threatened with violence for something that's the bully's fault. 
>Get in trouble again. 
All in the span of 15 minutes of gameplay.

I know full well that some trouble is needed to push the main character, but this is like using a chainsaw instead of a scalpel. It's just lazy writing.

Review by mininator

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/01/2023

Love it. WOuld love some cuckolding with chastity, but keep doing what you doing. Looking forward to the next release.

Review by Pers99

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/11/2022

Nice start to a game 

quite alot off text 

 but nice implementation 

looking foward to see where it goes

Review by qaeron

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/09/2022


  • More content and polish than 5 typical TFG 'v0.1's put together. A solid 2 hour adventure
  • Competent and descriptive writing. Good grammar
  • Slow, somewhat 'realistic' progression (including clothing dumps & relapses - might be the first game here to mention that IIRC)
  • A variety of random ambient scenes for better immersion (almost nobody bothers to implement that anymore :()
  • Proper synergy between text and the chosen porn pictures
  • Vaguely inspired by Perverted Education, but with a wider focus
  • Good - and adjustable, - UI / UX

Cons (as of v0.1 - might just be placeholders for the future?):

  • No choices or RPG aspect (stat increases and sequence are 'on the rails' - needed for the story to continue)
  • Completely linear and insular storyline progression; no interplay between storylines & characters
  • So far - empty and useless open world: no side-quests, no shopping, almost no activities

The game has the UI, the systems, the base, a decent chunk of content - only more RPG, interactivity and content can be wished for in the future.

Review by VeronicaPink

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/09/2022

a very good start. it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

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