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Version: 0.9


Hey all,

This is my entry for the "Competition" contest currently being held. I honestly had no plans to enter but then I ended up picking up a copy of Rpg Maker Mz on sale during the holidays and that changed, haha! I'd just like to give a quick thanks to all of my supporters from my previous games who helped me to finally be able to upgrade! You all are the best!

Anyways, this game was really just an excuse for me to play around with the new engine to help familiarize myself with it. If not for the contest giving me an idea for a theme this probably wouldn't have ever been made so thank you, ApolloSeven, for hosting it!

Tribulation falls into the "escape" type of genre mostly I suppose? I would consider it to be fairly straight forward, however. It doesn't contain complex puzzles or anything along those lines in my opinion, for example. I should mention I put this whole game together with only about three weekends worth of work? I'm proud of what it's become but it could probably have more content? There is minor combat involved, as well, but it's very minimal.

The general story of the game starts with our hero finding himself in a strange place with no idea how he got there. He soon learns that he is there to participate in a "game" in which to win you must be the last one standing at the end. With very little details given on exactly what this entails you are told a timer is about to start and things will officially begin! At the last second, it's mentioned some players my experience some "changes" as the time continues to dwindle. I wonder what this could mean...? I guess you'll just have to explore and find out! The game currently contains 10 endings. A good majority are linked to each other in someway but I think that's pretty decent considering the aforementioned time frame, haha!

I guess that's about it, for now? Please, let me know any bugs anyone finds so I can get that sorted out. Frankly, I will be shocked if there aren't a good few that people end up finding. I tried my best to test play everything, of course, but I don't typically make games that involved this level of variation? Hopefully, it isn't too bad! We'll just have to see! As always, thank you and hope you all enjoy!

You can download the game here:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/3jyigb3c ... n.zip/file
(I hope this download works properly? The export process was slightly different than what I was used to with Rpg Maker Vx.)

Review by eldomtom2

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/12/2023

I have a low tolerance for RPG Maker puzzle games at the best of times, and unfortunately this one is no exception. Stock assets, fetch-quest puzzles, and bad humour abound.

Review by TNAWAOC

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/08/2023

Pretty decent.

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/08/2023

Really, really awesome game. Very in-depth with lots of puzzles and fun transformations.
The only small downside is the lack of depth and art for the endings.

Review by reflector

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/08/2023

OH MY DAYS this is good!!

Not too long or grindy, great dialogue, this was an absolute pleasure to play!

On a technical note, the situational stuff for different *ahem* outfits seems really well done.  The wayfinding is also pretty good!


I will be going back through your back-catalogue if this was a 3 weekend throw together project.

Review by hailpme

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 01/08/2023

This game definetly took a few playthroughs to find everything and see how it was all interconnected, but once you get in the go of things its pretty straight forwards. The endings were fun, but im not sure if i can say it has 10 endings do to how endings 6 through 10 function.

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