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Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0.0

Bells and Whistles


Set in the same world as Oathbreaker, I present the small story of Bel. A shy secluded man, pampered by his parents as he sets forth on an adventure! ... As soon as he knows what lies outside his own house...

Play as Bel and his squad of Summoned Shades as he... stumbles upon victory in a 4-battle tournament!

- 4 battles where you can change the terrain, enemies, and spectators to your advantage using battlefield-changing Tactics!

- 4 Events where Bel breaks his shell and transforms into a woman... maybe she will like the attention a bit too much.

- 3 endings 4 endings depending on TF level.

- Follow Bel's journey from shy to exhibitionist... or decide for him to stay shy, its up to you!


Changelog v 1.1:

Thanks for liking B&W so much! I added a new ending and fixed some bugs. 


- A new ending! Reach the end without any TFs to see it!

- Reaction to Tactics: Tactics will now mention that they have been activated
- Lowered the price of initial weapons to 0. 

Like for more Content!

- 100 likes: Add a new ending!

- 200 likes: add images to the endings (including the new one)

- 300 likes: Add a hard mode


> Entry for Apollo's "Competition" contest!

Edit: The game is completed, but since content might be added, I switched it back to "Beta"


Get in touch with me via Discord :https://discord.gg/Ax9V6RDFWt

Main Game: Oathbreaker


- Icarue: main author, character images/busts

- 6six6: Editor, title graphics

- Chibi RoggianX: sketches



Review by custardscone

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 01/20/2023

This was fricking adorable, really fun and as a fn of oathbreaker I thoroughly enjoyed the setting. Worth playing.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/19/2023


Interactivity is high, but learning how to play the game and use the tactics is a little tough with there being no tutorial in the game. Graphics are great and have a simple Fire Emblem vibe to them. Sound in the game fits well and I enjoyed the nostalgic music that went with each scene. Transformation in the game is classic MtF but your choices determine how far you go. Writing is great for what there is and there are multiple endings in the game.

If you're interested in a full game, this definitely counts. I quite enjoyed the tactical battles and trying to keep myself from ever losing a game on my first run through, but finding the endings was quite fun given the triggers behind them. Transformation in the game is light, but what you see fits the TFGS requirements even though the fetish level for them is quite tame.

Highly recommended. Easily one of my all time favourites here at the TFGS.

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