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Version: 0.0.2

The Manor of Mischief

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"The Manor of Mischief" is a game where you play as a female character who finds herself trapped in a cursed, abandoned manor. This manor is not just any ordinary building, it's a place where the walls have come to life and trapped every soul inside to live out their most depraved fantasies for eternity. The manor has created a competition allowing one person to escape from its clutches.

The game is inspired by the board game called "Betrayal at House on the Hill". Explore rooms where perverted events happen, and collect items to defeat the final boss and escape the manor. But beware, there are other characters with the same goal trying to hinder your progress. You must escape before you lose your mind and are lost to the curse. The game is horror-themed and contains many BDSM elements.

Please note that this game is far from complete and that a lot of writing is still missing. A lot of rooms currently don't have events yet and there are only a few items available. There is also only one boss and the game might not be perfectly balanced yet. A lot more events, items, and bosses will be added over time. This game was created for a competition on TFGames.site, which is why it is uploaded in its uncompleted state. It's my first game.

Coming soon:

  • Improve the efficiency of the code (you probably won't notice this)
  • Add content filters
  • Complete/improve writing
  • Add more player interaction
  • Add more events
  • Add more items
  • Add more bosses

The game is created for the ongoing "Competition!" contest.

The Manor of Riverford, a grand and imposing structure situated on the outskirts of town, has stood abandoned for many years. Surrounded by sculptures of various creatures and adorned with fractures on its walls and pillars, the building exudes an eerie and foreboding presence. The windows and doors are boarded shut, and plant life covers the walls, adding to the abandoned appearance of the manor. The townspeople have largely ignored the building, as its history is shrouded in mystery and it is widely believed to be haunted.

The former owner of the manor, Osborn Greye, was a wealthy man. He lived a reclusive life, rarely leaving the manor and having no known family. However, he was never alone, as he would regularly entertain a steady stream of beautiful men and women. Rumors circulated throughout the town about the nature of the gatherings at the manor, with some suggesting that Osborn indulged in extreme fetishes and lived out his perverse fantasies with his guests.

Despite these rumors, Osborn continued to host these gatherings, seemingly unfazed by the talk surrounding him. However, one day the men and women stopped coming, and the people inside the building were never seen again. Legend has it that the manor took control of the people inside, punishing them for their sins and trapping their souls within the building for eternity.

It is unclear who currently owns the manor, but it is widely believed to be cursed. Few dare to enter the premises, and those who do rarely return. Despite this, there are those who are drawn to the manor, seeking to uncover the mysteries concealed within its walls or to investigate the truth behind the purported curse.

Tonight, you are one of those individuals...

The game mechanics are largely based on the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill.

At the beginning of the game, you must pick a character. Each character has different stats and physical attributes. Beyond these starting stats there are no other gameplay differences yet, besides the different personalities of the character you play and the characters you will meet throughout the manor.

Once you enter the manor your first goal is to explore every room on the floor you're currently on. You can move around the manor using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. If the navigation buttons aren't visible, it means that you first need to complete an encounter in the room you're currently in before you can move again.

When you enter an unexplored room, there is a chance that an event will happen. During an event, you usually have to roll dice to determine the outcome of the event. The number of dice is decided by your current stats. You can also get a bonus on your rolls by wearing certain clothing items. The results of the events could change your stats or your physical attributes.

You can also encounter other explorers or monsters throughout the rooms. They may attack you at which point an event will play again. You can usually avoid these attacks using certain items.

Once every room has been explored a boss event will happen. You must complete that event in order to escape from the manor and win the game.

Of course, it is possible to lose the game. If one of your stats reaches below its lowest value, you will be overwhelmed by the experience and lose. Every boss also has its own methods of defeating you.


  • Original upload


  • Converted all GIF files to MP4 files, massively reducing the size of the game
  • Fixed capitalization of file names

Review by TeckXKnight

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/25/2023

Honestly just an excellent game.

It knows what it wants to offer, accomplishes that in a reasonable amount of time and clicks, and never wastes the player's time or attention.

Currently it is very into specific kinks. If you're not into latex or BDSM you might not enjoy the content of the game. I don't say this as a bad thing of course, it's good that the game knows who it is appealing to and focuses its attention on them.

It's short, sweet, and enjoyable.

Review by MsKersonati

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/25/2023

For the first version of a game, this game is solid with only a small number of bugs related to inventory items and their pictures.

The presentation is slick and the black and white art combined with the music loop are very effective and suit the theme of the game. I liked the writing style and I feel like where the characters were able to express their own personality through dialog it was handled well. I am looking forward to seeing transformation-specific epilogues for the characters in that same style, as well as character-specific dialog for each of the traps to accompany the pictures. And of course, plenty more traps! The randomised locations and traps (not all of which will appear in each playthrough) adds some replayability and I also appreciated the distribution of items, including the board-gamey "Get out of combat free" cards that are scattered around the map.

The game is quite short right now but the mechanics of the game are all present and you can both win and loose (probably the latter thanks to the dice) without feeling like you need some other feature to be added before it becomes playable. More rooms and floors can be dropped into the game in future iterations and it can only get bigger and better from here on out!

Review by hathios

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/23/2023

I started it and I figured at a later game when you ride teh bicle most pictures are not show.


And when i have too many items or it might be because of the almost end of thegame that the latex clothes you put on and then take off vanishes from inventory.


Instead of exit why not make it a multi Mansion with lots of Floors and you can only take on item with you to the next floor.

Review by Sessh

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/23/2023

kinda short, don't care for the BDSM theme, not so much a manor of mischieft as it is a manor of bondage and latex

the dice roll system seems to favor you losing rather than anything else

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