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Version: 0.25.1

Version: 0.25

Transformation Lab Deluxe

Welcome to the transformation lab!
You were assigned to experiment on our newest (possibly involuntary) subject! Use potions and substances to mix them into a highly transformative concoction and observe the results!
Enjoy a variety of cute transformations which will affect the character's appearance.

New content coming soon, the game is in active development! 

You can download it from patreon!

In the not so far future, the secret science group "Alternum labs" is working on researching the effects of alternum on human body, by injecting its subjects with various mixes of gene-modifying substances. As it is customary, the effects turned out rather kinky. Though you can observe that for yourself, you were granted access to the lab and were given a subject to experiment on! So put on your safety goggles, and get that syringe, it's time to transform someone!

To be continued...

The subject - is your toy to experiment on! Don't go easy on him, he knew what he signed up for!

Drag and drop the potions from the panel onto the mix plates and inject them into the subject, observe the effects and have fun!

Reverse the effects with the reverse button.

Welcome to the newest release of
Transformation Lab Deluxe!

ver. 0.25.1 alpha"

Changelist ver. 0.25.1:
• Fixed Anti-Aliasing artifact bug
• Fixed Textures having low resolution when loading them the first time
• Fixed succubus transformation to match the face color to the rest of the body
• Changed settings dropbox text color to white
• Jiggle physics are now tied to the breast size

Changelist ver. 0.25 alpha:
• Added new potions for the potion panel
• Added new characters for transfomations!
• Changed lab environment to higher quality models
• Updated IK system for flexible positioning.
• Added Graphics settings
• Separated audio settings
• Switched game engine
• Using lumen for lighting
• Clamped Rotation speed of the table
• Fixed issues with volume settings
• Added more display options in settings

Review by NotWhoIClaimToBe

Version reviewed: 0.25 on 01/26/2023

transformations are slow and only consist of a skin change most of the time.

you start with no tits, but every transmormation adds giant knockers, tat boring if you ask me.

Review by DaniPick

Version reviewed: 0.25 on 01/25/2023

This game looks fun, but I downloaded the "Most Compatible MacOS Version" and it couldn't be opened. 

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