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Version: 0.1

by kerris

You are just out of high school and living with your girlfriend. When she starts working out of town you make the stupid choice of cheating on her.


When you get caught, instead of breaking up with you she starts feminizing you with the help of her best friend.

You are just out of high school and living with your girlfriend. When she starts working out of town you make the stupid choice of cheating on her.


When you get caught, instead of breaking up with you she starts feminizing you with the help of her best friend.

The main characters are you, your girlfriend and her best friend. Other characters get introduced as time goes on.

I hope I have everything programmed where you don't need much of a walkthrough. The basics are:

Go to work.

Masturbate to keep sexual arousal below 81.

Keep an eye on the top right corner (Phone) to see if you have texts or emails. If you do an (!) or (+) will appear. This doesn't start until a couple of weeks into the game.

0.1 - Initial release.

Review by Renadon

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/05/2023

Nice but grindy game. I like the content so far and I have some suggestions. Mostly things that got on my nerves in similar games. Please keep in mind people may not play your game only once. Possible multiple paths in future updates could lead to replaying it. Maybe you fix something which breaks save falies (happens quite often) and we have to click throuh all of it again, only to be annoyed by the same repetive stuff. Prevents me from replaying some games which still receive updates but broke their save files and are so grindy and repetitive I'm had no motivation to repeat it all again.


Content is good and I'm really looking forward to future updates. Please don't be disheartened by the given feedback. Just want to help and maybe prevent "mistakes" that could turn players away.

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/04/2023

General points

  • html game so if you love them you love them if you hate them you hate them
  • Solid framework for 0.1
  • Good content for 0.1 release. m/f, m solo, f solo, f/f and femdom. The main story contains few/some content while the rest is just spread around the world if you want to look for it but generic.
  • The pace is slow but appropriate for the story.
  • It is grindy
  • Definitly a "hope it stays around and grows" type game.

More specifically i realy think this is just a good early html sissy game. It has its shortcomings and issues mostly the grinding/non guiding path. After a while you realise the only thing you need to do is work and masturbate, but the game gives you several areas and things to do with no guidance of what to do or when. So yes i get people spending tons of extra days just exploring so there needs to be better communication of what to do and of course more things to do between weekends. Most of the issues can be cleaned up with updates so realy hopefull for this game.

Best of luck.




Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/02/2023

10 : Go to work

Pass time

Go to sleep

Go to 10

Played 3 days, nothing happened.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/01/2023

Okay so this game has a very polished presentation with fairly developed concept. I too ran into the issue with the long videos and after discovering that clicking out of them reset the whole thing I went into the source code and disabled the timers so that I could skip right along at my liesure. I only did one run so I am unsure if there is an ending but this is more of a concept than a beta.
I suggest that videos no longer be mandatory they do not add to the overall structure or pacingof the game. They seem more like a way to provide gratiuitous porn, and not in a fun way.
Speaking of pacing. This game follows the archetecture of a life sim without having any of the elements of a life sim. exploring the city only nets you horny point or the ocassional $21, you can eat in the cafeteria but it has no gameplay consequence or benefit. You are told to shave but you do not even have to have a setting clicked you just shave. So for a game that has a solid central concept it ends up being very empty. I am farming clicks through repetitive empty passages that exist to just mark the passage of time. If you are not adding daily events then just allow us to click proceed with our week and have any events planned for that week trigger automatically since until the mid portion of the content nothing happens on any days beside thursday-saturday.
I think the game has potential and the author knows how to use their tools, they should focus on making the game playable and fun.

Review by mercysend

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/01/2023

I think it's a great start. Decent amount of content to start with. The story is moving slow; but that makes sense. I am interested to see how this progresses. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks!

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